unfortunately,Now he still can’t see the turning point,Someone like him,Proud and arrogant,I don’t know if I have high eyes and low hands。So now I can only end up with my laurels。

But even if he is on his own,It’s also much more comfortable than many people who have struggled for a lifetime。
“Is the manor,There used to be a big windmill here。but now,Seems to be removed!”Robben couldn’t help but sigh after getting off the car。
Because the area in front belongs to the private estate area,Robben knew that the guard would not let his car in,So I can only get off the car in advance to greet the guards。
“Who are you?”This year,Even a guard,Have the same personality as my boss。At least they also know that the Knicks family is down,No longer as high as before,So many people cannot be offended。
“Yo,New guard?fair enough,You inform,Just talk to the Knicks,His cousin Luo was here,Want to meet him。”
The two guards did not come here long,I never heard of my boss and cousin。But they dare not be disrespectful,Just call and tell my boss。
The issue is,The boss actually hung up after a few conversations。
“what does this mean?Do you want to let them in?”The two guards have big eyes and small eyes,I don’t know how to deal with this situation。
Okay,Didn’t wait long,My boss actually came out in person,But he actually holds a shotgun in his hand。And he was accompanied by a few big guy bodyguards。
What is this?Do you want to go hunting with cousin??Two guards thought。
And Robben couldn’t help but swallowed“Qin Feng,Or let’s go。You watched the kid come out with a gun,Looks like you’re going to kill me。”
“What are you afraid of,I am here!”Qin Feng was a little bit dumbfounded,Although Robben has mentioned that there are some“misunderstanding”。