“Except for weak linguists,Fourteen in the team,Can sign a one-year service agreement with you。within one year,This veteran team will serve you,Obey your orders。You are responsible for providing weapons and supplies。After one year,If both parties have the will,They can also sign a contract with you to extend the lifetime light pattern,Be your most loyal follower of Light Soul。”Gao Dajin said with a smile。

“This service agreement,Is it reliable??”Lu Menglin asked。
Gao Dajin nodded desperately,Smiled:“of course!Whether it’s a one-year short-term agreement,Still a lifetime contract,It’s all agreed with the soul of light pattern,If violated,Will lose the ability to use light energy for life。Light contract,It was originally prepared for the priests of the Dragon Temple,And you are already the favor of Dragon God,If they break the contract,The backlash will be doubled。”
Gao Dajin said,Smile on one side,Apparently he is laughing at Master Wuhao’s birthplace,I don’t even know the light pattern contract,It really came from a small country!
“Ok!Sounds pretty good!Back to the price,What do you want from Cao Gen Tang?”Lu Menglin asked。
Gao Dajin looked straight,Nod,Tao:“Master Wu Hao,I must make it clear,The team provided by our Cao Gen Tang,Although everyone is experienced,But their combat power is not too strong,You can’t use them as your main force。Their precious thing is experience,Not in fighting。to be honest,We also hope to find a suitable destination for these veterans。Your kindness and generosity,I am very optimistic,Will recommend them to you。In addition,Caogentang will receive 10% of the income of the new plane as a reward,Ten years,What do you think?”
“No way!The price is too high!Even if you hit the plane in the early stage,It is estimated that a lot of resources will be invested in order to be profitable。You sent fifteen people,10% to open your mouth,And it takes me ten years,This is too exaggerated!”Lu Menglin shook his head and said。
He feels instinctively,Cao Gen Tang is clearly opening his mouth,Too unreasonable。
Gao Dajin shook his head and smiled:“Dear Master Wuhao,Maybe you don’t understand the concept of plane benefits。I explain to you like this!Hypothesis,We work together,Very smoothly laid a new plane,After establishing a stable space teleportation array coordinate,God City will give a lot of resources,It might even include joining the army,Help you suppress the plane,Reap Plane Resources,Then divide proportionally。Basically, you don’t need to invest yourself later。And you will be the master of this plane,Enjoy absolute sovereignty。”
Lu Menglin’s eyes gleamed,I thought there was such a good thing?But it’s normal to think about it,Equal to the city of God,Let these giants expand,Lay down the plane,Anyway, Shencheng shares,Score at the end。
And this is equivalent to making the plate bigger and bigger,Of course everyone has scores。
“Then it can’t give you 10% of the income,Because I don’t know what percentage of the city of God will be。Up to five percent,Five-year period。If the person you sent to me is easy to use,I can consider keeping them。”Lu Menglin said seriously。
Gao Dajin has a dumbfounded expression on his face,Speechless,With a guy who doesn’t understand the market,Can’t talk about things at all!
“This one,The price is too much。Master Wu Hao,I don’t have enough permissions,I have to discuss with my superior,Is it convenient for you to wait for me?I’ll be back。”Gao Dajin hurriedly got up,Walking outside the hall while talking。
This time,It’s Lu Menglin’s turn to show contempt。
Grandson Gao Dajin,What big tail wolf do you pretend?!His trick,Real estate sales in the earth world have long been left over!
There is no need to ask the superior who does not exist at all,Gao Dajin This is to make customers feel that this is the right that they have won.。
Asking prices,Pay back!Sure enough, whether it is the earth,Shenmin Mainland,Businessmen’s faces are all the same!