Although the amount of funds accommodated by small-cap stocks in this era is far less than in the future,But not so small。

“You will wait,I’ll talk to the person in charge here。”Of course Chen Wenjin knew that someone in the securities department was staring at his account,Originally it was nothing,Because it is inevitable。but,Excessive trading volume,It means not only the people inside are staring,They are still calling friends,That won’t work!
Wang Shuai is definitely not willing to wait for this kind of thing,Want to follow,Xiao Xiao is also curious,Of course Abao chose to follow the majority。
“I go alone,Talkative,Hard to talk about things。”Chen Wenjin thought that it was not difficult to do,He also knows the character of the person in charge here,Also know some secret things,If you can’t negotiate directly,Losing some secrets and applying pressure will definitely be fine。After all, to prevent many follow suits,It’s not that some people inside are not allowed to eat meat。
Wang Shuai feels weird,But there is no way to stick to it。
After a meeting,They just saw Chen Wenjin coming out。
“That’s a deal,Meat only they eat,Must be to buy the specified stock。”
“That’s not cheap enough for them?”A Bao is very unconvinced,I feel that there is no reason to take advantage。“We can change the securities department!”
“Do not be silly。Which one is different?Ideally to reach an agreement,The choice of land exchange is like a deterrent weapon,Can’t really throw it out,Throw it out is to lift the table。They can’t eat meat after changing the land,But they will immediately publish my information,Everywhere is being stared at,The consequences are more troublesome。As long as they follow the meat and don’t prevent us from making money,Then they eat,Be happy to help,After all, they have the authority of this pass,I can’t stop them。but,Can’t eat for nothing。Later they will vacate an office for us,They refund the transaction taxes privately,Book directly what to eat and drink for lunch in the future,They are all in charge。Convenience is better than nothing,It’s also a manifestation of their gratitude for eating meat。Besides,I want to see their transaction records,Agreed on the amount of funds,Did not exceed,20% of the money they earn;Exceed the agreed total,Just score me 50%。The less the order, the happier he eats,This agreement is also to ensure that they have the motivation to streamline the total amount of copy,Of course there will be incentives to keep information。”Chen Wenjin doesn’t feel angry at all,There are such things in memory,He thinks it can be called social law。
“What if we own a securities company?”Wang Shuai really moved in this direction。
“This fat is not so easy to eat,Moreover,I’ll still be waiting for a ride,Or someone who makes you even less able to refuse,At that time,People only take a ride,I don’t even bother to express the small meaning of the thoughtful service provided by the office。”Chen Wenjin watched Wang Shuai frown,I know that Wang Shuai doesn’t mind someone following suit,But feel that the price paid by the other party is not big enough。“Forget it,The amount of funds will reach a certain level sooner or later,Then you have to change the gameplay。”
“I haven’t figured it out yet,otherwise,I’ll save some money and buy it myself in the future,Leave most of them to you?”Xiao Xiao thinks how to do it later,But I think Chen Wenjin has a long-term plan。
“That’s good,How to divide you up。”Wang Shuai also thinks this is a good idea。
“The latter is simpler,Just need you to have concentration,No escrow。”Chen Wenjin Talking Room,Saw a few people from the securities department start to pack things,Obviously I have to move a few computers in,Wang Shuai said when he saw it:“Move two more spares。”
Downstairs,Wang Shuai said to find a place to have afternoon tea before going back,Said hello to the person who protected him,Found a place nearby,The people who are protecting sit at a table alone。
Wang Shuai calculates the income of the account,Rather regretful to say:“I didn’t buy it well,Today this stock makes money,Tomorrow that loses money again,Tossing for a week,Earned a little,I don’t even have enough money to buy with you,I’ll save less of the part I’m buying next week。”