Rao is Ralph·Sir Robbins has always demanded himself as a true gentleman and nobleman,But at this moment,He still couldn’t help but explode。

no way,Ralph·Sir Robbins knows that what Chen Geng said are facts,Sent by the British government to serve as Rawls·Royce’s Chairman’s own,It must be those damn bastards who snatched Rawls·The first object after Royce,At this point,I can’t have any luck。
“Yes,Those guys are real bastards、robber!”Chen Geng Fuhe Road:“In this case,Then why don’t you help my old friend more within a reasonable range?
Oh,correct,Jazz,Do you remember my previous promise?If you retire, my company,On the basis of the previously agreed annual salary,I will increase your salary by one hundred thousand pounds every year!”
“Add another hundred thousand pounds?”
Ralph·Sir Robbins’ eyes widened in an instant:The annual salary that Fernandez promised to himself was25Ten thousand pounds,Plus10Ten thousand pounds,That is35Ten thousand pounds……
This one hundred thousand pounds instantly defeated Ralph·Robbins,In a while,He has made a decision:Go to Te Niang,Since I will definitely be driven away,Have35With an annual salary of ten thousand pounds,I still care about you?!
PS:Two shifts,carry out,Brothers, go to bed early after watching,Tomorrow we will start paying。
First747chapter Monk touch,Why can’t i touch?
“OK,”Ralph·Robbins gritted his teeth:“no problem,I will try my best to convince the company to help you develop these three models at the same time,But the price,I can only say I try my best……I’m still Rawls after all·Royce Chairman of the Board。”
Even Ralph·Robbins pulls sideways、Want to help Chen Geng save money,Can’t be too ridiculous。
Chen Geng smiled,He suddenly turned his head,Kelly to the side·Hicks motioned to her to bring the briefcase she was carrying。
Ralph·Robbins looked suspiciously,Chen Geng snapped open the zipper of the briefcase,next moment,Ralph·Robbins’ breathing suddenly rose……
“Mr. Fernandez,you……What are you doing?What do you mean?”Watching Chen Geng’s thick pile of dollars on the table,Sir, your lips feel a little dry,He couldn’t help licking his lips,At the same time subconsciously counted:A wad、Two wads、Santa……God!Ten Ta!Ten packs!Which is one hundred thousand dollars!