Until all the voices around me are quiet,Lu Menglin coughed slightly now,Said loudly:“Everybody!I am a child who grew up in Liufang,My dad is Lu Youshan, the director of the second factory。”

I heard him start so bluntly,Everyone’s heart is stunned,Listen more carefully。
“The current situation of Liufang,Everyone knows,No need for me to say more!Some of you are still in school,There are also those who have not studied。I want to ask everyone,Do you see the way out?”
When Lu Menglin said this,,Bright eyes,Sweep the audience。
Most people shook their heads blankly,And someone smiled casually:“Brother Menglin pointed out the way!”
Lu Menglin nodded,Keep saying:“Dare not tell me the way,But I, Lu Menglin, don’t want to be empty。Say so,Several of us started a project in the city,Be an electronic city,Franchise computer equipment、Consumables and mobile phone accessories,Today i am here to put a message,All the children of laid-off Liufang workers,Want to do this business in the past,Rent-free for six months!”
This remark,The audience is boiling!
Free half-year rent,This is not a joke!
If it’s for business,Rent is a big expense,Brother Menglin’s words,It gave many Liufang families a way to survive!
“Of course,What is the capital,How much space to rent,Sit down and talk about these specific things slowly。Today I just want to release this news,Who wants to do business in this area,Can go and see。”Lu Menglin said lightly。
Wang Shaoxiao said quickly:“If anyone dares to sublet and earn a hand,Our Menglin Legion won’t agree!”
“I don’t care about the specific details,Everyone keep drinking!”Lu Menglin said lightly。
“Menglin brother!We respect you!”
“I respect you,Menglin brother!”There was a toast around。
Whether or not you have an idea of doing business in this area,All have to admire this brother Menglin in front of me,People do things with great atmosphere,You can get half a year rent free,This is real money,Who is not convinced?
Chapter Three Hundred and Forty Toast