Jiewu Mei Niang lived to 81 years old health tips

Jiewu Mei Niang lived to 81 years old health tips

As the only female emperor in Chinese history, Wu Zetian went through the Tang Dynasty, Tang Gaozong, Tang Zhongzong and Tang Ruizong, at the age of 81.
She has been in the political arena of the Tang Dynasty for more than 50 years. Until her later years, she still has a clear eye, a strong tooth, and a beautiful face. This can not be said to be a miracle. So what is the secret of Wu Zetian’s health care?
  The first trick of health: meditation, health and tranquility.
“Zi Zhi Tong Jian” records that in the 23rd year of Emperor Guan (AD 649), on May 26th, the tomb of Emperor Taizong Li Shimin, the martial artist was born in the Yiye Temple.
Wu Zetian worked as a nun in the Yiye Temple for five years. During the whole day, she meditation and self-cultivation, and learned the Buddhist qigong “sitting and sitting” exercises, which became one of the important reasons for her longevity.
  Nowadays, many women in the city will spontaneously organize to go to the local temples to participate in a day of “meditation.”
Wang Chengsheng, secretary-general of the Health and Rehabilitation Committee of the Nanjing Natural Medicine Association, said that TCM health care believes that “the silence is deep and the sputum is dying”. The process of “meditation” is actually a natural therapy for Ning Shen Jingzhi.
The law plays two main roles in medical practice: one is to strengthen the righteousness and prevent disease, and the other is to strengthen the disease resistance and eliminate the disease.
  The second measure of health: calligraphy health seems to guide.
Wu Zetian wrote a good hand, and the “Shengxian Prince” written by her is the earliest literary monument in China. The monument is still stored in the Henan Provincial Museum.
  Most ancient and modern calligraphers live long and long, and calligraphy embodies the unity of form and spirit.
When practicing calligraphy, you need to refer to the real, palm, and wrist.
In the upper middle of the writing, the rhythmic movement of the upper knuckle adjusts the muscles and nerves of the arm, and promotes the rest of the body to soothe the movement, which is a good example of the connotation of the guiding health regimen of the “swinging bones and moving limbs”.
  The third measure of health: Chinese medicine mask in Hongyan.
Wu Zetian is also a master of proficient mask maintenance.
She not only has a long life, but she still maintains a youthful appearance even when she is 80 years old.
  Wu Zetian has two famous beauty secrets: one is “Mother Mother Maize Face”, which is included in Li Shizhen’s “Compendium of Materia Medica” in the Ming Dynasty.
Motherwort is a good medicine for gynecology, both for internal and external use.
External application, it can treat skin color black, remove facial spots and wrinkles, and often use to make skin moist and lustrous.
  Another beauty party is the royal doctor Zhang Wenzhong who gave it to Wu Zetian, called Changfu Facial Lips, which was included in Wang Shu’s “The Secret of the Outer Taiwan.”
The main ingredients of this recipe are made from asarum, medlar, astragalus, white aconite, yam, sinensis, chuanxiong, white peony, melon, wood blue, and lard.
The method of production is also very complicated. The medicine should be chopped, then soaked in wine for one night, then fry, and slowly form a solid to become a facial fat.
葳蕤, melon, lard have the effect of nourishing yin and emollient, Asarum, Baifuzi, Xinyi can be suffocating all the way, Huangqi can benefit Qi and kidney, Chuanxiong, Mulanpi can moisturize and moisturize, after facial fat can be smooth skinWrinkle and moisturize.

Bathing in the morning or taking a shower in the evening?

Need to judge according to the crowd

Bathing in the morning or taking a shower in the evening?
Need to judge according to the crowd

Lixia has arrived, and the next weather can be said to be getting hotter and hotter. The frequency of bathing by many people is getting higher and higher.
Bathing can not only help us clean up the dirt on our body, but also wash away the tiredness of the body.
But about bathing, many people don’t know whether to take a bath in the morning or a bath in the evening. This is actually possible, but it is best to distinguish it according to the crowd.
So you know who is suitable for taking a bath in the morning?
Who is suitable for a shower at night?
People who are suitable for bathing in the morning 1 Some people who get up very early in the morning are used to get up very early, and get up early in the morning.
But if we get up early in the morning, our body will be in a state of distress.
If we choose to take a shower in the morning, we can get rid of the state of being trapped, refreshed and full of energy to face a new day.
2 oily skin people in oily skin, the oil will accumulate at night, and the morning bath can clean the pores well.
3 People who need shaving in the morning For men, taking a bath in the morning can soften the beard and make the shaving smoother.
4 People who sweat a lot at night have such people, and they always sweat when they are sleeping.
If you don’t take a bath after waking up, you will feel sticky and very uncomfortable.
At this time, if you choose to take a bath and then change clothes, it will make your body feel very refreshed and your mood will be very pleasant.
5 One of the biggest benefits of night bathing for people who have not been exposed to excessive bacteria is to remove dirt that has accumulated on the body all day. If you drive to work, the office has fan air conditioner, you don’t have to do too much cleaning at night.Work, just wash your hands and face thoroughly, change to clean clothes, you can fall asleep, it is ok to take a bath early tomorrow.
People who are suitable for bathing at night 1 People who have difficulty falling asleep For those who have difficulty falling asleep and need to relax before going to bed, taking a bath before going to bed can wash away the tiredness of the body, soothing, relaxing, and helping sleep.
Drinking tea sleeps with the same flavor and medicine, independent packaging>Poke me to buy <2 daytime makeup people. If the daytime make-up, bathing at night is particularly important, the hot air and continuous water flow during bathing can better remove the residue. 3 dry skin for people with eczema and dry skin, the nerves on the skin are more calm at night, at this time the bath is most suitable. 4 people with dirty working environment who are engaged in the construction industry or living in cities with serious air pollution, it is best to take a shower at night. If you are in a dirty working environment, it is very difficult to avoid not touching the dirty things. When you finish the work, it is unsanitary to wash off the dirty things, and you will not be able to get good.rest. 5 If people exercise during the day, if they exercise regularly or are in a very active state, they should take a bath at night and thoroughly clean the sweat. But the number of baths is not too much, otherwise it will make the skin too dry and even cleft and cause infection. Get out of bed and take a shower right away. After getting up in the morning, taking a bath can boost your brain's excitement and it will be refreshing all day long. However, if you do not eat breakfast, it is easy to cause dizziness, even hypoglycemic shock. If the water temperature is too high, the blood vessels will expand, resulting in insufficient blood supply and collapse. So it is best to take a bath early and get half an hour after breakfast. Which conditions are not suitable for bathing 1 When the blood pressure is too low, it is not suitable to take a bath. Because the water temperature is high when taking a bath, the water with too high temperature can make the blood vessels of the person dilate. People with low blood pressure are prone to insufficient blood supply to the brain and collapse. 2 Women with poor constitution can't bathe with cold water. For those women with poor physical condition, they can't bathe with cold water. Otherwise, the body with poor resistance will cause cold, fever and other diseases due to cold stimulation. 3 alcohol should not bathe alcohol after drinking will inhibit liver function and hinder the release of glycogen. When taking a bath, the glucose consumption in the human body will increase. Taking a bath after drinking, blood sugar can not be replenished in time, prone to dizziness, vertigo, general weakness and other symptoms, severe hypoglycemic coma may occur. 4 After work, it is not advisable to take a bath immediately. After physical or mental work, take a break and take a bath. Otherwise, it may cause insufficient blood supply to the heart and brain, or even fainting. 5 When the fever is not suitable for bathing, when the body temperature rises to 38 °C, the body's calorie consumption can be increased by 20%. At this time, when the body is weak, it is easy to accidentally take a shower at this time. 6 After the meal, you can't take a shower immediately. The blood in your body is concentrated in the digestive system to facilitate digestion. If you take a shower at this time, the surrounding blood vessels dilate and the blood redistributes. Causes the relative reduction of blood circulation in the digestive system, which can cause indigestion.

Slimming and breast enhancement!

Yam slimming recipe

Slimming and breast enhancement!
Yam slimming recipe

Yam is a very ideal weight-loss bodybuilding food. It is a kind of high-nutrition, low-transformation food. It can be safely eaten without worrying about getting fat, and it has the effect of breast enhancement for ladies!

  Yam effect: slimming, breast yam, also known as Huaishan, yam.

Sexually flat, sweet.

Its tubers are rich in essential amino acids, protein and starch, with mucus, allantoin, choline, cellulose, trace, vitamin A, B2, C and calcium, phosphorus, iron, iodine and other minerals.Provides a variety of essential nutrients for the human body.

  The biggest feature of yam is the ability to provide a large amount of mucus protein in the human body.

This is a kind of polysaccharide protein, which has special health effects on the human body. It can prevent the slight deposition of the cardiovascular system, maintain the elasticity of blood vessels, prevent the premature occurrence of atherosclerosis, reduce the deposition of subcutaneous feces, and avoid excessive.

Therefore, yam is a very ideal weight loss bodybuilding food.

For yam, yam contains enough fiber to produce a feeling of fullness after eating, thus controlling the desire to eat. It is a natural slimming food.

In fact, yam itself is a kind of high-nutrition, low-migration food, you can safely eat more without worrying about getting fat.

  Here are five materials and practices for yam slimming recipes: 1.

Plastic arm breast porridge material: 50 grams of barley.

枸杞 15 grams.

50 grams of yam.

Pueraria 10 grams practice: add all the ingredients into the inner pot of the electric pot, add 2 bowls of water, put 2 bowls of water in the outer pot, wait until the electric pot jumps to eat: 2.

Breast yam milk material: 1 bottle of yogurt.

Appropriate amount of yam powder: Add yam powder and yogurt to the cup and mix well. PS: You can gradually add sugar and boiled water according to your personal preference.

Yam apple juice material: 15 grams of yam powder.

1 apple.

250cc of fresh milk: apple peeled and cut into small pieces; yam powder, apple pieces and fresh milk are put into the juice machine to stir. PS: You can add sugar and boiled water according to your personal preference.

Yam sesame paste material: yam powder 20g, sesame powder 120g, fresh milk 250g, crystal sugar amount: yam powder added black sesame powder and fresh milk, boiled on a small fire to stir into a paste, add rock sugar to 5.

Yam honey tea material: 20 grams of yam powder, honey (quantity according to personal preference): 20 grams of yam powder, cook for about 3 minutes with slow fire, set the heat for 5 minutes, add honey.

Diabetic nephropathy three meals

Diabetic nephropathy three meals

According to relevant statistics, approximately 35% and 25% of patients with type 1 and type 2 diabetes have diabetic nephropathy, and this disease has gradually become the leading cause of uremia.

Once developed as a poison, it can only be treated by “dialysis” or “kidney transplant”.

  In general, the dietary arrangement of diabetic nephropathy is very complicated, both to ensure that the transfer and nutrition are too much, but also to properly limit the diet, saturated snacks and protein.

But if you don’t eat anything, the malnutrition caused by long-term reduction is weaker, unable to cope with the disease, and the prognosis is worse.

  To limit protein intake.

Long-term high-protein implant rehabilitation will aggravate the high filtration state of the kidneys, while increasing the production and retention of toxic substances in the body, leading to further damage to renal function.

The protein in the general consensus daily budget follows zero.

6 g / kg standard body weight, but also to increase the proportion of high-quality protein within a limited range.

Protein levels should be more stringent when developing into uremia.

  The rate of supply must be sufficient to maintain a normal physiological life during low protein metabolism.

You can choose some staple foods with high content and low protein content, such as potatoes, lotus root starch, vermicelli, steamed bread, sweet potato, yam, pumpkin, water chestnut powder, lotus root powder, etc., so that the total content can reach the standard range.

  There is also a need to reduce the intake of aunts and salt.

This disease often involves adult metabolic disorders, so it is still necessary to adhere to low-level substitutions. The richer monounsaturated fatty acids contained in olive oil and peanut oil can be used as a source of energy.

  Relevant experts reminded that the dietary arrangement of diabetic nephropathy needs to be constantly adjusted according to the changes of the patient’s condition. Patients should learn more about the principle of diet and arrange the three meals a day with the help of a professional doctor.

Teach you to make 3 kinds of nutritious and delicious oatmeal food

Teach you to make 3 kinds of nutritious and delicious oatmeal food

All know that oatmeal is a healthy food.

But many people only know about oatmeal and milk, and it is too tired to eat and eat.

How to eat oatmeal is fresh and delicious?


Assorted fruit oats.

2 spoons of instant oatmeal and 1 spoon of black sesame powder in a bowl, add apple diced and banana diced, add some water and stir well, then heat in a microwave for 3 minutes, take out two drops of olive oil.

  Nutrition Review: There are not many vitamin Cs in apples and bananas, so don’t worry about heating loss.

However, there are more potassium, magnesium, fructose and soluble starch fibers, together with oatmeal, for cardiovascular health and stable blood sugar, reducing the benefits of hemodialysis.

This porridge is very suitable for winter morning, warm stomach and refreshing.


Milky oatmeal tart.

Cut 10 grams of cheese into fine powder, mix with 2 tablespoons of oatmeal powder (with oatmeal grind), 1 beaten egg liquid, 1 bag of milk, mix well, pour into a covered bowl, or useHigh quality plastic wrap is tightly sealed.

Steam on the steamer for 10-15 minutes.

  Nutrition Review: If you have a young child or a frail old man at home, you can make the oatmeal into a powder and make it together.

Not only will nutrition not be lost, but it will be better absorbed.

In addition, eggs, in addition to certain high-quality protein, lecithin and lutein, also contain vitamin D, which can help the absorption of calcium in milk and cheese.

This dish is especially beneficial for calcium supplementation.


Dried oatmeal bee cake.

Mix oatmeal, cornmeal, soy noodles, raisins, clams, add yeast powder, mix well, add water and make a slightly soft dough.

After the dough is simmered for 20 minutes, steam for 25 minutes to turn off the heat.

  Nutrition Review: After the oat precipitated bee cake, it not only increased the fiber content, but also replaced the sugar with raisins and glutinous rice, which reduced the sweetness of the bee cake and the flavor was not reduced.

Lysine is lacking in both oats and corn, and lysine can be found in soy flour, which enhances the absorption and utilization of proteins.

In the fall, stick to 9 habits, and get sick less in winter, even if you can only stick to half!

In the fall, stick to 9 habits, and get sick less in winter, even if you can only stick to half!

Autumn harvest, winter Tibetan, autumn health, essence!

The autumn is high and the fragrance of the grain is a good time for harvesting, and it is an important moment for health.

At this time, do a good job of body care, step by step, can not only supplement the summer consumption, will be for the winter, lay a good foundation, less sick, healthier!

In the fall, stick to 9 habits, and get sick less in winter, even if you can only stick to half!
1, bubble feet into the deep autumn, the cold is aggravated, easy to damage yang, endangering health.

“Cold from the foot”, hot water bubble feet, can drive out the cold, Shujin Huoxue, warm the whole body.

Therefore, in the fall, the habit of developing hot water soaking feet helps the body to be healthy.

Soak your feet, do you have to step on the feet, the water temperature is 38 °C?
Around 43 ° C, soaking into the body slightly sweating, about 30 minutes is appropriate.

》》Pepper blistering feet boiled pepper water, bubble feet, dehumidification and dryness, help to improve the physical condition of women’s palace cold.

“” Ginger blistering feet to cook ginger water, bubble feet, chilling solution table, afraid of cold, easy to cold hands and feet, may wish to try.

》》 艾草水泡 foot boiled wormwood water, bubble feet, can eliminate virtual fire and cold fire.

》》Cinnamon blistering feet boiled cinnamon water, bubble feet, can reduce swelling.

2, drink hot tea in the cold autumn, drink some hot tea, is a good habit.

Help, hot tea, can warm the stomach to drive cold, good for health.

At the same time, dry in autumn, dry gas is easy to hurt the lungs, causing dry mouth, dry cough and other symptoms, drinking tea, can moisturize the lungs and lungs, and help the lungs health.

Therefore, in the late autumn, the habit of drinking tea is also a good choice, and different teas have different health effects.

》》Oolong tea, Qingrejiedu Oolong tea, mild and not hot, suitable for autumn use.

It is rich in organic chemical components, and inorganic mineral elements, which can clear away heat and detoxify, lower blood fat and cholesterol, and is very helpful for dryness and weight loss.

“” Dandelion root black tea, liver dandelion root, medicine and food dual-use, nature slightly cold, it is fermented with black tea, fried into dandelion root black tea, can greatly reduce cold, during the autumn and winter, is a good choice.

Dandelion, into the liver, good at displacing liver toxic, improve liver detoxification ability, but also reduce liver fire, prevent liver damage, especially alcoholic liver damage.

Therefore, in the fall, soak a cup, can protect the liver health, especially suitable for drinkers, as a daily generation of tea.

“” thorn rose flower tea, Shugan Jieyu thorn rose flower, is a wild small rose, belongs to the flower tea, tastes aroma, can remind the mind.

The thorn flower is mild in nature, which can relieve liver and relieve stagnation, nourish the heart and blood, and can adjust the mood.

Therefore, in the fall, you can make a cup of tea and taste the aroma of tea, and you can improve your mood and protect your health.

》》金桂菊茶, go to the fire to reduce inflammation in autumn, the weather is dry, easy to get angry, inflamed, at this time, with honeysuckle, chrysanthemum, sweet-scented osmanthus, dandelion, mix together, soak in water, can go to fire and inflammation.

Honeysuckle, heat and dispel evil, clear blood poison, often with chrysanthemum.

Chrysanthemum, can clear the liver and eyesight, disperse the wind, detoxification, often with dandelion.

Dandelion, known as “natural antibiotics”, is effective in removing inflammation and inflammation.

Sweet-scented osmanthus, mild in nature, moderately cold, and aromatic in taste.

3, eat more rough life, it should be noted that fruit and vegetable coarse grains can not be less.

Especially coarse grains, rich in supplemental fiber, a variety of minerals, can detoxify the intestines, moisturize the skin, protect the cardiovascular, promote digestion, strengthen the bones, control the amount of food, weight loss and weight.

Therefore, it is necessary to develop the habit of eating whole grains, with thick and fine mix, better nutrition and good health.

“” Sweet potato “Compendium of Materia Medica” records that sweet potato has the effect of “replenishing deficiency, benefiting Qi, strengthening the spleen and stomach, strengthening kidney yin”, but also supplementing the body, warming the stomach, and the five internal organs.

Sweet potatoes contain a lot of dietary fiber, which helps to interconnect health.

Moreover, eating sweet potatoes often can maintain the elasticity of blood vessels and prevent atherosclerosis.

“” yam yam, can strengthen the spleen and stomach, promote digestion, is the “medicine and food” products that flatten the spleen and stomach.

Yam contains saponin, mucus, lubrication, moisturizing effect, so it can benefit the lungs and raise the lungs.
In addition, often eat yam, it may also prevent heart disease, Yizhi soothe the nerves, prolong life.
》》芋头芋头, beneficial stomach Shengjin, wide bowel laxative, phlegm and stasis, Buzhong Yiqi and other effects.

The starch granules of Shantou are small and the digestibility can reach over 98%.

The taro also contains a mucin protein that, when absorbed by the body, produces immunoglobulins that increase the body’s resistance.

4, less tobacco, alcohol, tobacco, alcohol, the harm to the human body, is accumulated over a long period of time, long-term smoking, easily lead to lung cancer, cardiovascular disease, long-term drinking, easily lead to cirrhosis, liver cancer and so on.

Tobacco and alcohol, for the harm of the human body, I must not say more than the author, want to protect the body, we must pay attention to, quit smoking and alcohol.

5, do not sleep late at night, is very important for the human body.

In sleep, the human body can be restored, and the internal organs can be trimmed.

Frequent staying up late, heart disease, depression, high blood pressure and other diseases, it is very easy to find the door, endangering human health.

I often see it because of the news of staying up late and dying.

Therefore, if you want to be healthy, be sure to pay attention, don’t stay up late, and guarantee your sleep time.

Also, be aware that sleeping time is more important than sleep time. In addition, you must go to sleep before 11 pm.

6, the sun is used to health and sun habits, good for health.

It can promote absorption, prevent osteoporosis, and also supplement yang.

Especially in the late autumn season, sun drying, supplementing yang, help the body health, less sick in winter.

》》Hand palms toward the sun, let the sun shine into the labor palace, can be strong, help sleep, protect heart health.

》》 After sun drying, back to the back, try to choose the sunset before the sunset, at this time, the sun is mild, not very hot, the most suitable for after drying.

7, the back of the lungs in the fall, back, help the lungs turbid, strong lungs, protect the health of the lungs.

On the back, there is a lungshu point, which often helps you to be healthy.

Sitting sideways, his back is straight, his eyes are slightly closed, his hands are clenched into empty fists, and he is beaten along the back, from bottom to top, then from top to bottom, and so on.

First recite the center, then lick the left and right ends, so 3-4 times.

8, lame feet, is an ancient method of health.

It has been used in ancient times, formerly known as the “Dunyi Law”. In the newly unearthed “Introduction to the Western Han Dynasty”, there is “Dunyi in the chest” and “Dunyi, Yidun left, Yidun right, three hundredIt has been recorded.

The heart rate of the lame is kept at around 150 times per minute, so that the blood can supply enough oxygen to the heart muscle, which is beneficial to the heart and cardiovascular health.

“” sitting on the thigh and stepping on the thigh, keep level, every time 踮 30?
50 times, the speed is self-regulating.

》》When walking on foot and walking 100 steps, walk 100 steps on the ground and alternately cycle more than 5 groups.

9, move your legs in life, don’t be too lazy, always move your legs and do exercise to help your whole body.

“After dinner, an hour, a walk, is a good choice.

In the process of walking, the body can be well adjusted, and the function of aging can be improved.

“” fast walking, is a kind of walking speed with a fixed speed, belonging to medium and high intensity.

Fast walking is aerobic exercise, which can reduce fat, especially for more than 30 minutes, you can implement the effect of reducing fat.

Therefore, it is good to develop the habit of going fast.

Jogging and jogging is also a kind of aerobic exercise. In the morning or evening, jogging for one hour, not only exercise the body, but also alleviate the psychological pressure.

Long-term studies have found that slow jogging runners have the lowest mortality rates.

3 jogs per week, accumulating no more than 2.

4 hours is the best frequency, remember.

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15 tips for good sleep

15 tips for good sleep

First, the dinner should be light.

Dinner is too full or too greasy to eat, too high sugar may cause subsequent bloating, nausea, indigestion and other adverse reactions.

It is a miracle to go to bed with a painful stomach.

Eat lightly, eat more easily digestible foods, don’t worry that there will be a serious lack of nutrition at night without big fish.

  Second, smell can be hypnotized.

Some seasonings have a good effect on treating insomnia, especially onions and ginger.

The scent of onions and ginger has a calming effect, which inhibits the cerebral cortex.

These methods are very simple and easy: take the right amount of onions, wash, smash, put into a small bottle, cover, open the lid before going to bed, smell its smell, you can sleep after 10 minutes; you can also about 15 gramsThe ginger is chopped, wrapped in gauze on the pillow, smells its aroma and becomes safe to sleep.

Both methods generally improve sleep significantly after 10 days to 1 month of use.

  Third, the diet can sleep.

Jujube sleep: Jujube sweet, sugar, protein, vitamin C, organic acid, mucus, calcium, phosphorus, iron, etc., have the effect of spleen and soothe the nerves.

Use jujube 30 every night?
60g, add some water to cook, help to sleep.

Lotus seeds sleep: lotus seeds are fragrant and delicious, with the effect of replenishing the heart and spleen, nourishing blood and soothe the nerves.

In the end, biologists have confirmed through experiments that lotus seeds and aromatic compounds contained in lotus seeds have a calming effect; after consumption, the kinase that promotes starch secretion can be increased, and the amount of serotonin can be increased, so that people can fall asleep.

Taking sugar water to boil the lotus seeds every night before going to bed will have a good sleep aid effect.

Xiaomi hypnosis: In addition to rich nutrients in Xiaomi, the tryptophan content in millet is the first in cereals.

Chinese medicine believes that it has the effects of strengthening the spleen, stomach and sleeping.

How to eat: Take the right amount of millet, add water to cook porridge, eat it for dinner or eat before going to bed, you can take the effect of sleeping.

  Fourth, take a walk after dinner.

Walking after dinner is a good habit to be promoted.

The stomach squirms more normally during walking, digests better, and the spirit is relaxed and pleasant in walking, which is very helpful for sleep.

  Five, work and rest.

Sleep quality can be improved in a variety of ways.

Pay attention to the combination of work and rest is the best way.

Use the left side of the cerebral cortex and rest on the right side. Use the right side and the left side to get a rest.

If the work does not alternate, it is easy to have a bad dream, or even sleep.

Therefore, in any case, you should take a half-day to relax in the suburbs every week, or at least leave the usual working environment for a rest.

  Six, acupressure.

Some acupuncture points on the person help to sleep, can you massage 3 in the morning and evening?
5 minutes can improve sleep.

In order to ensure the accuracy of the hole, it is recommended to carry out under the guidance of a doctor.

  Seven, take a hot bath before going to bed.

It doesn’t matter even if it is sprayed.

Vapor and clean feelings are ideal for you to be happy.

Bathing is actually a very labor-intensive activity, and the fatigue caused by the bathing breaks down so that you can fall asleep as soon as you lie on a soft and comfortable bed.

If you don’t want to take a bath, you can soak your feet with hot water. This more short-term method is good for regulating body temperature and relaxing nerves. It is necessary to help you to develop good habits every day.

  Eight, turn off the phone.
Calling or texting can be over-exciting, which can easily lead to insomnia.

So when you get home at night or when you get home, you will lose your hand.
  Nine, breathe properly.

Gently take a breath on the flat bed and spit it out after a second or two.

This type of breathing is done using the abdomen and can help you calm down and relax.

The point is not to take a deep breath and try to keep the inspiratory interval equal.

Sighing deeply is actually very helpful in relieving nervous tension. It is also a good way to practice yawning. You will be very sleepy when you hit it.

  Ten, do not brush the red in the bedroom.

Red is excited.

Therefore, the bedroom should be painted in a “skin” color, from pink to brown, soft colors make you sleepy.

  Eleven, do not play games at night.

Young people are not affected by the bright flashing screens in the game before going to bed, but most adults feel too excited, and the brain is still running at high speed while sleeping.

  Twelve, keep the temperature of the feet.

Keeping your feet warm can improve your sleep quality.

  Thirteen, it is best not to place too many green plants in the bedroom.

Green plants are indeed placed in the room for a certain beautification, but don’t put them in the bedroom.

Because in the night when Enron falls asleep, those plants that breathe at night will take away the oxygen you need.

  Fourteen, the bedroom should maintain a suitable temperature.

Too much cold or overheating greatly affects normal sleep. Is the optimal sleeping temperature at 15 °C?
Between 18 ° C.

Try not to sleep in an air conditioner. Opening a window is conducive to the circulation of indoor and outdoor air, providing the necessary oxygen for sleep.

Be sure to keep an air conditioner to sleep, pay attention to proper warmth or increase the humidifier, and there is definitely no good sleep when the mouth is dry.

  Fifteen, the position of the bed is correctly placed.

Many people know that the position of the bed, that is, where the head is heading when sleeping, will affect the quality of sleep and even health. This is the scientific theory brought by magnetic field.

The position of the headboard should be placed on the north side. If the bedside cannot be placed on the north side due to the position of other furniture in the bedroom, avoid placing it on the west side.

The seven health effects of oil

The seven health effects of oil

The oil here refers to oils made from sesame, perilla or hemp, but now it has withdrawn from the stage of necessities.

The oils that are often eaten in the middle of the day are soybean oil, peanut oil and various blending oils.

Today we are said to talk about the beauty of the oil commonly used in life!

1. Take a proper amount of soybean oil and mix it with fresh milk and egg white. Apply to face after cleansing, gently massage for 20 minutes, then wash off.

After one month of use, the macula on the face is significantly reduced, the wrinkles are reduced, and the skin is smooth and smooth.

Or heat the soybean oil to about 37 ° C, add the right amount of honey, dipped the gauze in the oil, and remove it on the face for 20 minutes.

2, moisturizing amount of soybean oil and water mixed, apply body after bathing, gently rub for a moment, make the skin rosy and smooth, avoid dry peeling phenomenon.

3, in addition to the foot odor when soaking feet, a small amount of soybean oil and vinegar in the water, you can quickly remove the odor.

Or use soy oil to massage your feet and remove odors.

4, when applying makeup, drop a drop of soybean oil in the cosmetics, the makeup effect is better, and the radiance shines.

When removing makeup, add two drops of soy oil on the cotton pad to remove stubborn makeup.

5, sweat sore peanut oil rubbed the affected area, sweat sores will disappear quickly.

6, aphid intestinal obstruction can be prepared with cooked peanut oil 30ml, one-time use.

7, children with diarrhea (feeling wind evil) with peanut oil lightly rubbing the lower abdomen, this method is not available when the diarrhea is severe.

Note: oily skin should not be used in soy oil beauty.

If you use food oil to cure the disease, you should go to the hospital for examination if there is no obvious improvement.

The elderly work in sports must be three in place

The elderly work in sports must be “three in place”

The elderly are known as the infinite sunset, but the cause of old age sports is not the sunset but the sun.
Vigorously developing the cause of sports for the elderly is directly related to the overall construction of a harmonious society and a well-off society. It is the most important task in building a national fitness system and achieving social justice.
In order to do well in the sports work of the elderly, it is necessary to achieve “three in place”, that is, to recognize the position, work in place, and support in place.
  One is to recognize the position.
At present, China is gradually entering an aging society, and the national elderly population has accounted for 11% of the country’s total population.
The elderly have become the largest and most special vulnerable groups and caregivers in China today.
The elderly have made important contributions to the party and the country at various times. For them, they are creators and builders. In their later years, they should be healthy and should be happy. This is the right path and the heart of the people.
Doing a good job in the work of the elderly is not only a major political issue, but also a serious social issue. As the aging society progresses, this problem is becoming more and more prominent.
The party and the state have always attached great importance to the work of the elderly, and established the policy of the development of the ageing cause of “government-led, social participation, and universal care” and the work policy of the elderly sports “promoting the city, developing the countryside, focusing on the grassroots and facing the whole”, to the whole people.It puts forward the long-term goal of “having the old, the old, the old, the old, the old, the old, the old, the old”.
Developing the sports for the elderly is not only the task of the sports department, but also the task of the party committee and the government.
We must give full play to the role of the “old associations” as a bridge and link, mobilize the entire social forces, and work together to do well in the elderly.
We must establish the concept of national fitness and building a harmonious society, strengthen the old age culture, great health awareness, and attach importance to the elderly sports work.
Only in this way can we find out the position of the old sports work in building a well-off society and building a harmonious society in an all-round way, in order to effectively enhance the historical mission and sense of responsibility of the elderly sports work, in order to improve the consciousness and initiative of doing well in the elderly sports work.Sex and creativity, constantly researching new situations, solving new problems, and doing a good job in old age sports.
  Second, the work is in place.
The physical education of the elderly belongs to the nature of recreation. All activities reflect safety, friendship, harmony and joy, so that participants can have fun and improve their physical and mental health.
People-oriented, heart-to-heart, aiming at recreation, focusing on participation, health first, safety first, old age, and good old age, achieving healthy aging.
To enable the elderly to achieve the goal of health, happiness and longevity through sports activities, we must do a good job of “three links.”
First, do a good job in the construction of this link.
The sports department shall extend the sports activities of the elderly to towns and villages, especially the central market towns. The qualified communities and administrative villages shall establish as much as possible the organization of sports activities for the elderly and mobilize more elderly people to participate in sports activities.
It is necessary to urge the township and township offices to establish the old sports associations, and to implement the “organization, funds, places, activities” four.
The second is to do a good job in the elderly sports activities at the grassroots level.
Urban elderly sports activities in the community, rural elderly sports activities in townships and villages.
In combination with the actual situation, we can organize Taijiquan, Taiji sword, fitness running, walking, croquet, bocce ball and other sports suitable for the elderly in the elderly, and can also organize songs, musical instruments, carols combined with style and music.Fitness activities such as drums, dance, dragon and lion dance, and fun sports.
It is necessary to help the community and the village to build a senior fitness team for morning exercise and evening training, and train a team of senior fitness instructors with the strength of sports and selfless dedication.
The third is to solve the problem of funds and venue facilities for the elderly sports activities.
In addition to all levels of government to solve certain activities, the Association of Old Sports Associations can strive for the elderly sports work through various sectors, industry departments and powerful enterprises and institutions through diversified and multi-channels, and implement the facilities and facilities for the elderly fitness in accordance with local conditions.Organize the elderly to carry out a variety of sports activities.
  Third, support is in place.
To develop the cause of old-age sports, it is necessary for the leaders of all levels and departments to attach great importance to it and the strong support of all sectors of society. It is necessary to carry forward the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation to respect the elderly, support the elderly and help the elderly, and to give play to the fine tradition of “high-profile, love-minded” and furtherStrengthen the leadership and support for the elderly sports work.
The sports department must not only give full play to the role of the master, but also play a role as a bridge and link, and actively organize and carry out the sports work for the elderly. It must be implemented in terms of organization, funding, and venues.
  The elderly are the precious wealth of the party and the country. We must not neglect the elderly regardless of the pressure of work. The tasks are heavy, the elderly cannot be forgotten, the financial situation is tight, and the elderly cannot be ill-treated.
It is our duty and obligation to do a good job in sports for the elderly.
  The elderly are known as the infinite sunset, but the cause of old age sports is not the sunset but the sun.
Vigorously developing the cause of sports for the elderly is directly related to the overall construction of a harmonious society and a well-off society. It is the most important task in building a national fitness system and achieving social justice.
In order to do well in the sports work of the elderly, it is necessary to achieve “three in place”, that is, to recognize the position, work in place, and support in place.

How to eat more healthy food with coarse grains

How to eat more healthy food with coarse grains

We have gradually improved, in addition to the fineness of the diet, but also with coarse grains, in order to make our body better and better.

Whole grains should be eaten, but how to eat them, many people can’t find the right way, they will only eat when they see it.

Today, experts come to explain to us how to mix with coarse grains to make us eat healthier.

#hzh_woman { display: none; }  如今很多人都认识到过多的精米白面会导致一些富贵病,开始想方设法多吃些粗粮.

However, do you know how to eat coarse grains?

Are the so-called coarse grains sold in the market really healthy?

In this issue, we will invite experts to answer you one by one.

  Eat two or two whole grains a day to lose weight, laxative, protect the intestines, prevent the need for chronic diseases and cancer coarse grains in the human body, in fact, a slogan can be used to explain: coarse grains are not omnipotent, but no coarse grains are absolutely impossible.。
Some nutrition experts have clearly pointed out that coarse grains play a role in preventing diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, constipation and other diseases, which cannot be ignored.

  “Coarse grains are relative to rice, white flour and other fine grains.

Cheng Yiyong said that it mainly includes two types, one is rice that has not been processed, whole wheat, etc.; the other is to remove all kinds of miscellaneous grains from rice and wheat.

For example, corn in cereals, millet, black rice, purple rice, barley, oats, buckwheat, etc., soy beans, mung beans, red beans, black beans, etc.

  The biggest feature of coarse grains is the inclusion of excess supplemental fiber.

Therefore, foods of the same composition, rich in energy, can reduce excessive risk.

Second, the precipitated fiber has the function of promoting intestinal peristalsis, which can shorten the stagnation time of the feces in the intestine, and make the stool smooth, thereby preventing the toxin from remaining in the body for a long time.

Third, the precipitated fiber is also beneficial to the growth of probiotics in the body, which is beneficial to the health of the maintenance itself.

  One of the more important reasons people advocate eating whole grains today is that it can prevent certain chronic diseases.

The cause of dyslipidemia, high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity is insulin resistance, or a repeated large or repeated increase in blood glucose that causes problems in the body’s regulatory mechanisms.

Although coarse grains are also food, they are not the same as white rice noodles. Its blood sugar elevation index increases, so it is beneficial to prevent a variety of metabolic syndromes, and to some extent prevent certain cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Even so, there is now evidence-based medical evidence that eating more coarse grains can prevent cancer.

  Of course, coarse grains are thousands of dollars, and they can’t be eaten without restrictions. Some studies have found that crude fiber eats too much and may cause stomach cancer.

Therefore, the “Chinese Residents’ Expectation Guide 2007” clearly states that “thickness and fineness” is one of the basic principles of diet that people should follow.

In terms of quantity, adults are 1-2 (50-100 grams) per day per person.

  It is too thin to make the nutrition discount. It is correct to use the method of “coarse grain” to improve the taste. However, it is wrong to add a lot of oil, sugar and starch to damage the “healthy quality” of the coarse grains.

Because of the pursuit of taste, it is impossible to deviate from the fundamentals of health.

  The advantage of whole grains is that no nutrients such as finishing, precipitated fiber, vitamins and minerals are retained.

If a large amount of oil, a large amount of sugar, a large amount of white flour, white rice flour, pure starch, etc. are added thereto, the advantages are no longer present.

  For example, tortillas sold in restaurants and supermarkets are fried with oil and fat, made with a caustic soda or baking powder to create a porous effect, fine white flour and starch to enhance the delicate feeling, and sugar to improve the taste.

The food thus produced cannot fully retain the nutritional value of corn.

  Another point, when many places make bean fillings, throw away the water of boiled beans several times, then remove all the bean skins, make the red bean paste very delicate, the sweetness is particularly heavy, and then use the white flour to pour the seemingly fine bean paste.The package will lose the health characteristics of the bean bag itself.

In contrast, the traditional bean bag is made by smashing whole red beans once, and maintains a large amount of accumulated fiber in the skin, as well as a variety of antioxidant ingredients, with higher vitamin preservation rate and sweetness.Very light, such staple foods are healthy and sustainable.

  When making potatoes, many people like to make it into a mud, make rolls, cakes, etc., and then fry them; or add plant cream, sugar and flavor instead of sweets, and actually lose the potato.The healthy nature of the class makes it a high-grade food.

Use grilled, steamed, boiled, stewed, etc. without cooking or adding fat to make it healthier.

  There are also coarse grain biscuits and wheat bran biscuits that are commonly found in supermarkets.

Coarse grains are easy to absorb oil, and the taste will be better after oil absorption, but it is enough to make the health of coarse grains discount.

  In short, the coarse grain is done to a certain extent to improve its taste, rather than the nature of the coarse grain has changed.

When you find that the whole grain you eat is not “thick”, I am afraid it has become a “fake”.

  If you have stomach problems, you can’t eat more whole grains. What are the taboos? Who is not suitable?  People with stomach or peptic ulcers.

Experts say that a large amount of cellulose cellulose has a certain stimulation in the stomach and intestines. Generally, healthy people have no problem, but people with severe gastritis or hyperacidity are not suitable. People with ulcers in the stomach can’t stand it.

So these people recommend eating less (below the recommended amount) or not eating.

  Infants under 6 years of age.

Preschool children have immature gastrointestinal tract development, poor digestion and absorption, and should not be stimulated.

In addition, children need to absorb a large amount of calcium, iron, zinc and other minerals during the growth and development process, while the phytic acid and tannin contained in the coarse grains may prevent the absorption of these micronutrients.

  There are still some misunderstandings that need to be noted. Some people think that coarse grains can be laxative, so patients with diarrhea should not eat.

However, Cheng Yiyong believes that some coarse grains may reduce diarrhea.

In addition, some people say that pregnant women are not suitable for eating whole grains. In Cheng Yiyong’s view, as long as the recommended amount is usually no problem, even some pregnant women in the pregnancy reaction period may eat some coarse grains, which may also have the effect of relieving morning sickness.

  The best cooking and cooking less oil and salt makes too many good things to raise your mouth, and more or less resistance to poor taste of coarse grains, even can only remind yourself once and for all, in order to be healthy, eat it.

Can’t you eat both coarse and delicious food and health?

Nutrition experts don’t think so.

  The health of whole grains is that it can provide a variety of health-care ingredients and supplemental fibers, with little or no sugar and salt.

Therefore, in order to eat whole grains healthily, it is necessary to maintain its original health characteristics.

Therefore, the corresponding coarse grains are preferably cooked by steaming, boiling, and less oil.

For example, millet, oatmeal, glutinous rice, etc. are suitable for cooking porridge.

  But in order to match people’s more and more taste, you can try the following methods.

Ferment or cook in a pressure cooker.

Fermentation can greatly improve the absorption of trace elements in coarse grains and improve digestion and absorption. High pressure can make the absorption fibers of trace elements in coarse grains fully absorb and soften, reducing the stimulation of interconnection.

  Add delicious and healthy ingredients such as lily, jujube, sesame, dried fruit and so on.

For those who don’t have high blood sugar and like sweetness, you can also add some flavoring ingredients to replace white sugar, rose sauce, osmanthus sugar sauce, jam, bean paste, etc. to increase the palatability of food.

Jiang Liangzhu, chief physician of the Department of Internal Medicine of Dongzhimen Hospital of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, recommended that sweet potato, jujube, lotus seeds, lily and other porridge can be added to the millet porridge, which not only increases nutrition but also is delicious.

  Add some fine grains and taste good.

For example, experts say that glutinous rice flour can be mixed with barley flour to make noodles, buns, etc.; buckwheat flour can also be added with 20%-30% wheat flour to increase its elasticity and make pasta.

In addition, when using rice, millet porridge, adding buckwheat rice, or smashing oatmeal with milk, is a nutritious and healthy way to eat.

  It is best to partner with meat and eggs. If you want to choose a good nutrition partner for coarse grains, meat and eggs are one of the best.

  A disadvantage of whole grains is that phytic acid and tannin may hinder the absorption of trace elements such as iron and zinc.

Meat foods, especially red meat, are important carriers of mineral elements such as iron and zinc.

Choosing meat as its partner can make up for this deficiency.

  Choosing an egg as another partner for coarse grains is more of a consideration, and at the same time, the inserted protein can have a 1 + 1 effect greater than 2.

Eggs and meat, fine grains and different types of coarse grains can be complemented by proteins as long as they are eaten.

  In addition, the coarse grains are best to choose fresh, some millet, corn, etc. should be bought just down.

Because the fresh whole grains contain more B vitamins and more scent, it is beneficial to ensure nutrition and taste better.