Chen Wenjin couldn’t help laughing,Him at the moment,How similar to Xiaoji’s ex-boyfriend?

only,Xiaoji’s ex-boyfriend hugged Qiangwei。
He didn’t,But even in the car,The situation at the moment is still lonely and helpless。
Chen Wenjin didn’t want to open the handbag Yang Zimei left in the car,Do not want to move,Guess and know that the contents are enough for him to drink a pot。
A Nissan van drove out of the bridge hole,There is also one behind。
Two groups of people got off in both cars,Yelling:“Don’t move!Policemen——”
Chen Wenjin doesn’t believe it。
The car started suddenly,then,A group of people who swayed straight into the front。
Several people were knocked down by the sideways body,A few hurriedly retreated and fell down,Only two or three have time to escape safely。
Yang Zimei on the sidewalk was stunned,The fiercest person she has ever seen is Brother Chao,Go crazy and dare to kill people!But the gold in front of you,Is directly hitting a group of people!
From this moment on in the eyes of Yang Zimei,The most cruel, cruel and ferocious person I have ever seen,It turned into a blue-purpleG3000Gold in。
If Yang Zimei knew that Chen Wenjin had the power to reverse the movement of matter,Or know that behind him seemingly reckless,If the collision is estimated,Won’t suffer such a strong impact。
Chen Wenjin finished U-turn,A group of people coming down straight behind,Those people are already prepared,All evade,But there were still three people who couldn’t avoid being knocked down by him。
‘This car has poor passability,The sidewalk can’t go up!There is basically no room for performance on urban roads,It’s really useless for heroes,It’s nothing but attracting attention……’Chen Wenjin thought,Take the initiative to get off。

unfortunately,Now he still can’t see the turning point,Someone like him,Proud and arrogant,I don’t know if I have high eyes and low hands。So now I can only end up with my laurels。

But even if he is on his own,It’s also much more comfortable than many people who have struggled for a lifetime。
“Is the manor,There used to be a big windmill here。but now,Seems to be removed!”Robben couldn’t help but sigh after getting off the car。
Because the area in front belongs to the private estate area,Robben knew that the guard would not let his car in,So I can only get off the car in advance to greet the guards。
“Who are you?”This year,Even a guard,Have the same personality as my boss。At least they also know that the Knicks family is down,No longer as high as before,So many people cannot be offended。
“Yo,New guard?fair enough,You inform,Just talk to the Knicks,His cousin Luo was here,Want to meet him。”
The two guards did not come here long,I never heard of my boss and cousin。But they dare not be disrespectful,Just call and tell my boss。
The issue is,The boss actually hung up after a few conversations。
“what does this mean?Do you want to let them in?”The two guards have big eyes and small eyes,I don’t know how to deal with this situation。
Okay,Didn’t wait long,My boss actually came out in person,But he actually holds a shotgun in his hand。And he was accompanied by a few big guy bodyguards。
What is this?Do you want to go hunting with cousin??Two guards thought。
And Robben couldn’t help but swallowed“Qin Feng,Or let’s go。You watched the kid come out with a gun,Looks like you’re going to kill me。”
“What are you afraid of,I am here!”Qin Feng was a little bit dumbfounded,Although Robben has mentioned that there are some“misunderstanding”。

Until all the voices around me are quiet,Lu Menglin coughed slightly now,Said loudly:“Everybody!I am a child who grew up in Liufang,My dad is Lu Youshan, the director of the second factory。”

I heard him start so bluntly,Everyone’s heart is stunned,Listen more carefully。
“The current situation of Liufang,Everyone knows,No need for me to say more!Some of you are still in school,There are also those who have not studied。I want to ask everyone,Do you see the way out?”
When Lu Menglin said this,,Bright eyes,Sweep the audience。
Most people shook their heads blankly,And someone smiled casually:“Brother Menglin pointed out the way!”
Lu Menglin nodded,Keep saying:“Dare not tell me the way,But I, Lu Menglin, don’t want to be empty。Say so,Several of us started a project in the city,Be an electronic city,Franchise computer equipment、Consumables and mobile phone accessories,Today i am here to put a message,All the children of laid-off Liufang workers,Want to do this business in the past,Rent-free for six months!”
This remark,The audience is boiling!
Free half-year rent,This is not a joke!
If it’s for business,Rent is a big expense,Brother Menglin’s words,It gave many Liufang families a way to survive!
“Of course,What is the capital,How much space to rent,Sit down and talk about these specific things slowly。Today I just want to release this news,Who wants to do business in this area,Can go and see。”Lu Menglin said lightly。
Wang Shaoxiao said quickly:“If anyone dares to sublet and earn a hand,Our Menglin Legion won’t agree!”
“I don’t care about the specific details,Everyone keep drinking!”Lu Menglin said lightly。
“Menglin brother!We respect you!”
“I respect you,Menglin brother!”There was a toast around。
Whether or not you have an idea of doing business in this area,All have to admire this brother Menglin in front of me,People do things with great atmosphere,You can get half a year rent free,This is real money,Who is not convinced?
Chapter Three Hundred and Forty Toast

Now he wants Xin Zhao to see his own strength,And then look at myself with admiration。(He thinks too much about this,Wu Jiyi looks and gender,Xin Zhao won’t take him seriously。)

“Forget it,It seems that the instructor looks down on the four of us from the bottom of my heart,Azure,Your strength is suitable for close combat,You will be the main tank for a while,Is there a problem!”
“I’m OK!”He Weilan has a good education,As long as it’s not facing Liu Chuang,Her heart won’t be too upset。
“Li Feifei,Your weapon is a sword,As a deputy tank,Pay attention to cover for Azure,Is there a problem!”
“Nothing,give it to me!”Li Feifei directly summoned her own weapon,Then stood beside He Weilan。
“I am a crossbowman,The most suitable sneak attack right now,I will find the flaw in Master Yi in a while,Then attack,Ari,Use your magic to interfere and control him,Is there a problem!”Wei Ying finally looked at Su Xiaoli who looked very unreliable。
And Su Xiaoli showed a big smile at Wei Ying,Then start to stand。
“let’s start!”
Wu Jiyi waits until the opponent stands in line,Then he rushed up with a weapon in his hand,And the first wave he faced was Su Xiaoli’s magical energy bombardment。
The originally flat stone was pitted by Su Xiaoli,As for Wu Ji Yi, even if I try to avoid it,But facing the ground bombing of Su Xiaoli,Finally, I used my body to fight a few times。
At this time, Wu Ji Yi also arrived in front of He Weilan and Li Feifei。
The male soldiers who entered as a police sister,He Weilan’s original physical fitness and combat literacy are the best among the second team girls。Facing the sharp sword of Wujiyi,She rushed up without hesitation。
By contrast,Li Feifei, who is also a woman, is worse。
The genetic gap and the mood gap,When Wu Ji Yi faces He Weilan,Achieved a complete victory。
From the fight,To the end,I didn’t last for twenty seconds。
Solved Li Feifei with a single sword,Then Mouji easily avoids,Passed Wei Ying’s God Killing Crossbow,After that, he directly opened the Promise Sword。

Surrounded by flames along with the Howling Sword,Then the figure disappeared like lightning,Appeared again in the half center of this magma ganoderma。

Without magma, let’s see how you can show off。
Nothing,Teng cut directly at the magma。
White sword light passes through the magma,The other party is not as strong as expected,Because this sword is so easy to cut it open。
The effect is completely different from what you imagined,This sword cut is cut out,But it didn’t do anything to that magma.。
Chapter Seven Hundred and Thirty Four You are strong
Do not believe!
Continuously split dozens of swords,Every sword tears the magma open,It’s just that the other party merges again when they tear,Seems to have no effect。
“Knife cut off water and more water flow!”
Yes,This is indeed the truth in the world,It’s just that his knife is not an ordinary knife,Mixed with the powerful force of the five elements and artistic conception。
Let alone magma,Even more powerful,It’s impossible to be like this under such power。

“Except for weak linguists,Fourteen in the team,Can sign a one-year service agreement with you。within one year,This veteran team will serve you,Obey your orders。You are responsible for providing weapons and supplies。After one year,If both parties have the will,They can also sign a contract with you to extend the lifetime light pattern,Be your most loyal follower of Light Soul。”Gao Dajin said with a smile。

“This service agreement,Is it reliable??”Lu Menglin asked。
Gao Dajin nodded desperately,Smiled:“of course!Whether it’s a one-year short-term agreement,Still a lifetime contract,It’s all agreed with the soul of light pattern,If violated,Will lose the ability to use light energy for life。Light contract,It was originally prepared for the priests of the Dragon Temple,And you are already the favor of Dragon God,If they break the contract,The backlash will be doubled。”
Gao Dajin said,Smile on one side,Apparently he is laughing at Master Wuhao’s birthplace,I don’t even know the light pattern contract,It really came from a small country!
“Ok!Sounds pretty good!Back to the price,What do you want from Cao Gen Tang?”Lu Menglin asked。
Gao Dajin looked straight,Nod,Tao:“Master Wu Hao,I must make it clear,The team provided by our Cao Gen Tang,Although everyone is experienced,But their combat power is not too strong,You can’t use them as your main force。Their precious thing is experience,Not in fighting。to be honest,We also hope to find a suitable destination for these veterans。Your kindness and generosity,I am very optimistic,Will recommend them to you。In addition,Caogentang will receive 10% of the income of the new plane as a reward,Ten years,What do you think?”
“No way!The price is too high!Even if you hit the plane in the early stage,It is estimated that a lot of resources will be invested in order to be profitable。You sent fifteen people,10% to open your mouth,And it takes me ten years,This is too exaggerated!”Lu Menglin shook his head and said。
He feels instinctively,Cao Gen Tang is clearly opening his mouth,Too unreasonable。
Gao Dajin shook his head and smiled:“Dear Master Wuhao,Maybe you don’t understand the concept of plane benefits。I explain to you like this!Hypothesis,We work together,Very smoothly laid a new plane,After establishing a stable space teleportation array coordinate,God City will give a lot of resources,It might even include joining the army,Help you suppress the plane,Reap Plane Resources,Then divide proportionally。Basically, you don’t need to invest yourself later。And you will be the master of this plane,Enjoy absolute sovereignty。”
Lu Menglin’s eyes gleamed,I thought there was such a good thing?But it’s normal to think about it,Equal to the city of God,Let these giants expand,Lay down the plane,Anyway, Shencheng shares,Score at the end。
And this is equivalent to making the plate bigger and bigger,Of course everyone has scores。
“Then it can’t give you 10% of the income,Because I don’t know what percentage of the city of God will be。Up to five percent,Five-year period。If the person you sent to me is easy to use,I can consider keeping them。”Lu Menglin said seriously。
Gao Dajin has a dumbfounded expression on his face,Speechless,With a guy who doesn’t understand the market,Can’t talk about things at all!
“This one,The price is too much。Master Wu Hao,I don’t have enough permissions,I have to discuss with my superior,Is it convenient for you to wait for me?I’ll be back。”Gao Dajin hurriedly got up,Walking outside the hall while talking。
This time,It’s Lu Menglin’s turn to show contempt。
Grandson Gao Dajin,What big tail wolf do you pretend?!His trick,Real estate sales in the earth world have long been left over!
There is no need to ask the superior who does not exist at all,Gao Dajin This is to make customers feel that this is the right that they have won.。
Asking prices,Pay back!Sure enough, whether it is the earth,Shenmin Mainland,Businessmen’s faces are all the same!

Lin Yuna“Puff”Laughed out,Then joked:“What career?Mental hospital??”

After Lin Yoona finished speaking like this,,I immediately realized that I was wrong,Said quickly:“Sorry,I didn’t mean that!”
Xiao Fan didn’t care about Lin Yuner’s words,Just say:“Not all,Except for the mental hospital,I have other,Just usually,You don’t have a place where I spend money,and so,I never took it out。”
“but,Nowadays,You need it,and so,I took it out。Yoona,You believe me,I,I will only give you the best,Although this wedding dress is not cheap,but,as long as you like it,Everything is worth it,After all i make money,Also for you,Isn’t it?”
Xiao Fan’s words,Lin Yoona’s eyes were red immediately。
Xiao Fan really brings more surprises to himself every day。
I never thought about it,Xiao Fan actually has such a side,I always thought,Xiao Fan has never made a cent,but,right now,Xiao Fan easily took out 5.21 million to buy a wedding dress for himself。
The lady boss went downstairs with Tian Xingyao,and so,The lady boss asked Tian Xing Yaodao:
“Starshine,Tell me something,What’s the situation with these two people??”
Tian Xingyao did not expect that the lady boss would ask him about Xiao Fan and Lin Yoona,After all, in the impression of Tian Xingyao,This boss has never been a talkative person。
I don’t know what happened today,I even talked to myself about the identities of these two people。
The lady boss seems to have seen Tian Xingyao’s embarrassment,Just said quickly:
“Starshine,Don’t get me wrong,I don’t mean anything else,Me,I just think something is wrong with these two people,If you think it’s hard to say,You just assume that I haven’t asked!”
Tian Xingyao heard the boss say so,He waved his hand and said:“There is nothing to say,I just think you are so weird,Today, he took the initiative to ask me about the guest,This before,But never。”
The boss smiled awkwardly,Then said:“I don’t think the two of them are a bit strange,Is it different from others?but,Can’t you really say?”
Tian Xing Yao smiled at the curious look of the boss,And said directly to the boss:
“in fact,There is nothing to say,Is the identity of this woman?Is the president of Owen Cloud Lin Group,But the identity of her husband,I’m not too sure either,You also know,I came out of Yunshi early。”

Although the amount of funds accommodated by small-cap stocks in this era is far less than in the future,But not so small。

“You will wait,I’ll talk to the person in charge here。”Of course Chen Wenjin knew that someone in the securities department was staring at his account,Originally it was nothing,Because it is inevitable。but,Excessive trading volume,It means not only the people inside are staring,They are still calling friends,That won’t work!
Wang Shuai is definitely not willing to wait for this kind of thing,Want to follow,Xiao Xiao is also curious,Of course Abao chose to follow the majority。
“I go alone,Talkative,Hard to talk about things。”Chen Wenjin thought that it was not difficult to do,He also knows the character of the person in charge here,Also know some secret things,If you can’t negotiate directly,Losing some secrets and applying pressure will definitely be fine。After all, to prevent many follow suits,It’s not that some people inside are not allowed to eat meat。
Wang Shuai feels weird,But there is no way to stick to it。
After a meeting,They just saw Chen Wenjin coming out。
“That’s a deal,Meat only they eat,Must be to buy the specified stock。”
“That’s not cheap enough for them?”A Bao is very unconvinced,I feel that there is no reason to take advantage。“We can change the securities department!”
“Do not be silly。Which one is different?Ideally to reach an agreement,The choice of land exchange is like a deterrent weapon,Can’t really throw it out,Throw it out is to lift the table。They can’t eat meat after changing the land,But they will immediately publish my information,Everywhere is being stared at,The consequences are more troublesome。As long as they follow the meat and don’t prevent us from making money,Then they eat,Be happy to help,After all, they have the authority of this pass,I can’t stop them。but,Can’t eat for nothing。Later they will vacate an office for us,They refund the transaction taxes privately,Book directly what to eat and drink for lunch in the future,They are all in charge。Convenience is better than nothing,It’s also a manifestation of their gratitude for eating meat。Besides,I want to see their transaction records,Agreed on the amount of funds,Did not exceed,20% of the money they earn;Exceed the agreed total,Just score me 50%。The less the order, the happier he eats,This agreement is also to ensure that they have the motivation to streamline the total amount of copy,Of course there will be incentives to keep information。”Chen Wenjin doesn’t feel angry at all,There are such things in memory,He thinks it can be called social law。
“What if we own a securities company?”Wang Shuai really moved in this direction。
“This fat is not so easy to eat,Moreover,I’ll still be waiting for a ride,Or someone who makes you even less able to refuse,At that time,People only take a ride,I don’t even bother to express the small meaning of the thoughtful service provided by the office。”Chen Wenjin watched Wang Shuai frown,I know that Wang Shuai doesn’t mind someone following suit,But feel that the price paid by the other party is not big enough。“Forget it,The amount of funds will reach a certain level sooner or later,Then you have to change the gameplay。”
“I haven’t figured it out yet,otherwise,I’ll save some money and buy it myself in the future,Leave most of them to you?”Xiao Xiao thinks how to do it later,But I think Chen Wenjin has a long-term plan。
“That’s good,How to divide you up。”Wang Shuai also thinks this is a good idea。
“The latter is simpler,Just need you to have concentration,No escrow。”Chen Wenjin Talking Room,Saw a few people from the securities department start to pack things,Obviously I have to move a few computers in,Wang Shuai said when he saw it:“Move two more spares。”
Downstairs,Wang Shuai said to find a place to have afternoon tea before going back,Said hello to the person who protected him,Found a place nearby,The people who are protecting sit at a table alone。
Wang Shuai calculates the income of the account,Rather regretful to say:“I didn’t buy it well,Today this stock makes money,Tomorrow that loses money again,Tossing for a week,Earned a little,I don’t even have enough money to buy with you,I’ll save less of the part I’m buying next week。”

“Hi!”Tsuji Yoshifumi nodded heavily:“Mr. Chen,I see you this time,I hope you can show your respect to our Nissan car,What else do you require,Please mention。”

Finished,Tsuji Yoshifumi once again bowed deeply to Chen Geng。
“Mr. Tsuji,What do you say,”Chen Geng frowned vigorously,A look of surprise:“What does it mean to raise your hands high to your Nissan??”
Tsuji Yoshifumi smiled bitterly:This guy is acting stupid。
But Tsuji Yoshifumi is very clear,Chen Geng’s denial is almost normal,If Chen Geng said nothing, he would agree,Doesn’t it mean to admit in disguise that Toyota and Honda have encountered this trouble in the US market?,He Chen Geng is behind the scenes?
So of course he will not admit。
Tsuji Yoshifumi who was prepared for this watched Les·Christopher glance。
Rice·Christophe is smart,Stand up immediately,Whispered apologetically:“Gentlemen,Sorry,I want to go to the bathroom。”
Finished,He quickly walked out of Chen Geng’s office。
See Rice·Christoph walked out of the office,Tsuji Yoshifumi just started talking:“Mr. Chen,Nissan still has something to do in the U.S.,As early as a few months ago,I heard a news,YourAMCCars and Ford、Chrysler Automobiles and General Motors jointly established a car safety laboratory in Detroit。”
“Hum……Is there such a thing,”Chen Geng nodded:“But is there any problem?”
“Of course no problem,”Tsuji Yoshifumi said:“But it didn’t take long for your four vehicle manufacturers to jointly establish this automotive safety laboratory.,IIHSIt means to modify their crash test standards,Both sides40%Offset collision project,And the news we got is,IIHSWhether to launch40%There is still some controversy about the bias safety crash test,And they were going to40%Offset crash test,Just biased crash test on the driver side。”
Chen Geng nodded again:“So?”

Rao is Ralph·Sir Robbins has always demanded himself as a true gentleman and nobleman,But at this moment,He still couldn’t help but explode。

no way,Ralph·Sir Robbins knows that what Chen Geng said are facts,Sent by the British government to serve as Rawls·Royce’s Chairman’s own,It must be those damn bastards who snatched Rawls·The first object after Royce,At this point,I can’t have any luck。
“Yes,Those guys are real bastards、robber!”Chen Geng Fuhe Road:“In this case,Then why don’t you help my old friend more within a reasonable range?
Oh,correct,Jazz,Do you remember my previous promise?If you retire, my company,On the basis of the previously agreed annual salary,I will increase your salary by one hundred thousand pounds every year!”
“Add another hundred thousand pounds?”
Ralph·Sir Robbins’ eyes widened in an instant:The annual salary that Fernandez promised to himself was25Ten thousand pounds,Plus10Ten thousand pounds,That is35Ten thousand pounds……
This one hundred thousand pounds instantly defeated Ralph·Robbins,In a while,He has made a decision:Go to Te Niang,Since I will definitely be driven away,Have35With an annual salary of ten thousand pounds,I still care about you?!
PS:Two shifts,carry out,Brothers, go to bed early after watching,Tomorrow we will start paying。
First747chapter Monk touch,Why can’t i touch?
“OK,”Ralph·Robbins gritted his teeth:“no problem,I will try my best to convince the company to help you develop these three models at the same time,But the price,I can only say I try my best……I’m still Rawls after all·Royce Chairman of the Board。”
Even Ralph·Robbins pulls sideways、Want to help Chen Geng save money,Can’t be too ridiculous。
Chen Geng smiled,He suddenly turned his head,Kelly to the side·Hicks motioned to her to bring the briefcase she was carrying。
Ralph·Robbins looked suspiciously,Chen Geng snapped open the zipper of the briefcase,next moment,Ralph·Robbins’ breathing suddenly rose……
“Mr. Fernandez,you……What are you doing?What do you mean?”Watching Chen Geng’s thick pile of dollars on the table,Sir, your lips feel a little dry,He couldn’t help licking his lips,At the same time subconsciously counted:A wad、Two wads、Santa……God!Ten Ta!Ten packs!Which is one hundred thousand dollars!