“Hi!”Tsuji Yoshifumi nodded heavily:“Mr. Chen,I see you this time,I hope you can show your respect to our Nissan car,What else do you require,Please mention。”

Finished,Tsuji Yoshifumi once again bowed deeply to Chen Geng。
“Mr. Tsuji,What do you say,”Chen Geng frowned vigorously,A look of surprise:“What does it mean to raise your hands high to your Nissan??”
Tsuji Yoshifumi smiled bitterly:This guy is acting stupid。
But Tsuji Yoshifumi is very clear,Chen Geng’s denial is almost normal,If Chen Geng said nothing, he would agree,Doesn’t it mean to admit in disguise that Toyota and Honda have encountered this trouble in the US market?,He Chen Geng is behind the scenes?
So of course he will not admit。
Tsuji Yoshifumi who was prepared for this watched Les·Christopher glance。
Rice·Christophe is smart,Stand up immediately,Whispered apologetically:“Gentlemen,Sorry,I want to go to the bathroom。”
Finished,He quickly walked out of Chen Geng’s office。
See Rice·Christoph walked out of the office,Tsuji Yoshifumi just started talking:“Mr. Chen,Nissan still has something to do in the U.S.,As early as a few months ago,I heard a news,YourAMCCars and Ford、Chrysler Automobiles and General Motors jointly established a car safety laboratory in Detroit。”
“Hum……Is there such a thing,”Chen Geng nodded:“But is there any problem?”
“Of course no problem,”Tsuji Yoshifumi said:“But it didn’t take long for your four vehicle manufacturers to jointly establish this automotive safety laboratory.,IIHSIt means to modify their crash test standards,Both sides40%Offset collision project,And the news we got is,IIHSWhether to launch40%There is still some controversy about the bias safety crash test,And they were going to40%Offset crash test,Just biased crash test on the driver side。”
Chen Geng nodded again:“So?”