Surrounded by flames along with the Howling Sword,Then the figure disappeared like lightning,Appeared again in the half center of this magma ganoderma。

Without magma, let’s see how you can show off。
Nothing,Teng cut directly at the magma。
White sword light passes through the magma,The other party is not as strong as expected,Because this sword is so easy to cut it open。
The effect is completely different from what you imagined,This sword cut is cut out,But it didn’t do anything to that magma.。
Chapter Seven Hundred and Thirty Four You are strong
Do not believe!
Continuously split dozens of swords,Every sword tears the magma open,It’s just that the other party merges again when they tear,Seems to have no effect。
“Knife cut off water and more water flow!”
Yes,This is indeed the truth in the world,It’s just that his knife is not an ordinary knife,Mixed with the powerful force of the five elements and artistic conception。
Let alone magma,Even more powerful,It’s impossible to be like this under such power。