Till now,She is still not used to getting along with Lu Menglin who is the big boss。

To know,When she and Zhou Min first recognized Lu Menglin,I really thought he was a fledgling young man,Come to Hong Kong Island for nothing,Still thinking about introducing him to work,I don’t know that in a blink of an eye, people become superior,Big boss out of reach,And also save their lives。
Wonders of the world,Nothing more。
“So?Then it’s a bit difficult。”Lu Menglin frowned,Smiled。
Jiang Qi interjected:“Even if the subject doesn’t like,It’s not that I won’t even give us a chance to meet up!”
Zhu Qiuhong can only smile,She and Zhou Xingchi have a good personal relationship,So I know the temper of the star,As long as he feels unnecessary,I won’t waste even a little time。
“boss,Now everyone is waiting for a word from you,Is to continue to smash Master Star,Don’t hit the south wall or look back,Still ask Gaoming?In fact, there are many directors on Hong Kong Island who are very capable。With our investment,Even if you hire a foreign director, you may not have the opportunity。”Jiang Qi said straightforwardly。
Lu Menglin nodded,Smiled:“I’ll think about it again!You continue to communicate。”
Listen to what Lu Menglin meant,I still recognize Zhou Xingchi,He has to direct。
Everyone will inevitably be discouraged,To know,This kind of thing is hard to force,Candidates for the film director have been delayed,All work will be slowed down,Needless to say, the consumption of funds。
Jiang Qi frowned,I tapped my fingertips on the table a few times,Look thoughtful。
Lu Menglin saw that he seemed to have something to say,I couldn’t help but set his eyes on his face。
At this moment,Jiang Qi straightened his waist,Grinned:“Chai’s Pictures wants to cooperate with us,Seems very sincere,That Chai Family Shaodong has been here for three consecutive days,Would you like to see you?”
This remark,Not waiting for Lu Menglin to speak,Many of the people present changed slightly。
Everyone knows,Bai Zhiwei is the pillar of Chai’s Pictures,Tax evasion documents exposed in the legendary game a while ago,A great threat to Chai,I heard they spent a lot of effort,To calm things down temporarily。
Logically,Chai’s Pictures is the mortal enemy of Legendary Pictures,They are now running to talk about cooperation,It looks like a weasel giving a New Year greeting to a chicken,It’s not a good heart。
Lu Menglin heard the news,Can’t help being curious,Chai Shao with the eyes above the top,Actually come to the company every day to wait,This is too weird。
Zhu Qiuhong and Zhou Min heard that the former boss Chai Shao came to the company,Inevitably there will be a little nervousness
,Two people are afraid of the company and Chai’s cooperation,Will you sell the two as victims?。
But think about it,Whether it is Lu Menglin,Or Nan Ge Chen Jiannan,Not like this kind of person,Can do this kind of thing,Maybe Jiang Qizhi is the only one。

Lehman Brothers,profit8One hundred million U.S. dollars,Make up all previous losses in Jonathan Copper’s stock;

Mr. Angie,Hold the Merck Group7.8%Shares of,Although temporarily managed by Qiao Tianyu,But because the stock price rose,Double net worth。
Russian financial oligarchs,Although holding8%Unchanged,But because the stock price rose,The value of the shares soared20One hundred million U.S. dollars。
And Qiao Tianyu,Even more rewarding。
He not only obtained Merck Group at low cost6.3%Shares of,And successfully broke the siege of Merck Group,Annihilate the four major hedge funds in one fell swoop,Successfully forced out the black hand behind the scenes!
On the other hand, the opponent,Big four hedge funds suffered heavy losses。
Except for the timely withdrawal of AXA Capital,Sakura Fund、Maya Fund declares bankruptcy due to inability to repay debts,The remaining guide fund is also in debt,Facing bankruptcy。
And the Merck Group Board of Directors,Thanks to Qiao Tianyu’s special kindness,Although Abrahi and others survived,But also suffered heavy losses,All kicked out of the group board of directors。
After this battle,Everyone got a satisfactory result。
Everyone is overjoyed,I wanted to sing and dance with Qiao Tianyu,Have a good celebration,But who knows that Qiao Tianyu has long been gone in the hall。
Actually, just before everyone counted“Trophy”Time,Qiao Tianyu left the Zero Fund non-stop。
Although this short-selling battle was a complete victory,Qiao Tianyu who knows the truth behind the scenes,But can’t be happy,Today he must ask to understand。
Half an hour later,Qiao Tianyu appeared in a high-end apartment in Manhattan。
“Qiao Tianyu,You can!You still remember‘Plum piling’Solution!”
Apartment sofa,Looking at Qiao Tianyu who came to inquire about sin,Lilith doesn’t care,A cynical look。
“why?Why are you doing this?”At this moment, tears have already blurred Qiao Tianyu’s vision。
Qiao Tianyu has done everything but didn’t,All the time,Behind the scenes of directing the four major hedge funds to chase and block Qiao Tianyu in the dark,Turned out to be his favorite Lily!
Actually I just found out in Qiao Tianyu“Plum piling”The moment of play,He understood that Lily was doing the trick。
To know,“Plum piling”Play style,But in the previous life, Qiao Tianyu and Lili jointly created,Only two of them in the world know the mystery of this style of play。

Lin Yoona smiled and said embarrassingly:“Yes,I don’t know which one to choose,

But since you bought it anyway,You chose this for me, then this,I believe Sister Bai will be very happy too。”
“I don’t care if Sister Bai is tall or not?The important thing is that you like this and I bought it。”
Lin Yuna said:“Of course I know, of course I know you bought it for me。Thanks husband。”
Xiao Fan smiled dozingly,Touched Lin Yoona’s head and said to him:“fool,Thank you。”
This is when Xiao Fan suddenly thought that since he has come to this furniture city,It’s better to pick the sofa。
Anyway, the set of sofas that Wen Xu bought,He really doesn’t know if Lin Yoona likes it,Why not let Lin Yuna pick another one?。
At this time, Xiao Fan said to Lin Yuner:“The sofa I put in Baiqi’s office today,Do you like it?”
Lin Yuna said:“what,Did Wen Xu just buy the one??”
Xiao Fan said:“Yes,It’s the sofa that moved to the class office today,Wen Xu didn’t send me pictures when he bought it,I don’t know what it looks like。”
“Moreover,He might choose the most expensive,The most comfortable。
No longer consider the colors of other things,Do you still like it?If you don’t like it,Let’s buy another set。”
Lin Yuna said:“What to buy a new set,forget it?This sofa is not cheap,How much does it cost to buy a new set??”
“Besides, the one outside Bai Jie’s office was wasted??The office is so small now,Meizu sofa can not be put in,Can’t you still buy a new set??”
“Is it all going to be outside the office??Who should sit there?。”
Xiao Fan think about it,He didn’t tell Mingyuan about the renovation,Surprise her then,Stop talking。

The reporters at the scene suddenly became excited。

Not only were the reporters on the scene suddenly excited,Even the management behind the scenes are confused:Fucking!What is the new boss??
“So,”Rosemary said with a smile:“Some positions,Need workers to compete for jobs,Those who do not participate in the competition shall be deemed to have given up their qualifications for this position automatically……”
I haven’t waited for Rosemary to finish,A reporter asked loudly:“But Miss Rosemary,still have30%The staff is redundant, isn’t it?This30%How does Mr. Fernandez plan to arrange?”
When asking this question,All the reporters are looking at Rosemary on the stage。
BackstageAMCThe car executives also pricked their ears,I want to hear what Rosemary would say——In the meeting that just ended,Whether it’s Fernandez or Rosemary,But never played this。
“everybody knows,My boss is a successful businessman,In acquisitionAMCprior to,He already owns used car sales from a national chain、Car repair and dismantling of scrapped cars,And these businesses are in rapid expansion,So this leftover30%Of employees?”Rosemary shrugs:“This is not a problem at all,My boss will arrange these workers in other industries through contract transfer。”
As for whether these workers are willing、Will the action location be too far from their home?……
No one cares!
It’s interesting enough for the boss to not lay off staff,What do you want?
You say you want to stayAMC,apart fromAMCYou don’t want to go anywhere?
Simple,Try to be that70%Not just fine?coming year70%Can’t get in the big list,It means you are bad,Now the boss gave you a chance,What do you want?If you don’t even want this opportunity,Then you deserve to be a tramp on the street!

After five breaths,Master Taiyi came outside the barrier,Glanced at the barrier,Ignored,Walk directly into the enchantment,I saw the baby in white lying on a chair under the big tree,A plain temperament,Compare with children of the same age who are still learning to speak,Ne Zha in front of him is now a great Shang emperor,High weight,Speak out,Tens of thousands of warriors work for it,Master Taiyi couldn’t help feeling a little bit。

“Master Taiyi hasn’t been seen for a long time,What’s the matter with Nezha today??”
Nezha lay on the chair with his eyes closed,After sensing the arrival of the real Taiyi,Did not get up,He has nothing to do with Taiyi,Just one side,and,Real Taiyi’s strength is also in Tier 3,But Nezha is not as strong,In terms of identity,Real Taiyi is the master of the Golden Light Cave of Qianyuan Mountain,Interpretation,Disciple of Yuanshi Tianzun,but,I am now a great businessman,No weaker than Taiyi real person in identity,therefore,Nezha didn’t plan to stand up and salute。
“You want to know your life experience?Chief Li and Mrs. Li are just ordinary people,Why can you give birth to a gifted person?”
Madam Taiyi looked at Nezha with a calm expression,Seriously,I didn’t care about Nezha’s rudeness。
“Tell your story,If it can shake my faith,I immediately asked the king to resign as the emperor,Andu childhood,Never intervene in any affairs of Terran。”
Nezha didn’t open his eyes,I also guessed that the real Taiyi came to find his own purpose,It’s nothing more than persuading what you do will force the monster race to unite,And those princes might also rise up,therefore,Speak bluntly。
“Little Nezha, what you said,But it’s too bad for the atmosphere。”
The serious atmosphere that the real Taiyi finally brewed was destroyed by Nezha’s sentence.,After transforming into a chair exactly like Nezha lying on,Madam Taiyi was lying on the chair,Said with a grievance。
“Isn’t this Tong Yan Wuji??Hard work,Yearning for longevity,Nezha is also worried that real people’s persuasion will backfire,therefore,Just pick it up clearly,Not good?”
Nezha said calmly,Since he was born, he has been different from ordinary people’s strength and understanding,All show his difference,Now Taiyi says he knows his life experience,Nezha is not too curious,It’s nothing more than the reincarnation of a big man,Abnormal talent,Can there be any other explanation?
“Little Nezha is four years old this year,time,Flies so fast。”
Madam Taiyi didn’t directly tell Nezha’s life experience,But with emotion。
“If i didn’t perceive it wrong,The difference between you and mine seems to be,You feel,When you are old and can’t move,Can i be alive and kicking in front of you?even,Maybe you want me to clean up your grave?So just tell me what’s wrong with me。”
Nezha said with a smile,If it’s true Taiyi, it’s better to consider him,He won’t accompany him,Recently, there are many people who come to Emperor Shifu to sign up to join the Demon Slayer Army every day,Nezha only left a few clones in charge of this matter,But still very busy,Need to go back and sit down,He doesn’t have time to play guessing games with real Taiyi here。
“Once the heaven and earth aura gave birth to a huge energy Hunyuan Pearl,My teacher Yuanshi Tianzun refined Hunyuanzhu into Lingzhu and Magic Pill,Lingzhu reborn as a human,It can be of great use when helping Zhou to cut business,The magic pill will give birth to a demon king,For disaster。”
Master Taiyi slowly said,Tell why Nezha is different from ordinary people,Because Nezha was originally half the true spirit reincarnation of Hunyuanzhu,Nature is born different。
“and so,I am Lingzhu?Or magic pill?It doesn’t matter,I am most concerned about,Now you give those princes 10,000 courage,Which of them dare to rebel openly?Rebel against the big business?Foolish dreams。”
Nezha said with a smile,He originally guessed about his talent,Unexpectedly because I was the reincarnation of a bead,Speaking of the back,I was more curious about the prince who dared to rebel,I want to know who gave him the courage,Let him dare to resist today’s great businessman。
“but,Things in the world,Who can tell?You are the reincarnated magic pill,Destined to be the devil,Disaster in the world,but,The situation today is indeed very different from what the teacher said,I don’t know why it became like this。”

My righteous words,In the eyes of Li Qiankun, there is obviously no value or weight。

suddenly,I feel a pain in my shoulder。
I looked at the girl who gave me the injection,I didn’t expect that she was also Li Qiankun’s person!
then,I lost consciousness!
It feels like a dream,wake up!
I saw two beautiful and familiar faces,Bai Anni and Bai Yanni are very happy seeing me wake up!
“Brother Hui,Are you alright?”Yanni is holding my face in her little hand,Eyes full of joy。
I took a look at her,Suddenly surprised!
What happened,Why we meet so frankly?
After a long time。
I already know,The whole thing。
Li Qiankun gave me some medicine,Make me out of excitement,If you don’t want to release it,I may be abandoned later!
I suspect Li Qiankun is a pervert,I can think of a way to deal with my daughter。
Maybe he has already seen through his daughter’s mind,So the goal was achieved with such a simple method。
I have been in this room for almost a week,They have been busy to save me……
This situation now,I’m afraid I really have to go down according to the number of paths given by Li Qiankun,Otherwise it will hurt one of them!
I talked to them seriously,Determined the future life mode。

Lu Menglin didn’t explain,Just nodded,Lean over and draw out his guest card from the paper bag,Put it in your pocket quietly,And then took over the black face uncle’s brand,Pat your ass and go out。

This black-faced uncle saw someone cook for himself,Just happy and free,Took a stack of manuscript paper from the bed,Continue to write madly。
Soon,Lu Menglin came back from the cafeteria,He really made two meals,Four big boxes in both hands。
That black-faced uncle is already hungry,See him back,Suddenly overjoyed。
then,The two cleaned the bedside table in the room,Start eating。
“Nice guy!Quite clever!What school do you go to?”Uncle black face gnaws while holding pig’s feet,Asked casually。
Lu Menglin smiled:“I don’t go to school in Beijing,Followed others to play。”
“No wonder then!I mean why no one is looking for you!For a long time,You sneaked in!But don’t worry, boy,Since we know each other,As long as I have my food,You are absolutely indispensable。”Uncle black face gnawed oily mouth,Said vaguely。
This black-faced uncle is totally unassuming,Make Lu Menglin quite like it。
The other party should also be a guest,And not young,But mixed with a little kid like myself,Eat and drink,Like an old urchin。
“Uncle,Where are you from?”Lu Menglin asked casually。
Don’t know this question,This black-faced uncle is still refreshed,Smile,Tao:“Young man,you saw it《Dragon Ball》No?”

And in the eyes of the city’s three masters,Such joint control is the most important,They know very well that although there are many people,But it’s a mob,Except for the old man Mu,There is no such thing as a strong person,General Xu Liang is at level 39,Warrior class again,High burst damage,He has the ability to suppress everything。

In god nation,Although the three major occupations are parallel,But it is still the warrior profession that is respected by others,Because the warrior’s mighty image is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people,Unstoppable High Warrior,This is the consensus of almost everyone。
And the boy killed from below,Judging from the power of light lines on him,At best, it’s an entry-level fighter who just broke 30th level,Even if there are magic soldiers in hand,Xu Liang at level 39 is still enough to kill him in seconds!That’s why the city’s three masters will play this tactic!
boom!Xu Liang twisted and punched,Did not even issue a ruling,Directly blasted He Bu’s Qi Arc Slash with his fist,Energy scattered,Turned into billowing clouds in mid-air,The scene is spectacular。
One punch to break it!General Xu Liang deserves to be a general of the city government,It’s only a line from the 40th level,Majestic。
He tried out the strength of the boy with one punch,Can’t help but be overjoyed,His gaze fell involuntarily on the angry sword god soldier in the young man’s hand。
If you kill this boy,Suppress the people,Make great contributions to the city government,Maybe you can use this Anger Slasher,Taking advantage of the fact that there are no forty-level fighters in the city,If I can do it in one go,With the help of the magic weapon,Breakthrough Level 40,Immediately rise in combat power,Then the Xu family can rise,Take advantage of the trend to replace the four major families。
He Bu saw that the other party smashed his qi cut with fist strength,My eyes gleamed suddenly,This simple boy thought about it seriously,Suddenly raised his hand,Throwing the anger cut in his hand to his companion,Shook his head and smiled bitterly:“I can’t beat him temporarily!Teacher, come on!”
Seeing that this young man actually threw out an angry sword,General Xu Liang was upset,Almost rushed out to snatch it。
Lu Menglin gently stretched out her hand,Holding Anger Slasher with one hand,Smile,Tao:“Nothing!Let them see the strength of the summoning hero today!”
The voice has not fallen,Lu Menglin suddenly accelerated,Portable Anger Slasher,General Xu Liang rushed into the air。
“What are you?”Xu Liang saw that the human race of the lower realm who had been summoned dared to attack himself,Can’t help but ridicule。
In Xu Liang’s eyes,That lower realm human race doesn’t even have a level 30 combat power,Shoot yourself,It’s a dead end。
The voice has not fallen,A huge head rose to the sky,Whirled a few times in the sky,There is still a mocking smile on his face。
General Xu Liang was severed?The god people who saw this scene,All stunned,Many people even missed a beat,Staring blankly into the air。
The headless corpse lost the support of the power of light,After splattering a lot of blood,Fall quickly,Bang to the ground,The crowd all around retreated。
And Xu Liang’s head still with a mocking smile,But was provoked by Lu Menglin with an angry slashing blade,The other party didn’t react until he died,Why was he beheaded in a daze??
The audience is silent,Everyone stared blankly at the scene in mid-air,Silent for a while。

I saw that he brought a lot of things,Hu Yang thought,Is for him,Who knows that they bring sunny days to their anchors。

“Sunny days are also Guangdong people?”Hu Yang couldn’t help asking。
He and Sunny once connected to Mai,In my memory,It seems to be from Hunan, right??Also a standard Hunan beauty,A bit fleshy,In the mouth of a man“Fat”Woman。
“Is not,But she is in Guangdong now。Hu Ge,Do you want to connect with Sunny Day today??”Mu Yi Kai。
Get!It’s really a fan,Create opportunities for your own anchor when you catch the opportunity。In the audience in the Populus live broadcast room,There are also anchors,See this kind of fan,Really envious。
Populus euphratica smiled:“Forget the wheat,Since it’s in Guangdong Province,Then you can contact her,Just live it together,Have a meal or something by the way。”
Mu Yi’s eyes light up:“Is this okay?convenient?”
If possible,Of course it’s better!Who doesn’t know,Live with Brother Hu,Many times better than Lianmai。Even Mai only takes about ten minutes,Come out live together,Can stay for a long time。
Everyone will never forget,The former Tang girl,And Xiaoli,All because of Hu,Popularity increased,Soaring income。
“I have no inconvenience,Instead, you have to ask Sunny,Is it convenient to come out。”
“She must be convenient,Stay at home all day,Sleep or play games,I should be out in the sun,Otherwise she will be abandoned。”Mu Yi unceremoniously commented on his anchor。
Ok!Stone hammered,Is true love fan。
Two other men,A lot of low-key,Especially Mr. Song who asked for the money,After the polite greeting,Just by your side,Others speak,He just smiled around。
“Song Ge,Took the train for so long,Do you want to rest?I have found a hotel for everyone。”Populus did not ignore anyone。
This is the nickname“I’m a broker, my last name is Song”,He listened,Waved quickly:“On the train,Enough sleep。”
“Since everyone is here,Don’t worry about going back,Play for two days。right now,Let’s go to the hotel first,Put down the luggage。Brother Muyi,You can let the sunny day come by your own car to find us。
Wait,We go to the car dealer,Finalize the car first。at night,You can travel the Pearl River at night,You discuss,How do you want to play。”Hu Yang told everyone。

Also lower her voice and whisper in her ear,“This is very expensive,The starting fee you determined?”

I rely on!
The eagle was bitten by the eagle,Does she want to mix it up??
The old driver is the old driver,How could you admit it?
Shaking the underwear with few pieces of cloth in his hand,A glance,A hook The soul eye is gone,“Nine point charm,See or leave。”
Sun Ningning is discharging again,Yang Liu has nothing to do with her,She comes here every time I am awkward with that one,In case someday go wrong,What to do if you suffer?
Go over and pull people away,But the other party is Huo Yunhe’s brother,Such a place is not suitable for greeting and reminiscence,She only prayed for He Huandong to leave,Don’t play around with her。
Maybe her prayer was heard by He Huandong,I saw him reach out and rub Sun Ningning’s hair,Smile,Turned away。
Saw people go,Yangliu came out from behind the shelf,“sister,You hook-Can you pick one when picking up someone??Officer He is Yunhe’s brother,You will make it hard for me。”
“He is Huo Shao’s brother?”
Sun Ningning really doesn’t know,Thought about it,Ask uncertainly,“The young master of the Ho family in the west of the city?”
“Exactly。”Yangliu doesn’t hide anything,The point is there is nothing to hide,“He family is not easy to mess with,Don’t shake it off then。”
Sun Ningning really didn’t expect He Huandong to belong to the He family,I thought it was just an ordinary policeman,When you’re okay,This is just great,He and Sun are family friends,Although I am a drag oil bottle,But I can’t keep the He family from knowing her。
tease Divide people,She can’t provoke him,Next time I see you, let’s take a detour。
Yangliu was transferred to the marketing department,Do more than half a month of market research,Tanned more than one shade,That pink face turned light honey,In Yangliu’s eyes, it’s a healthy complexion,But it hurts Huo Yunhe。
Take her to the beauty salon for beauty treatment,Be patient with yourself,No complaint,Plus an apology,Finally forgiven my girlfriend,But refused to return to the general manager。
Yangliu didn’t make a petty temper with him,But tell the truth,Because she found,As long as I’m here,Huo Yunhe’s work efficiency will be greatly reduced,She doesn’t want to hold him back。
Huo Yun and himself also understand that what Yang Liu said is the truth,As long as she is by her side,Don’t even do anything,My eyes will fall on her from time to time,Really affects work。
Yangliu doesn’t say he hasn’t found it yet,I just said that I had so many files,Seriously reflected on his behavior,Can’t help but feel ashamed。