Reveal the health care misunderstandings of the nine pit fathers

Reveal the health care misunderstandings of the nine “pit fathers”

Reveal the health care misunderstanding of the nine “pit fathers” 1.
The brain size of a smart person’s big brain is not the key to determining whether he is smart or not. The brain structure is the most important.
The function of the human brain is determined by the neural network, while people with low IQs have died of some functions in this regard, regardless of brain size.
Toilets are very unsanitary places. Toilets that are often cleaned with water are much cleaner than people stereotype.
Experts in home bacterial research have found that most of the bacteria in the home are hidden in the drain pipe on the inner wall of the refrigerator, and the amount of bacteria on the rag is more than that in the toilet.
Blood-sweetened people are prone to being bitten by mosquitoes. The mosquitoes cannot smell the blood at all.
But mosquitoes are particularly sensitive to heat, even 0.
The difference of 05 degrees Celsius can be distinguished.
Therefore, when we exhale carbon dioxide and water vapor, we will attract mosquitoes.
Walking is more laborious than standing because when standing, both legs are always carrying the weight of the body, and both feet cannot relax.
When walking, one leg bears weight while the other relaxes.
Brush your teeth immediately after eating and brush your teeth immediately after you eat. It will make the acid in the food attack the enamel. This will only strengthen the acid’s damaging effect on the teeth.
The correct way is to gargle and brush your teeth after half an hour.
Drugs have the same effect on men and women. Recent research shows that drugs have absolutely different effects on men and women.
For example, aspirin can help prevent myocardial infarction in men, but it has little effect on women.
Fat-soluble drugs, such as narcotics, are used more by women than by men.
Raising your chin when you have a nosebleed The only benefit of this method is that it will not bleed the nose to the floor, but it will not stop the nosebleed. Instead, it will cause the nosebleed to flow into your throat and may even cause vomiting and suffocation.
The correct method is to put a small cotton ball in the nostril of the nosebleed, gently press the nose, and tilt the head forward, or put an ice towel or a wet towel around the neck to stop bleeding.
Combing your hair 100 times a day is good for your health. Excessive combing will stimulate the sebaceous glands on the scalp, especially for people with oily hair.
If it is long dry hair, it is more suitable for combing hair.
However, it is best to use a comb made of natural bristles, as this will make it easier to damage the scalp.

3 taboos for group mental activity design

3 taboos for group mental activity design

If you let you choose, is it alone to face the psychological counselor’s heart wound, or to fuse yourself into a crowd who are all sympathetic to their own illness, receive help in crowd counseling activities, help others, and the robe realizes the solution?Your own psychological problems.

I believe many people will choose another.

Indeed, group psychological counseling is more popular with counselors, but there are three points to note in the design of the activity plan.

  Avoid duplicating other activities. Group counseling activities are designed to treat certain types of people’s psychological problems.

Random imitation or copying of other solutions may not achieve the purpose of solving the problem.

Untargeted activity psychotherapy is of little significance, and members’ participation is not high.

  Avoid inappropriate activities to interfere with the effect of collective psychological counseling. Consultants with psychological problems are generally in a poor state of mind, easily sensitive, inferior, and introverted. When conducting group psychological counseling activities, a process of mental adaptation and adjustment is often required.

Therefore, when setting up a group psychological counseling activity, we must not take it too hurriedly, so that members may have negative emotions such as resentment and withdrawal.

    The purpose of avoiding the flood of activities and neglecting the psychological counseling of communication groups is for members to make progress in common communication.

Therefore, any kind of program or activity is only a tool or means of group psychological counseling, not an end.

Try to avoid too much activity and not pay attention to the issue of communication and sharing between members.

  Group psychological consultation can better reflect the humanistic spirit, so that people with psychological barriers can solve their inner problems without knowing it.

Therefore, it is welcomed by more and more counselors and counselors.

Moxibustion beauty makes you rosy and smooth

Moxibustion beauty makes you rosy and smooth

Moxibustion beauty is to use moxibustion on the main points of the head (acupoint, Jingming point, Baihui point, Sibai point, etc.), and then on the body points (Guanyuan point, Zusanli, Sanyinjiao, etc.)From the body and face close to the acupuncture points, the body condition of the woman is adjusted, and it can be said that it is “beauty” for the female body.

  Everyone loves beauty and pursues perfection. Independent modern women are more caring about their looks.

With dark circles, use a brand-name eye cream; with bags under the eyes, quickly apply a brand-name eye mask; with chloasma, think of a brand removal kit recently as the most sought-after.

In fact, if you want to really get the beauty from the inside out, you have to find a solution from the root.

  Fan Changwei, director of the Professional Committee of the Moxibustion Therapy and Healthcare Industry of the National High Health Commission, said to the ladies of Amy that with the “heavy money” to buy all kinds of high-end skin care products, it is better to try moxibustion with Chinese medicine for beauty, which can cure the symptoms and the root causes.

  Fan Changwei said that many problems of the bladder of modern women are closely related to the characteristics of their lives.

Many girls and middle-aged women love gluttony, eat cold drinks, cold fruits, and go on a diet and overeating.

This caused some damage to the spleen, showing yellowish brown spots at both ends.

White-collar women and menopausal women have insufficient sleep and poor sleep quality, which can cause kidney dysfunction, which may lead to bags under the eyes, dark spots on the face, and facial edema.

  In response to these most common problems, moxibustion beauty uses moxibustion on the main points of the head (acupoint, Jingming point, Baihui point, Sibai point, etc.), and then on the body points (Guanyuan point, Zusanli), Sanyinjiao, etc.) The method of moxibustion, from the close acupoints of the body and face together, to adjust the physical fitness of the female, can be said to “beauty” the female body’s entire body.

Of course, the beautiful results will naturally be manifested at the level.

  Fan Changwei said that in general, each acupoint of the whole body is treated for 3-4 minutes, and each acupoint on the body is treated for 5-6 minutes. One treatment is about 1 hour. If moxibustion can be used for a few sessions, womenWe can clearly feel that the skin is rosy and smooth, the body is comfortable, and the spirit is fuller.

This is the effect that chemical skin care products cannot achieve.

What are the signs of aging in middle-aged men?

What are the signs of aging in middle-aged men?

Male friends will be very tired after a busy day. Generally, they may not care too much, they will think that they are overworked, just rest well.

In fact, there may be times when middle-aged men are too tired and may be a sign of aging.

Under the pressure of family and career, it is normal for male friends to become very tired. However, they still need to pay attention to health care, especially middle-aged men should pay more attention, because sometimes the fatigue state may be male.Signs of aging.
  State one: vision loss eliminates the eye’s own problems, which indicates vascular complications.

It affects blood circulation, causes optic nerve metabolism disorders, and causes vision loss.

  State two: Hair loss enters the peak period of the career, and mental and psychological pressures follow, causing endocrine and blood circulation disorders, which cause hair loss, and gradually thinning hair.

  State three: Hearing loss The blood circulation of the inner ear auditory nerve is not good, and the hearing loss tendency will occur.

In addition, under the influence of noise, people may not feel the degree of hearing damage significantly when they are young, but after 30 years of age, they can clearly feel the harm of hearing loss.

  State 4: Weak exercise ability. The rapid heartbeat phenomenon lasts for a long time after exercise, and the heart’s ability to regulate is getting lower and lower. This shows that the heart’s own reserve capacity has decreased. This is caused by the aging of the heart muscles and elastic decay. It is related to the health of blood vessels.Bad related.

  State 5: Asthma upstairs, asthma after running, indicating that lung function began to decline.

Studies show that without scientific exercise, a person’s lung function begins to weaken after 20 years of age.

  State 6: Teeth become dirty After the age of 30, men’s teeth tend to become dirty, which is related to inattention to oral hygiene.

If you brush your teeth incorrectly and brush your teeth incompletely, your gums will gradually shrink, your teeth will widen, your calculus will increase and deposit around your teeth and gums, plaque will become active, and oral hygiene will be serious.

Therefore, brushing your teeth in the morning and evening should be replaced with a correct posture after each meal.

  State 7: Tired 30-year-old males who are always at a loss in their work or life may be a result of high psychological pressure or endocrine changes.

This indicates that androgen levels have decreased.

You must wash your hands after doing these 10 things

You must wash your hands after doing these 10 things

Good personal hygiene, especially hand washing, can be a firewall for many diseases.

Except for washing your hands before and after meals, which we have known since we were young, is there any other time when you should wash your hands and ignore them?


Wash your hands after reading the newspaper.

Organic solvents such as ethanol, isopropanol, and toluene are often used in printing inks. These substances are harmful to the human body even if they remain.


Wash your hands after taking milk or newspaper in the morning.

Because of milk boxes, newspaper boxes can easily breed bacteria.


Wash your hands when you go out.

During going out, if you point your hands at the ground, you will come into contact with some public places, such as door handles, elevator handrails, buttons for elevators, etc. These places are all places where bacteria and viruses gather, which are very dirty.

Therefore, when you go out, you must wash your hands before doing other things.


After taking the wallet and banknotes, wash your hands after using the cash machine.


Don’t forget to wash your hands after dining out and ordering dishes after reading the menu.

Because the menus are really dirty, few restaurants routinely disinfect the menus.


Wash hands after using computer, mouse, and mobile phone.

These are several commonly used items that are easily overlooked, but very dirty.


Wash your hands after drying.

Dirty clothes and bacteria in the washing machine can become contaminated during the washing process.

During the process of drying clothes, these hands are likely to be infected with these bacteria. The ultraviolet rays can eventually achieve disinfection, but the hands are often ignored.


Wash hands after touching body secretions.

For example, sneeze, cough or blow your nose after covering your mouth and nose.


Wash hands after touching pets or poultry to prevent animal-related infectious diseases.


Wash your hands after changing diapers for your baby or patient, or after handling contaminated items.

  Most people wash their hands simply by rinsing, but they will go beyond the rubbing of fingertips, fingers, and thumb, which can only reduce the bacterial contamination rate by 18%.

The World Health Organization recommends a standard hand-washing method, called a six-step scrub method. Washing hands for 40 seconds or more can increase the pass rate of hand hygiene by 30% to 40%. The steps are as follows: first step, palms facing each other, fingers close togetherStep 2: Rub the palms of your hands against the back of your hands and rub each other along the finger seams; Step 3, palms facing each other, your hands cross each other along the fingers; rub the fourth hand, holding each other’s hands and rubbing each other; step five, one handHold the thumb of the other hand and rotate and rub it on the palm; in the sixth step, rub your palm with your fingertips.

Cordyceps red date stewed turtle

Cordyceps red date stewed turtle

[Source]Folk recipe[Raw materials]Live turtle, 1 Cordyceps, 10 grams of red dates, 20 grams of cooking wine, salt, onion, ginger, garlic, and chicken broth.[Making]1.

Cut the soft-shelled turtle into 4 large pieces, boil it in a pot, remove it, cut off the limbs, peel off the leg oil, and wash.


Wash Cordyceps; soak in red dates.


Soft-shelled turtles are placed in a soup bowl. Cordyceps, red dates, cooking wine, salt, shallot segments, ginger slices, garlic cloves and clear chicken soup are placed on the basket and steamed for 2 hours, then removed, and the shallots are removed.

  [Usage]2 times a day.

With meals.

  [Efficacy]nourish yin and nourish qi, nourish kidney and solidify essence.

Suitable for waist and knee weakness, nocturnal emission, impotence, premature ejaculation fatigue, hemorrhoids, irregular menstruation, leucorrhea and so on.

Healthy people can strengthen their constitution and prevent disease from prolonging.

You are suitable for first-class fitness equipment

You are suitable for first-class fitness equipment

At present, the common fitness equipment in shopping malls can be divided into aerobic exercise equipment and anaerobic exercise equipment for the purpose of exercise.

  Aerobic equipment includes treadmills, rowing machines, exercise bikes, step trainers, etc. The main purpose is to promote the enhancement of cardiopulmonary function and enable large muscle groups to participate in exercise.

In order to achieve the purpose of aerobic exercise, you must continue to exercise for more than 20 minutes, and your heart rate must be above 120 / min.

  Anaerobic exercise is an exercise whose main purpose is to increase muscle strength in various parts of the body.

Appropriate equipment for anaerobic exercise are various pull-down exercisers equipped with counterweight iron blocks, arm flexors and extensions, leg flexors and extensions, and abdominal muscle training devices. Generally, comprehensive exercise devices are mainly used.

  Fitness machines can also be divided into two types of comprehensive exercisers and single exercisers.

In large fitness halls, you can often see a large comprehensive exercise machine used by three and three people at the same time. Many people like to use this equipment to exercise, but experts remind you not to ignore the single exerciser because it is multi-functional, because the multifunctional machineThe design is limited, and the practice of the single machine is more in place.

  For individual buyers, the experts suggest that jogging machines, in-situ bicycles or rowing machines are preferred. If there is free space in the home, you can add a small multifunctional strength training device.

Care should be taken in the selection, especially the safety of the structure.

Watsons, Kang is a beautiful drugstore

Watsons, Kang is a beauty drug store

Drugstore “Shuang Qiang” Watsons and Kang Shimei, a united group, will focus on market segmentation this year. Fubon Group will join the battle next year, hoping to form a three-legged situation in this fierce battle. Watsons and Shiseido this yearOpen shelf brand cooperation within the group.

Kang Shimei, a subsidiary of the United Group, set off with a new orange store to strengthen its natural image and increase the proportion of its own products.

Watsons is the largest personal cosmeceutical store in Asia, with 402 stores in Taiwan, and is the leading brand of Taiwan cosmeceutical stores.

In the past two years, Chenchen’s exhibition stores have increased exponentially. Therefore, this year, the pace has slowed down, and a maximum of two or three stores will be added before the end.

Kou Biru, director of the marketing and public relations department of Watsons, highlights that although the pace of the exhibition shop has slowed down, this year, more than 100 stores have been retrofitted and replaced with new store installations of the fourth-generation stores, showing a new atmosphere.

  Kou Biru pointed out that the Watsons product line is mainly for beauty, pharmaceuticals and fun goods; currently, skin care products account for the highest proportion, reaching 20%.

The population of Taiwan is gradually deteriorating. Watsons will strengthen the health care product market in the future, and actively attack the male market in order to expand the product line.

  As of the end of June, Kang Shimei has 241 stores in Taiwan. Kang Shimei also has a lot of dress up, one after another with orange signboards, to strengthen the natural image, so continue to increase the product of the concept of LOHAS.

For example, the organic shampoo market responded well. Kang Shimei introduced non-additive beauty care products from Japan to expand the shelf of LOHAS products.

Kang Shimei believes that only through product segmentation can it show significant differences.

  The industry representative said that medical beauty care products are Kang Shimei’s strong business. It has obtained exclusive cooperation with professional medical beauty care products such as Niosui Cui, Bedma, and Nafu. There are the most complete medical beauty care products on the pathway.

6 bad postures for exercise rehabilitation

6 bad postures for exercise rehabilitation

Poor posture can hinder physical beauty.

In addition to congenital and some bad habits, bad posture is also strongly associated with the corresponding weak muscle strength of the body.

Recently, the United States “Women’s Health” magazine published recommendations for “exercise to correct poor posture” launched by sports experts, which is highly targeted and operable, simple and easy to do, and does not prevent a try.


Lean forward while walking.

Head tilt is caused by stiffness in the muscles behind the neck and neck.

It is recommended to stretch the muscles at the back of the neck, but only move the head and chin to the sternum.

Keep your posture, counting from 1 to 5.

Do it 10 times a day.


With chest.

Concealed chest is mainly caused by long-term sitting errors and desk work.

It is recommended to lie on the floor or mat with a right angle, spread your fingers and pull your shoulders back.

Hold this position for 5 seconds. This is one action, 12 times as a pair, and complete 2-3 groups every day.



In fact, the pelvic anteversion is caused by excessive tension of the hip flexors.

It is recommended that the left leg be inserted into the front of the body with one knee and the right foot dropped to apply bending.

Press your body forward until you feel a stretch in your hips.

Tighten the tibia muscles until a comfortable stretch appears on the front of the hips.

Lift your left arm and stretch it to the right.

Hold the posture for 30 seconds as one movement, and do 3 times on each side of the body.


Shrug and neck down.

The weak muscles in the chest from the ribs to the scapula cause the neck to start shrugging.

It is recommended to sit upright on the chair, sag straight, palms down, and hands on the chair.

The officer did not move, propped up strongly, left the seat behind, and propped his upper body.

Hold the posture for 5 seconds to complete one movement.

12 times as an action, complete 2-3 groups every day.


Inside the figure-foot.

Weak gluteal muscles can lead to inner figure-eight feet.

It is recommended to lie on your side with your knees bent at 90 degrees and your heels close together.

Keep the buttocks still, the upper side stretches forward and lifts up. After holding the posture for 5 seconds, press and hold it back to complete the movement.

12 times as an action, complete 2-3 groups on each side every day.


Pioneer foot.

The obliques and hip flexors are too weak, leading to the front feet.
It is recommended to choose a push-up position with your feet on the steps.
Do not sink or bend the back waist. Bend forward with your feet firmly, then return to the starting position to complete 1 movement.

6-12 times as a group of actions, complete 2-3 groups every day.

Stewed conch with salty lemon

Stewed conch with salty lemon

Salty lemon is a dried product of salted fruits and lemons. It is used by Guangdong folk to clear heat, reduce inflammation, relieve qi, relieve cough, and reduce phlegm.

Conch meat is delicious and can nourish yin.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that it is beneficial for reducing phlegm, relieving intestines and water, and clearing heat and diuresis.

The conch is stewed with salty lemon. The delicious soup has a light lemon aroma. It is an appetizer and can relieve phlegm and throat. It is a soup for post-holiday conditioning and supplementation. It is suitable for men, women and children.

  Ingredients: 2 slices of salty lemon
2 days, slice again), 1 slice of fresh lemon, 150 grams of fresh conch meat, 100 grams of lean pork, 3 slices of ginger.

  Cooking: Fresh conch is washed with salt and sliced; lean pork is washed and cut into grains.

Put ginger into the stew pot together, add 750 ml of cold water (about 3 bowls), cover with water and simmer for 2 and a half hours. Try the salt with or without salt after the taste.
For 3 people.