Although cabbage is inconspicuous, it has better anti-cancer and anti-aging effects.

Although cabbage is inconspicuous, it has better anti-cancer and anti-aging effects.

We ca n’t live without food. Eating has become a part of our life. No matter what we eat, we mainly eat well and eat well, and eating nutrition is the most important thing.

There are also many choices in food types and varieties. People must be familiar with pakchoi. Usually, they must eat pakchoi. Its function and efficacy are not inferior. Let ‘s take a look.

…… The role of pakchoi is great. 1. Immunity is enhanced. Pakchoi is one of the most abundant vegetables with vitamins and minerals. The physiological needs of the human body require a lot of nutrients. Pakchoi is one of them. If you eat it often, you canIt can enhance the body’s immunity, and at the same time, it can also have the effect of resisting diseases.

  2. Maintaining vascular elasticity Pakchoi contains a large amount of crude fiber. After entering the body and slightly combining with it, it can prevent the formation of plasma insulin, which can help eliminate the effect in vitro, which can reduce the formation of arteriosclerotic diseases, and can also maintain the elasticity of blood vessels.

In addition to this, it also has the effect of delaying skin aging, because pakchoi is rich in carotene and rich in vitamin C.

  3, can promote skin cell metabolism to prevent skin roughness and pigmentation, make the skin bright and clean, and delay aging.

Therefore, eating pakchoi often can have anti-aging effects for women, which can reduce the rough and dry skin.

It also has anti-cancer and anti-cancer effects.

Because pakchoi contains a special effect of inhibiting the formation of high molecular weight, it can resist vitamins.

  4. Increasing the excretion of large intestinal endotoxin The crude fiber contained in vegetables can promote the peristalsis of the large intestine, increase the excretion of large intestinal endotoxin, and achieve the purpose of preventing cancer and resisting cancer.

If people with constipation can take pakchoi for a long time, it can not only be rich in vitamins, but also promote the peristalsis of metabolism, help defecation, and can also relieve tension and maintain a calm mind.

  I have introduced the benefits of pakchoi above. I can grind the benefits of eating pakchoi too often. It can enhance the immunity and resistance, while maintaining the elasticity of blood vessels and reducing heart disease.occur.

Summer Drugs Relieving Heat Coup

Summer Drugs “Relieving Heat” Coup

The summer medicine “Relieve the Heat” coup is hot. In the hot summer, not only the human body may suffer from heat stroke, but the medicine may also suffer from heat stroke. Therefore, many medicines need to be stored at low temperature to ensure the quality of the medicine.
Refrigerators are the best device when it comes to “stroke protection” for medicine.
There are usually the following medicines that can be put in the refrigerator: injections: Compared with tablets, the stability of injections is relatively poor, so many injections should be stored in the refrigerator.
Especially some special medicines, such as insulin, albumin, hepatitis B vaccine, micro-ecological preparations and other biological products, need to be stored in the refrigerator freezer all year round. The storage temperature is preferably 2 ° C to 8 ° C, otherwise it will failIt even produces substances harmful to the human body.
Topical medicines: eye drops, nasal drops, ear drops, lotions and mouthwashes, etc., it is best to keep them in the refrigerator in the summer to obtain a longer storage time.
Suppositories: Suppositories tend to soften and are not convenient and practical under high temperature conditions. Therefore, suppositories are put in a hardened state after being put into the refrigerator, which is convenient to use.
Suspension: The medicine contained in the container in powder form. In the unbrewed state, the storage period at room temperature is the indicated expiry date.
Once it is filled with water, its shelf life has been shortened, generally not more than 15 days, so it should be kept in the refrigerator for refrigeration.
Valuable medicinal materials: Considering the convenience of use and the value-preserving function of valuable medicinal materials, some families like to store some.
However, precious medicinal materials are not easy to store, and if they are small, they can be put in the refrigerator.
Ginseng and ginseng are prone to deterioration such as moisture, pan oil, mold, discoloration, and moth, because they contain more sugars, slime, and volatile oil.
It can be stored by cryopreservation. After the ginseng is dried and cooled, it is wrapped in a plastic bag and tied tightly, and placed in the freezer of a refrigerator, it can be stored for a long time.
However, ginseng should not be exposed for a long time, because the ginseng used for medicinal purposes has reached a certain degree of dryness.
Generally, the ginseng only needs to be sun-dried for 1 to 2 hours in the afternoon.
Bird’s nests with high water content should be dried and stored, otherwise they will be easily moldy.
If there is moisture in the bird’s nest, it can be left under the air conditioner for one night, or dried with a fan and a dehumidifier, and the moisture will disappear.
The dried bird’s nest can be put into the fresh-keeping compartment of the refrigerator for long-term storage.
It is best not to store the bird’s nest for more than one year. If it is stored for more than two years, its effectiveness will be greatly reduced.
Cordyceps sinensis vs. Cordyceps sinensis can be placed in a closed glass bottle with peppercorns or dandelions and kept in the refrigerator.
However, some medicines cannot be placed in the refrigerator, mainly syrup-based preparations and creams.
Because most syrup preparations at too low temperature may reduce the solubility of the drug, causing the drug concentration to be inconsistent with the original label.
However, the external storage cream temperature is too low can cause stratification of the matrix, affecting the efficacy and uniformity of the ointment.
Therefore, once these two types of medicines are turned on, they should be used up in a short period of time and should be stored in a cool and ventilated place indoors.

Yang Style Taijiquan How to master the palm shape

Yang Style Taijiquan How to master the palm shape

Among the many genres of Taijiquan, Yang style Taijiquan is famous for its softness, and each genre has its own unique point, so it can become a family and attract different Taijiquan lovers. Today, Xiaobian wants to discuss with you about it.How to use the palm of the Yang style Taijiquan, let’s take a look.
  The palm of the Yang style Taijiquan is different from the palm of almost all non-Tai Chi martial arts.
Almost all non-Tai Chi martial arts palms do not appear in people’s daily lives. For example, the most common side of the taiji martial arts is the side of the palm. The four fingers are close together and the thumb is tightly locked in the palm. The attacker isUse the little finger to the side of the palm.
  Yang style Taijiquan palm shape: The palm of Yang style Taijiquan is often seen in people’s daily life.
For example, in your daily life, your hand is placed flat on the table. Generally, the fingers are naturally extended, the four fingers are slightly separated, the thumb and the index finger are not very separated, and the palm is not in contact with the tabletop, that is, the palm is dimpled, andThis palm shape is the palm shape of Yang style Taijiquan.
  why would you said this?
This is because the shape of the palm described by Mr. Yang Chengqi and other Taijiquans is like this.
Mr. Yang Chengqi’s teaching of the Taijiquan palm shape, Mr. Zheng Manqing recorded in the “Zhengzi Taijiquan 13”: “The key points of Yang Shicheng’s interpretation of Taijiquan are as follows. Fingers are not straight, they mustIn the middle of the process, you can find the right one in the middle of the song, and you must be tempted to pay attention to the palm of your hand and then reach your fingertips.
These statements by Mr. Yang Chengqi should be considered as a classic description of the rules of Taijiquan finger shape.
Young disciples are following this classic rule.
  For example, “Li Yaxuan Yang’s Tai Chi Chuan Jing” records that Mr. Li Yaxuan said: “The martial arts are out of the palm, the palm is also empty, the five fingers are slightly comfortable, not straight, the palm is imaginary, and it is appropriate to have a spirit.
The meaning is to facilitate the change, this is the natural palm.
“And said: “If the tiger’s mouth is too round, it will not be able to use the strength on the hand; if you use it, it will not coincide with the reason that Tai Chi will be relaxed.
Mr. Zhao Bin also has specific statements on this.
The book “Yang’s Taijiquan True Biography” says this: “The palm should not be hard and straight, and it should not be bent. It can be slightly concave. The tiger’s mouth should not be too open, and the four fingers should be separated.
These words by Mr. Li Yaxuan and Mr. Zhao Bin are obviously specific additions to Mr. Yang Chengqi’s teaching about Tai Chi Chuan.
  Yang style Taijiquan palm shape requirements: From the above descriptions, it can be known that the general rule of fingers when practicing Taijiquan should be “five fingers slightly Shu”, that is, the five fingers should be stretched, can not hold the “bend” like shot put, and can not be presented”Hard straight” like a straight line.
In this way, there will be gaps between the five fingers, and the fingers and fingers are not completely open.
This is the so-called “opening in the middle of the union”, “four fingers seem to be separated from each other” and “finger fingers are not straight.”
Just because the finger is so “slightly comfortable”, the palm of the hand will not be on the same plane (or facade) as the five fingers, that is, the entire palm is slightly concave.
  This is also the so-called “palm is also empty”, “palm with imaginary” and “hand palm slightly concave”, which is also the so-called “opening and seeking”.
What should be the thumb and other four fingers in the five fingers?
From the “Tiger mouth” that Mr. Li Yaxuan said, “the tiger mouth” should not be “too long”, reflecting that the “Tiger mouth” should have a little arc.
Or the thumb should be slightly curved in the direction of the four fingers; if the two fingers of the thumb are round or the angle is too large, it is “the tiger’s mouth is too open”.
Then, the shape of the palm is the same as the form of putting your hand on the table in your daily life.
  In fact, the degree of separation of the four fingers of Taijiquan, the angle of opening of the thumb and forefinger, the performance of each famous family is different.
Especially the angle between the thumb and the index finger, some famous thumb and index finger can accommodate a thumb like the size of the thumb; some famous people are bigger, some famous thumb and index finger open angle is even about 70Up to 80 degrees, and the thumb is tilted back.
Some old predecessors criticized such famous people for not getting the true biography of this aspect, saying that such a thumb and forefinger are wrong.
So, is the opening angle of the thumb and forefinger “Was the tiger mouth too open”?
What is wrong with the “Tiger mouth is too open”?
Many people don’t care much about this.

Rejection of cupware requires consideration from the gut

Rejection of “cupware” requires consideration from the “gut”

One set of data is shocking: more than 70% of the people in our country are generally older than the actual age of 10 years, and 30% of them have suffered from different degrees of intestinal diseases .
During the “World Gut Health Day 29″ campaign, an intestinal survey conducted by Yakult Corporation in conjunction with multiple media organizations once again confirmed the public’s suboptimal sub-health issues.
These signals have once again sounded the alarm for elites working hard in the workplace.
While introspecting how to adjust our mindset and handle stress properly, we should also learn lessons and re-examine our own health problems.
  ”Can’t afford to hurt” the intestine: People know that the organs such as the heart and liver are very important to the human body, but often ignore the role of the intestine. In fact, the intestine is as important as the heart.
So what is the biggest role of the intestine in the human body?
Most people think of absorption, digestion, and excretion, but in fact the role of the intestine is far from simple. It is still the largest immune organ in our body. Almost 70% of the body’s immune cells are located in the intestinal mucosa.
In addition, there are hundreds of species in our intestines with a total of 100 trillion different bacteria. The balance between them is directly related to whether our intestinal barriers can play a healthy protective role.
Therefore, “Gut health is the real health.”
  However, the health of the intestine, one of the most important organs of the human body, is often overlooked.
If the intestine has sub-health problems, wastes stay in the intestine for a long time, and the toxin is easily absorbed again. For a long time, it will make people lose their energy, acne on the face, and the toxin will also stimulate the intestinal wall, which will increase the incidence of tumors.
According to the “Life Times” survey, intestinal health problems caused by stress, irregular diet, abuse of antibiotics, etc. in China are becoming increasingly worrying, with diarrhea or constipation occurring in more than 1 billion people each year, and new patients with colorectal cancerUp to 400,000.
One in every 10 Chinese people is affected by constipation. 70% of Chinese have gastrointestinal discomfort to varying degrees. Colorectal cancer ranks fifth in the incidence of all tumors in China. The average age of onset in China is 58 years, which is more than in Europe and the United States.The country is 12-18 years in advance.
  From the data, we should be aware of the seriousness of intestinal problems.
It not only brings inconvenience to people’s lives, but also induces diabetes, allergic diseases and even cancer, which seriously reduces people’s quality of life.
Therefore, some experts urged that if the “intestinal revolution” is not carried out, the consequences will be disastrous.
  ”Reliable” probiotics So how should we fundamentally solve the problem of intestinal health?
First of all, a reasonable diet and regular habits are essential. Drinking more water and eating more high-fiber foods can help reduce the burden on the intestines.
Secondly, from the perspective of preventing intestinal diseases, we should supplement probiotics in an appropriate amount, so as to achieve the purpose of enhancing intestinal resistance and suppressing intestinal diseases.
  The World Gastroenterology Organization (WGO) gives the following definition of probiotics: Probiotics are living microorganisms that help the body maintain a balanced natural microbiota.
It is clear that probiotics help the body improve intestinal health through “balance”.
So a real probiotic product must be a viable bacterium with a sufficient amount to reach the gut efficiently.
  Many of the drinks on the market with a “probiotic” hat are not really “beneficial” in the true sense, they are just good to drink, and they will not bring substantial benefits to the body except to “satisfy”.
There are also some drinks that claim to be “probiotic yogurt”. There are indeed beneficial bacteria such as lactic acid bacteria in them, but their acid and alkali resistance are relatively weak, it is difficult to survive under the action of gastric acid bile, and it is just a bunch of useless”Dead bacteria”.
  So what are the “reliable” probiotic drinks?
To this end, Dr. Kono Fumi, director of the third research department of the Food Research Department of the Yakult Central Research Institute in Japan, believes that the Lactobacillus Yota strain named after Yakult ‘s founder, Dr. Yoshitaka Yoda, is a representative of a long-standing probiotic.
Each bottle of Yakult contains 10 billion probiotics that are beneficial to the human body, and can pass the environmental test of strong acids and alkalis to successfully reach the intestinal tract, which has a substantial beneficial effect on the human body.

Health Sambo-Walnut, Chestnut and Hazelnut

Health treasures: walnuts, chestnuts and hazelnuts

[Introduction]Walnut: Walnut kernel is an important adjuvant of proprietary Chinese medicines.

It has good curative effect on kidney deficiency, frequent urination and cough.

Chewing walnuts can also relieve fatigue and stress.

  Recommended medicated walnut porridge: Soak walnut kernels in boiling water and cut into pieces.

Add two large bowls of rice, ginger, walnuts, and water until the thick soup is thick. Add salt.

Can strengthen the brain and kidney.

  Chestnuts: Chestnuts are sweet, warm, and have the functions of nourishing kidney and strengthening the waist, strengthening the spleen and stomach, activating blood and stopping bleeding.

Suitable for kidney deficiency, weakness in waist and knees, pain in bones and bones, hematuria and blood in stool.

Tang Si Sun called chestnuts “the fruit of the kidney, kidney disease should be eaten.”

Li Shizhen of the Ming Dynasty claimed that chestnuts had the ability to dispel cold and stop diarrhea.

  Recommended medicated chestnut stew hen: chestnut to shell; washed with green onion, ginger, beat ginger, knotted onion; chicken to offal, washed and cut into pieces

Set the pot on fire, add water, add chicken to a boil, skim the floating foam, Gsau wine, ginger cubes, spring onions, chestnuts, stew to chestnut, chicken is cooked thoroughly, season with salt.

It has the effects of nourishing qi and blood, strengthening the body, and strengthening brain and nourishing effect.

  Hazelnut: Hazelnut is flat and sweet.

It has the functions of appetizing, appetizing, nourishing qi and blood, and pursuing eyesight.

Applicable to poor appetite, fatigue, weight loss, physical weakness after illness, unclear vision and other symptoms.

Because hazelnuts contain unsaturated fatty acids that cannot be synthesized by the human body, they can promote the metabolism of hypertension and soften blood vessels, thereby leading to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases such as hypertension and arteriosclerosis.

  Recommended medicated hazelnut yam drink: 60 grams of hazelnut, 50 grams of yam, 12 grams of Codonopsis, 10 grams of peel.

Hazelnuts are peeled and washed; yam is washed and cut into small pieces; Codonopsis and Chenpi are cooked with 500 grams of water, simmered for 30 minutes, and the residue is removed for juice.

Cook the hazelnut meat and yam chunks in a sauce and cook over low heat.

It has the effects of strengthening the spleen and stomach, strengthening the body, and has a good tonic effect on those who are physically weak after the illness and who eat less.

Will drinking wine before going to bed increase fat?

Will drinking wine before going to bed increase fat?

Netizen’s help: I heard that drinking red wine can lose weight and beauty, I have a drink every night; but later I heard that drinking red wine is fattening.

Tangled, is it true that someone said it?

  Red wine weight loss remedy: rumors of red wine can lose weight in the network has been popular for a long time.

This method believes that drinking a glass of red wine to eat cheese before going to bed can promote metabolism and burn the waist and hips.

As long as 3 meals are eaten normally, take 1-2 pieces of cheese or 50g of cheese and 30 cups of 50-100c in 30 minutes before bedtime.


Red wine can be 7 kilograms in 3 weeks.

  The reasons for thinking that red wine can lose weight are as follows:

Improve metabolism: The antioxidant power of vitamins C, E and carotene contained in red wine can increase the original accumulation age and reduce metabolism.


Avoid binge eating: Of course, the blood alcohol concentration will also rise slowly, and it will also have an effect on relieving stress, so it can also suppress stressful binge eating.


Reduce body edema: The wine is rich in iron, and the alcohol itself has the effect of warming the blood to warm the body, so it can improve anemia, warm the kidney and kidney, and effectively reduce the accumulation of water in the body.

The edema body is especially suitable for this slimming and slimming method.

  The netizen experience found that the introduction of the mm test red wine diet method failed.

It seems that it is unrealistic to want to rely on red wine to be able to lose a dozen pounds of dreams: · I have tried it, and it has no effect on me.

  · I used to eat this thing, but I was fat.

  · Drinking a bottle of red wine and adding two bags of cheese is not effective. The basic rice effect, tried last year, is disgusting.

But drinking some red wine every morning is good:) Truth: The effect of red wine on weight loss is very small. Drinking too much will make you gain weight. First of all, we need to understand why people grow fat except for disease, most people are obese.Because the amount of ingestion is greater than the transients consumed, the excess volume slowly accumulates in the body.

Therefore, in order to lose weight, it is necessary to control the conversion of eating at the same time, and at the same time increase the displacement of consumption.

  If you want to drink red wine to lose weight, if the three meals are the same, and you eat red wine cheese, then the replacement is not reduced, but increased. Secondly, even red wine has the effect of promoting metabolism, but if it does not cooperate with exercise, this effect is veryTiny, can not eliminate the extra extras brought by red wine, let alone lose weight.

  The transition of pure red wine is relatively low, and there is no direct relationship between a small amount of overlap and too much.

However, some of the red wines that are currently on the market are not real wines, or they are blended with a variety of raw materials. These raw materials usually contain sugar and additives, which naturally will be higher and tend to gain weight.

Therefore, we must remind everyone that when purchasing, we must choose the wine produced by the manufacturer.

The good wine is made entirely from fermented grapes, which are sweet and slightly sweet and contain no additives.

The kind of wine that is sweeter to drink adds a lot of sugar, so a cup of 250 ml of red wine is about the same as a bowl of white rice, about 240 calories.

  Health Tips: The correct drinking of red wine is good for healthy drinking. The dream of slimming is shattered. Do we still need to drink red wine?

In fact, under the supplement of the daily three-course healthy diet, a small cup (about 50 ml) of red wine a day, while receiving a small conversion, but also beauty care, while also maintaining the body (especially for postpartum obesity)A small auxiliary role.

  Drinking red wine is good for the skin: the extract from red wine controls the aging of the skin.

  The high-quality red wine is rich in iron, which is very good for women. It can play the role of blood and make the face ruddy.

  Women’s unfortunate content in pregnancy will increase greatly, drink some wine after delivery, and the antioxidants can prevent slight oxidation accumulation, which is very helpful for the recovery of the body.

However, in order to avoid the effects of alcohol on the baby, it is necessary to choose after weaning.

  In addition to the eight amino acids required for formaldehyde, the wine is also rich in proanthocyanidins and resveratrol.

Proanthocyanidins are the model for defending the cardiovascular system, and resveratrol is an excellent cellulose killer.

At present, more and more studies have shown that drinking a certain amount of wine every day can effectively prevent diseases such as retina and stomach cancer.

  Develop the habit of tasting red wine while eating, and give yourself a comfortable and generous time to enjoy the fun, to stimulate the brain’s fullness center early, so that you will not eat too much.

Say goodbye to puffy eyes and teach you how to remove bags under the eyes_1

Say goodbye to puffy eyes and teach you how to remove bags under the eyes

Excessive fluid volume in the body easily causes bubble eyes. When sleeping, these liquids accumulate in the subcutaneous tissue around the eyes, and the eyes swell up when waking up. These often occur when you drink too much water before going to bed.Affected by pregnancy, etc.

  Method 1: Use eye cream or eye mask. There are many eye creams and eye masks that have a whitening and moisturizing effect. When applying eye cream, use some gentle eye massage to ease the invasion of dark circles.

If there is plenty of time, it will be better to make a moisturizing and soothing eye mask, which will relieve eye fatigue while moisturizing eye skin.

  Method 2: Hot compress Soak a clean towel with warm water and apply it to the eyes.

Note that the water temperature should not be excessive, otherwise it will cause skin wrinkling.

Performing can accelerate blood circulation in the eye and relieve puffiness.

Especially in women’s menstrual periods, body heat is a good way to facilitate metabolism and absorption.

The eye skin is relatively delicate, and the towels that can be replaced during hot compresses can also be selected appropriately.

  Method 3: Put a spoon of salt in hot water to fully dissolve the salt mask. Cut the cotton pad into the shape of the eye mask, so that it is filled with saline, and then apply it to the bags under the eyes.
10 minutes.

However, care must be taken not to allow excessive saline to flow into the corners of the eyes to irritate the eyes.

Prepare soft towels when applying eye mask.

  Method 4: Frozen iron soup spoon ironing bag Put two iron soup spoons into the freezer of the refrigerator, and after 10 minutes, take it out and iron it directly to the eye bag to quickly fix the problem.

Can constrict blood vessels and reduce eye bags.

  Method 5: Concentrate 1 drop of rosemary + 1 drop of rose with essential oil, drop it in cold water, then absorb with a towel and wring dry, and apply it on the eye for about 15 minutes.

Before rubbing the essential oils, you can apply a hot towel to your eyes and wash your hands before rubbing.

  Method 6: After applying topical care, etc., the most important thing is to improve your living habits and sleep quality. Pay attention to nutritional balance, take in high-quality protein and vitamins, and eat more fish, beans, tomatoes and green vegetablesProvide essential nutrients for the metabolism of eye tissue.

How the temperature difference office workers defend health

How the temperature difference office workers defend health

During the cold wave transit, the temperature dropped sharply, and the indoor and outdoor temperature differences penetrated, especially for office workers. Indoors did not pay attention to ventilation and were very susceptible to respiratory diseases such as colds.

As long as they are not prepared, they will seize every opportunity to launch a “sneak attack”. In so doing, how should we defend our health?

  In fact, it is a rule for office workers to resist disease.

In addition to strengthening your body’s immunity, there are three tips to help you get through the “dangerous period” safely: ★ Do not add or remove clothes at will.

Many people suffer from a cold just because they want to be cool and warm for a while, and quickly increase or decrease their clothes, so they should try their best to control them; ★ Pay attention to the environment and keep the air moist.

Regardless of whether it is cold or hot, dry space is always the easiest place for cold germs to fly. Therefore, it is always beneficial to open the window to ventilate or sprinkle some water indoors; ★ Always have cold medicine.

Cold medicine is not taken at the time of onset. In flu-prone seasons, taking medicines such as crack grams cold capsules, Yinqiaojiedu tablets (pills), Banlangen granules, etc. all have a good preventive effect on colds.

When the symptoms are serious, you must go to the hospital for treatment. Never repeat antibiotics.

  Ten points for defending health: 1. Pay careful attention to the changes in the office.

Relying too much on heating and cooling will cause the body’s resistance to decrease.

Pay special attention when you feel uncomfortable when you go out. Please add or subtract clothes according to the temperature.

  2. Walk outside during the lunch break and bask in the sun.

If you stay in the office all day, the whole person will become unmotivated.

If the weather is good, walking outside during lunch breaks can also prevent disease.

  3. Maintain good eating habits.

The work opportunities of colleagues often reach the point of sleeping and eating, which affects the health of the body.

Especially lunch is often made up outside, so it is important to maintain a balanced nutrition and adequate diet.

  4. Try not to go to places with low humidity and poor ventilation.

Poorly ventilated, low-humidity places are hotbeds for viruses, especially in winter.

Pay special attention to ventilation and humidity control in the office.

  5. Don’t force weight loss.

Some 0Ls are reluctant to insist on weight loss, but once their physical condition deteriorates, they are vulnerable to virus attack.

  6, night entertainment, night entertainment should be moderate.

Drinking alcohol, Kara 0K weakens the throat mucosa and is vulnerable to virus attack.

It is best to avoid all night entertainment activities7 and take part in two easy exercise once a week.

It’s sports, but as long as you walk more than usual, you can practice your waist and legs and change your mood.

  8. Avoid mental stress and fatigue.

The virus is particularly fond of attacking tired people.

If you feel tired, it is important to take a bath, get a good night’s sleep, and eliminate fatigue as soon as possible.

  9, easy life.

In the cold season, people who are nervous and nervous are most vulnerable to colds.

If you feel a little uncomfortable, just relax and change to a relaxed life.

  10. Pay special attention to avoid excessive smoking.

Excessive smoking can block the resistance of the throat mucosa and the respiratory tract, making the virus easier to invade.

Smoking is harmless but not beneficial. Please be careful with moderation.

Traditional Chinese meridian massage can help you shape sexy buttocks

Traditional Chinese meridian massage can help you shape sexy buttocks

Guide: Traditional Chinese meridian massage can help you shape sexy buttocks. Everyone wants to have sexy, perfect shoulders.

The existence of a perfect front end almost seems to be aesthetically pleasing and can also play a role in attracting the opposite sex.

TCM Meridian Massage to realize your sexy butt dreams.

  According to the records of traditional Chinese medicine, the “meridian” of acupoints, internal organs, external limbs, and irregular meridians will affect the function of the internal organs. On the contrary, the impact of the internal organs and the internal organs will also affect the function of internal organs.Will cause meridian sintering.

  How to shape the beautification of the buttocks by means of meridian shiatsu?

Basically, it is mainly used to massage the bladder meridian acupoints and the bile meridian acupoints.

  The Batu Point is located on the “recommendation point” bone hole above the tailbone below the lumbar vertebrae. As the name suggests, there is a coaxial point.

The ring acupoints are one on the right and one on the left, and they are located in the middle of the connected tops. These two acupoints are particularly effective for large, flat front ends.

Since the acupoints are located on the top of the body, another person is needed to assist the shiatsu massage. During the massage, slowly press down with your finger, and then relax for three seconds. Each acupoint is repeated about eight times. Pay special attention to the acupressureOnly when you feel sour, numb, swollen, painful, and hot can you achieve the effect.

  Therefore, to improve the problem of drooping headache, a very important acupuncture point is “support”.

There is one on each side of this acupoint, located in the middle of the horizontal stripes at the bottom of the two hips and hips.

Massage support not only has the effect of clearing the channels, but also stimulates the contraction of the gluteus maximus. After five minutes of expert finger pressure, there will be a slight feeling of raising the buttocks. Pay special attention to the pressure supportTo produce the force in two stages, first press it vertically to the point of the acupuncture point, and then lift the finger upward to achieve the effect.

This acupoint can also treat diseases such as hemorrhoids, sciatica, and constipation.

  In addition, you can also use an exercise method that is easy to practice and save money to make your hip line more charming, that is, “toe walking.”

Adopting toe-toe walking to relax your toes can stimulate the Yongquan point on the soles of your feet, which you can do while watching TV at home on weekdays.

This acupuncture point is related to the kidney function and the secretion of female hormones, which is very helpful for the complete development of secondary sexual characteristics. It can start from two to three minutes when you just practice, and you can do it for 15 minutes each time.

  Tips: To solve the problem of sagging feet, extending the extended tiptoe exercise is also effective: First, stand upright with your feet together.

Then, while inhaling, tiptoe, the willpower is concentrated on the big toe and the second toe, the heel is raised to a distance of about one and a half two fists from the ground, and the anus is tightened.

Finally, exhale, slowly lower the heel, and the anus relaxes.

Repeat the action of stamping your feet to lower your heels eight times.

German scientists say disposable diapers may cause male infertility

German scientists say disposable diapers may cause male infertility

Doctors at the Department of Child Endocrinology at the University of Kiel in northern Germany say that plastic-lined diapers that accumulate metastasis around plasma pellets will prevent the development of children’s plasma pellets.

  They used a non-invasive miniature detector to measure the temperature of the scrotum of 48 boys under the age of 4 years and 8 months.

In the two-day and night study, the boys were given reusable cotton diapers before using disposable diapers.

  When using disposable diapers, the temperature of the scrotal epidermis rises significantly-in the highest case it is 1 acetic acid higher than the body temperature.

The youngest babies have the highest scrotal temperature.

  The authors of the study believe that the “continuous rise in scrotal temperature” in childhood may be the main reason for the low sperm count in adulthood-a trend that has been increasing for the past 25 years-and the occurrence of complications of pill cancer.
  However, they acknowledge that the mechanism that causes infertility is still unclear.

  Even a brief rise in the temperature of a retinal pill-such as a sauna and a fever-can affect the ability to regenerate.

Other factors that may affect fertility include tight underwear, habituation of sedentary use, exposure to synthetic hormones in the environment, and lack of selenium in the diet.