Why is insult always unforgettable?

Why is insult always unforgettable?

Why do we linger for decades about the insulting conventions that have been violated?

Why is the “smear movement” more powerful than “image engineering” in political and democratic activities?

  This is not because of a broken heart or chest, but because of the magnitude of the shock to the human brain caused by scourge.

The Ohio State University psychologist Dr. Caccio Bo said that the human brain has a “negative substitution” mechanism, so the brain is more sensitive to unpleasant news.

When the brain starts processing information, this preference mechanism works automatically in an unconscious state.

  Dr. Cacciobo has done many experiments.

He showed participants three types of pictures: one that stimulated positive emotions (such as pizza); one that stimulated negative emotions (such as scarred faces, dead cats); and one that produced neutral emotions (such as plates).,hair dryer).

In essence, he recorded the electrical activity of the subject’s cerebral cortex in these three cases.

Experimental results show that the brain responds more strongly to negative stimuli.

Bad news has a greater impact on a person’s mood than good news.

  Psychologist analysis points out that in the course of evolution, in order to avoid harm, humans have the ability to cause a strong reaction to negative information.

Humans can only survive if they avoid disasters.

Slowly, the brain developed a mechanism that could unconsciously pay attention to red flags and take steps to avoid disaster.

  This internal mechanism of the brain that is sensitive to negative information is at work all the time in our lives.

For example, in marriage life, researchers discovered the existence of a “marriage equilibrium system”, and Dr. Gottman, a psychologist at the University of Washington, found that because people feel strong about bad information, couples must at least have positive emotionThe interaction can reach 5 times the negative emotional interaction before the marriage can last steadily.

  The study also found that small, temporary positive behaviors can tilt the scale’s hands toward happiness.

One-off, major positive behaviors, and some birthday parties to the other party will not eliminate the harm. Life needs to constantly and slowly nourish the other party.

Psychological phenomenon: the Barnum effect

Psychological phenomenon: the Barnum effect

Psychological research reveals that it is easy to believe that a general, general personality description is particularly suitable for him.

Even though this description is very empty, he still thinks it reflects his personality.

Some psychologists used to say something that was generally applicable to almost anyone and allowed college students to judge whether it was suitable for them. As a result, college students thought that they would describe themselves in detail and extremely accurately.

The following paragraph is the material used by psychologists. Do you think it is suitable for you?

  You need others to like and respect you.

You have a tendency to be self-critical.

You have a lot of abilities that can be your advantage, but you also have some disadvantages, but you can generally overcome these.

You have some difficulties with the opposite sex, and even casually appear casually, in fact, you are anxious inside.

You sometimes wonder if your decision or operation is correct.

You like a change in your life, and your aversion is limited.

You take pride in your ability to think independently, and the suggestions of others will not be accepted without sufficient evidence.

You don’t think it is wise to speak too frankly in front of others.

You are sometimes outgoing, kind and sociable, while sometimes you are inward, cautious and silent.

Some of your ambitions are often unrealistic.

  This is actually a hat that fits on everyone’s head.

  One is called Shawman?

Barnum’s famous acrobat said in his evaluation of his performance that he was very popular because the show included everyone’s favorite, so he could make “everybody be deceived every minute.”

It is often thought that a general, general personality description reveals its characteristics very accurately. This name is called “Barnum effect” in psychology.

  After a psychologist completed a Minnesota Polyphasic Personality Checklist (MMPI) for a group of people, they took out two results and let the participants determine which one was their own.

In fact, one is the result of the participants themselves, and the other is the average result of the majority of the responses.

The participants even thought that they had expressed their personal characteristics more accurately.

  The Barnum effect is very common in life.

Take fortune telling, for example, many people think that fortune tellers are “very accurate” after consulting a fortune teller.

In fact, those who ask for fortune-telling are inherently susceptible to hints.

When a person’s mood is low and frustrated, he loses control of life, so the sense of security is also affected.

A person who lacks a sense of security is psychologically sufficient and greatly enhanced, and is more implied than usual.

Coupled with the fortune teller’s inner feelings, he can understand the feelings of the helpers, and the helpers will immediately feel a kind of spiritual comfort.

The fortune teller then said a general, irrelevant word that caused the helper to be convinced.

Seven ways to keep your secrets of long distance love

Seven ways to keep your secrets of long distance love

There are more and more long-distance relationships in life now.

However, many people will think that long distance love is definitely difficult to maintain. The following editor will introduce you some ways to maintain long distance love. If you want to know, you can come in and take a look.

  How to maintain a long distance relationship1. Maintain regular communication. In a long distance relationship, lovers cannot meet each other every day, so the fixed contact becomes more and more. Phone, email, and text messages are all available.

Remember not to contact the other party for several days.

You can express your feelings of love to your lover by changing the pattern, even in the new time.

If the two are not in the same time zone, it is even more proactive to plan each contact.

  2. The use of high-tech modern technology has developed rapidly and has brought great convenience to life. Telephone, WeChat, and mail can all become communication tools.

Whether you are doing housework, cooking, or eating, you can use the video to understand the other party ‘s recent situation, so that you can get closer to each other and make the other party feel like you are near you.

  3, when faced with a relaxed attitude when dating out-of-place partners get together, often choose to travel or carefully prepare for a date, but this will produce a sense of tension.

Stay at home for housework or work email.

Don’t put too much pressure on the meeting because it’s too rare to meet each time. This is not only realistic, but also affects the mood of the two.

  4. For those who have a partner who prefers to be estranged in different places, they should set aside time for the other party, and don’t miss every call from the partner, even if they are with friends.

Of course, each chat doesn’t have to last a long time, just don’t make the other half feel unable to find you.

Give each other a sense of priority and a sense of recognition.

  5, with a heart in mind, there is expectation in the heart, the total creator is happy.

Every date, every time someone meets, there is hope.

Even if you do n’t see each other right away, you can book your tickets in advance in your spare time. Compared to not knowing when to meet, this feeling of expectation is much better.

If you are too far away to meet often, you can also look forward to meeting your loved ones on important days.

  6, loyalty to each other Loyalty is an important factor in maintaining a relationship, regardless of distance.

Be loyal to each other and treat each other sincerely. Even if there are conflicts between the two, both parties have the confidence to resolve them and believe that this relationship will continue.

  Long-distance love is very difficult. When necessary, tell your partner about your difficulties and gain their understanding.

  7. Experts who often meet suggest that “an irreplaceable part of maintaining a long distance relationship is to meet frequently and maintain a state of love.

Otherwise, people who are in an off-site relationship can easily forget their status.

“You can choose to get together on a long holiday. The two can’t meet for too long.

What to eat for spleen deficiency

What to eat for spleen deficiency

Click to buy In our daily life, many people with spleen deficiency will be conditioned by medicated diet.

So what is the medicated diet for regulating spleen deficiency?

Today, Xiaobian will answer them one by one.

Friends who want to know may wish to take a look.

  1. Attach a piece of dog broth material, add appropriate amount of dog meat and salt.

  Practice Put the attached slices into the top-fry for 2 hours, then add the dog meat, cook and put salt.

  Efficacy Huiyang replenishes fire, warms and relieves pain, disperses cold and dryness, and uses boiling water when cooking to eliminate cold water, otherwise it will poison.

Before bedtime, don’t blow cold wind and touch cold water after taking.

  2. Hawthorn barley porridge material Coix kernel 30 grams, 100 grams of rice, 5 grams of hawthorn, sugar.

  Practice: first clean the barley kernels and always rice and put them in a casserole, then add 1000ml of water and ignite and boil, then add hawthorn, then slowly cook with porridge to make porridge, and then add an appropriate amount of sugar to serve.

  Efficacy Invigorate the spleen and relieve diarrhea, digestion and storage.

It is suitable for those with weak spleen and stomach, indigestion, fullness of belching, swallowing qi and acid, and abdominal pain.

  3, yam barley porridge material yam powder 60 g, barley kernel 30 g.

  First, wash the boiled kernels and boil them. When they are cooked, add the yam powder and continue to cook until the porridge is cooked.

Serve sooner or later.

  Efficacy: Strengthen the spleen and invigorate qi, dampness and diarrhea.

It is suitable for women who have weak temper, diarrhea due to lack of food, or those who are unsuccessful with spleen deficiency.

  4, ginseng porridge material ginseng (or codonopsis), white Poria, ginger, rice.

  First, cut the ginseng (or Dangshen) and ginger into thin slices, mash the Poria, soak for half an hour, and fry the juice, and then fry the juice. Combine the one and two decoctions.Take porridge.

  Gong benefit Qi deficiency, spleen and stomach.

It is suitable for the deficiency of Qi, weakness of the spleen and stomach, fatigue, fatigue, pale complexion, reduced diet, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, and thin stools.

Take care of the newborn’s umbilical cord and prevent umbilicalitis

Take care of the newborn’s umbilical cord and prevent umbilicalitis

The umbilical cord is a feeding line for the fetus to obtain nutrition from the mother. After the newborn is born, the umbilical cord is ligated, so that the passage between the newborn’s abdominal cavity and the outside is blocked. The remaining 1 cm of umbilical cord stump is normally left after birth3-7 days shift, the time of replacement will be slightly different due to different ligation methods.

However, before the umbilical cord, the umbilicus tends to become a breeding ground for bacteria. When neonatal umbilitis occurs, long bacteria can invade the abdominal wall and enter the blood, becoming one of the most common causes of neonatal sepsis.

Umbilical cord inflammation symptoms in three steps: Under normal circumstances, the stump of the newborn’s umbilical cord will be replaced 3 to 7 days after birth, and inflammation will occur due to poor care.

When the inflammation is mild, parents can see a small amount of mucus or purulent discharge on the child’s replacement wound surface, the baby’s umbilical cord roots become red, or the wound does not heal after removal, the umbilical socket is wet, and water is flowing. This is the early stage of umbilical cord inflammation.which performed.

The second step: redness and swelling around the umbilicus, serous purulent discharge in the umbilical fossa, odor, and spread to most of the abdominal wall, redness and swelling around the umbilical skin, or the formation of local abscesses, sepsis.

In more severe cases, an umbilical abscess will appear, and fever will soon appear.

The third step: peritonitis may be caused when the condition is critical, and there are symptoms of systemic poisoning.

The baby has fever, does not eat milk, is not in good spirits, cries, and vomits.

When parents discover mild symptoms of inflammation, they should ask the doctor for help in a timely manner. Do not think that it is a trivial matter to ignore delays, which will eventually lead to the rapid development of the disease.

The incidence of neonatal umbilitis is mostly due to inadequate disinfection of the broken umbilical cord at birth. More commonly, infection occurs due to contamination of the stump of the umbilical cord.

It can be said that parents are very well-known for their baby’s umbilical cord. One is to worry about infection and the other is to get cold easily.

Therefore, in addition to the gauze wrapped by the doctor, the umbilicus is also covered with a thick cloth, and the diaper is covered on the inside, and there are several layers inside and outside.

When the diaper is wet, the urine will soak the gauze and the thick cloth of the pad, and when changing the diaper, the gauze and pad on the inner side of the diaper will not be changed, so that the umbilical cord is immersed in the surrounding environment, and various pathogens areThis is the right environment to reproduce infections.

People with mild umbilical infection show local purulent secretions with odor, redness or swelling of the umbilical and surrounding skin; in severe cases, the infection spreads to form an abdominal wall infection, forms an abscess, or spreads to the peritoneum and causes peritonitis, which spreads to the whole body.Causes sepsis.

When some parents produce unhealed wounds on their children’s umbilical cord, due to some topical use of talcum powder, umbilical cord powder and the like, the umbilical cord will form chronic obesity under the stimulation of foreign bodies, which is manifested as umbilical granulomas, often a smallCherry red mass with purulent discharge on the surface, which will last forever.

The prevention of neonatal umbilical disease is mainly to take good care of the umbilical cord and maintain local cleanliness.

Before the umbilical cord is reset, drain the water around the umbilical cord after bathing. You can disinfect the stump with 75% alcohol and wrap it with clean gauze. Do not cover the diaper on the umbilical cord to keep it dry.Diapers to prevent urine from contaminating the umbilical cord.

If the root of the umbilical cord is red, or the wound does not heal after the umbilical cord, the umbilical fossa is moist, running water, etc., local treatment should be performed immediately. Rinse the area with 3% hydrogen peroxide for 2-3 times, then disinfect with iodine, and then deiodine with alcohol.Umbilical inflammation is obvious, and purulent discharge should be sent to the hospital for treatment immediately.

In addition, regarding the baby’s bathing problem, in the newborn period, it is recommended to use a rubbing bath until the navel is not long, which is to hold the baby in his arms and twist the baby’s bath towel with half-dry water.

After the belly button has dried up, you can let your baby lie on the bath bed for a water bath.

Then the baby will sit firmly, so instead of lying in the bath bed, he can sit in the bathtub and take a bath.

In short, newborns are very delicate and need careful care of their parents in order to grow up smoothly and healthily.

Spring fitness starts with yoga

Spring fitness starts with yoga

The weather in the early spring is warm and cold at first, and often makes people feel heavy and boring, and their appetite does not increase. This is very uncomfortable spring.

In addition to spring sleepiness, we are also uncomfortable with shoulder and neck pain, joint swelling, and poor mobility. The most annoying thing is that at this time, the excess meat on the waist and abdomen has begun to reveal secretly.

If you want to get rid of spring sleep, soothe your neck and neck pain, and get back your irritating figure, you can no longer be a lazy pig and insist on doing some yoga moves every day. These days we like “yoga beauty”.

  The most effective fitness method-yoga in the spring, if you start with compression exercises from the beginning, the body will not be able to adapt to this intensity, causing muscle soreness, joints and ligaments are easily injured, and haste.

And yoga can relax your tense muscles slowly, not let you sweat, and reduce the intensity. Due to its endocrine conditioning, it can also shape charming body lines and return you unconsciously.Easy.
  In addition, yoga has seven benefits that must be promoted: 1. Improve physical immunity; 2. Reduce fatigue; 3. Reduce the incidence of chronic diseases; 4. Relieve tension, stress and bad mood; 5. Improve physiological functions; 6Improve your mind; 7. Reduce fat; practice yoga in the right way: There are many ways to practice yoga, and the objects they adapt to are different. At present, the general methods of yoga practice are as follows: 1. HataYoga: A beginner’s choice for yoga. It is suitable for high-pressure people and white-collar workers with a fast pace of life. The purpose of the practice is to focus attention, relieve stress, exercise the body, enhance the flexibility of the body, and realize a peaceful mood.

  2. High-temperature yoga: Practicing asanas and breathing in a room temperature of 38 ° C can strengthen blood circulation, expel toxins from the body, and strengthen the protective function of the spine. It is suitable for a variety of weight loss methods that are ineffective and want to quickly lose weight.

  3, Ashtanga Yoga: prominent asana, fast rhythm, generally divided into more than 50 movements.

Stress on physical strength, large amount of exercise, promote metabolism, make muscles strong and flexible, and improve physical fitness.

  4. Meditation Yoga: The best way to explore “self”, “real self”, and “self” is to focus on meditation, voice guidance, and meditation.

  The focus of different yoga practice methods is different. Therefore, after clarifying the purpose of your practice, you must consult with a specialized yoga club. It is important to find an experienced teacher in yoga practice. The only good teacher isYou can get the correct and effective practice methods, and perform the philosophies implicit in each yoga movement more extensively, so as to experience the realm of physical harmony more effectively.

Is anti-oxidation equal to anti-aging


Is anti-oxidation equal to anti-aging

The word “antioxidant” is definitely not an unfamiliar word for you in the recognized beauty care.

And when you open the manuals of those skin care and beauty products, you will also see the anti-oxidation article.

Although everyone knows that antioxidants are actually a good thing, what exactly is antioxidant?

Why do we need antioxidants?

How can I be antioxidant?

Today, I will tell you the answer!

  What is antioxidant?

Why antioxidant?

  To understand what antioxidants are, we must first talk about free radicals.

When we were young, we learned that the units that make up matter are atoms and molecules. There are many normal oxygen molecules in our bodies, each of which carries a pair of pairs of electrons and belongs to a good citizen with stable family.

The human body normally metabolizes activated oxygen molecules to lose one electron, and this oxygen molecule with unpaired electrons is a free radical.

Free radicals are like loneliness and destructive bachelors. They are very active in robbing electrons on other molecules from the cell membrane to pair themselves. This process is oxidation.

But when a free radical takes an electron from the cell membrane, another new free radical is produced and a chain reaction begins.

This chain reaction of scrambled electrons will invade the cell membrane, leading to the loss of cell defects, and become the source of various diseases and body aging. Therefore, free radicals are also known as the source of aging and the source of all diseases.

  Antioxidants can scavenge free radicals.

Free radicals are a regular product of metabolic processes, and the body produces its own antioxidants to counteract free radicals.

However, a series of internal and external factors can cause excessive free radical production, which will accelerate aging and even cause disease.

  Factors leading to free radical generation include increasing age, sunlight exposure, stress, environmental pollution, staying up late, computer radiation, cooking fume and so on.

Another common factor is smoking, including second-hand smoke.

The large amount of free radicals generated by the smoke is more harmful to the human body than the notorious nicotine, ranking first among the three killers in the smoke (the other two are nicotine and tar).

These factors mentioned above will increase the amount of free radicals in the body, thereby disrupting the body’s own balance of antioxidants and free radicals.

Excessive amounts of extremely unstable free radicals accelerate the aging of the human body by damaging cell membranes and healthy DNA, including the aging of the skin, such as dullness, yellowing, pigmentation, fine lines, and even relaxation.

In addition, excessive free radicals can cause a series of diseases, such as cancer, hypertension, blood disease, stroke and so on.

  Does antioxidant equal anti-aging?

  We often see the “anti-oxidation” hint in anti-aging care products and skin care products, and even say that anti-aging = anti-oxidation.

Because of this, some friends will be disappointed and fail: “I have anti-oxidation, but why does my skin get older every day?

“Simply put, you can say: o 25 years old, anti-aging = antioxidant + sunscreen + basic care (clean + moisturizing) o 25 years old, anti-aging = antioxidant + sunscreen + basic care (cleaning + moisturizing) + functionalityAnti-aging products (such as anti-wrinkle essence, firming essence or cream) have antioxidants to do all their lives. So, like basic care, anti-oxidants are almost a lifetime to do.

But we need a reasonable expectation to fight oxidation.

To quote a famous Taiwanese cosmetics expert teacher Zhang Liqing: “Antioxidants are capturing and scavenging free radicals, and it plays a role as skin bodyguard.

The bodyguard’s job is to defend against external injuries and intercept intruders.

In role-playing, originally, I was not responsible for making soup for the master. Of course, no one will become rich by asking a bodyguard, but you can rest assured that the money in your pocket will not be stolen so easily.

Antioxidant is to protect the capital and delay aging.

But anti-oxidant products are not makeup artists and cannot create fast beauty.

Therefore, if we talk about anti-oxidation and anti-free radicals, if we pay too much attention to the immediate effect, of course, it will not be satisfactory.

But if we take longer to look at it, anti-oxidation will definitely have long-term investment value in delaying skin aging. ”

Although Mr. Zhang Liqing is talking about the skin’s anti-oxidation, in fact, the role of anti-oxidation in maintaining human health and preventing diseases is the same.

  How to Fully Antioxidant?

  There are a variety of antioxidant products, from food to wipes, from food to health care medicines.Manufacturers often use the antioxidant index to compare products with each other.

But in fact, because of the different antioxidant pathways, a large number of products are not comparable between pears and apples.

Antioxidants can be divided into oral and dermal absorption from the toxic pathway, and granules can be divided into antioxidants and fat-soluble antioxidants.

Therefore, antioxidants should not be too limited and single, and should not use only one antioxidant, even if it is used in large amounts.

  The most effective antioxidant should be comprehensive antioxidant, that is: 1) simultaneous use of oral + skin care products; 2) simultaneous use of antioxidant + fat-soluble antioxidant; 3) simultaneous use.

  That is to say, eat more foods or skin care products listed below, and mix with fat-soluble and oxide oxidants.

Antioxidant skin care products are best chosen to contain both fat-soluble and precipitated antioxidants.

For example the most classic combination: Vitamin C + Vitamin E.

  Common antioxidant-Vitamin C is one of the most classic and effective antioxidants.

The human body cannot synthesize vitamin C by itself, but most green fruits and vegetables contain vitamin C, and it is also easy to buy multivitamin or vitamin C nutrition products.

I have been taking multivitamin supplements daily with an extra vitamin C supplement.

Vitamin C is the most common anti-aging and whitening ingredient in skin care products.

  -Ginkgo biloba food source: Ginkgo biloba, Ginkgo biloba oral liquid and other skin care products: Ginkgo biloba extract-Polyphenol series: Mainly contains tea polyphenols EGCG / procyanidin OPCs / olive polyphenol *的最强的抗氧化剂)食物来源:绿茶,白茶,葡萄(尤其是籽和皮),橄榄油,石榴,红酒护肤品成分:绿茶或白茶萃取精华;葡萄籽/橄榄/石榴萃取精华  -其他氧化剂Antioxidants Other alternative antioxidants often used in skin care products include SOD, crystalline flower acid, Kai Yin Ting, carnosine, etc.

  The common fat-soluble antioxidant “lipid-soluble” means that it does not dissolve water and only crushes fat. Therefore, this type of food must be cooked and eaten, preferably with oil or meat during cooking.

In skin care products, fat-soluble antioxidants also come in the form of lotions and creams.

  -Vitamin E food sources: cereal rice, fish, eggs, beans, yellow and green vegetables, vitamin E nutrition and other skin care ingredients: Vitamin E-aubergine vegetarian sources: tomatoes, especially small tomatoes, preferably cooked.

Although the vitamin C contained in cooked or processed tomatoes (ketchup, tomato juice, canned tomatoes) will be destroyed, the lycopene content can be increased several times and the antioxidant function is also stronger.

  Skincare: Lycopene-beta-carrot vegetarian sources: green leafy vegetables and yellow, orange fruits (such as carrots, spinach, lettuce, potatoes, sweet potatoes, broccoli, cantaloupe and winter melon).

In general, the more intensely colored fruits or vegetables, the more oriented beta-carotene.

  Skin care products: β-carotene or vitamin A precursor-soy isoflavones Food sources: beans, soy products, nutrients containing soy isoflavones.

  Skin care ingredients: Soy isoflavones, rarely used.

  -OMEGA-3 Food source: salmon, fish oil skin care ingredients: rarely used.

  -Other fat-soluble antioxidants Other fat-soluble antioxidants commonly used in skin care and skin care products include BHA, coenzyme Q-10, astaxanthin, and the like.

  Antioxidant good habits1.

Refuse to smoke and avoid secondhand smoke.


Reduce cooking fume, if possible, use olive oil.

Try to eat less fried food.


Minimize unwanted medications: Certain medications, including Chinese and Western medicines, are toxic. For example, antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs, etc. can produce free radicals.


Avoid pesticide pollution: Wash fruits and vegetables with salt water. Another way to reduce pesticide residues is to put vegetables and fruits in the refrigerator for one to two days before use. This can reduce pesticide residues by 80 to 90 percent.Clean the refrigerator from time to time.


Drink plenty of water and eat more vegetables and fruits.

A healthy diet should have a daily ratio of 7 to 3 fruits and vegetables, and eat more than 3 colors of fruits and vegetables every day.

Hip-hop weight loss tips

Hip-hop weight loss tips

The English name of hip-hop is Hip-Hop.

It is a street culture derived from a movement of venting emotions of African Americans. It is characterized by strong explosiveness. When dancing, the movements of body movements are also exaggerated than other dances.

The most appealing part is the passion and excitement with the vitality of the whole body.

  Hip-hop is attractive and concentrated, with strong interest, beautiful movements, and randomness.

At the same time, hip-hop also has a slimming effect, because hip-hop is a medium-low-intensity aerobic exercise. During an hour of exercise, the role of consuming whole body adults is quite strong.

In addition, hip-hop is a small muscle exercise. Frequent exercises can increase your overall coordination and make your body ratio more standard.

Of course, after you learn hip-hop, you can show it in the disco!

  How does hip-hop lose weight?

  It belongs to aerobic exercise J. According to the American Academy of Sports Medicine, should exercise 3 times a week?
5 times, each exercise 30?
60 minutes, the effect of weight loss is more obvious. K 熡 fierce persimmon allows Yun Jing in the process of hip-hop training, as time goes on, the aunt’s energy supply ratio increases at the same time.

For example, during 40 minutes, 90 minutes, and 180 minutes of continuous exercise, your aunt ‘s energy supply accounts for 27%, 37%, and 50% of the total energy consumption, respectively. If you want to achieve better weight loss, you should appropriately extend the exercise time, andPersist.

  Learn hip-hop tips I teach you a few tricks: 1.

The music used in practicing hip-hop is a very characteristic hip-hop rhythm, so everyone must first be familiar with and adapt to the characteristics of the accompaniment music before practicing.

If you hear music, you can be very accurate, step freely and accompany the music, then you can start learning hip-hop.


When practicing radio gymnastics and aerobics, the coach may require most movements to be “horizontal and vertical.” Hip-hop is more of an exercise arbitrariness and requires relaxation of movements, so you must relax your muscles and joints when practicingMake them more flexible.


Listen to music, familiar with the rhythm; b.

Eye on the coach’s feet, learn to pace; C.

After you are familiar with the movements of the lower limbs, you can learn the movements of the trunk and upper limbs.

Note: The synchronization of the movements of all parts of the body is the key. The lower limb movements and the trunk and upper limb movements are combined in turn.

  When learning hip-hop for the first time, you must not increase the amount of exercise all at once, but gradually.

Generally, you should warm up first, and move all joints, ligaments, especially the knee, into the joints to fully open; to avoid injury when beating; and then enter a certain intensity and time of exercise, it is best not to shorten 30 minutes;This kind of stretching exercise relaxes the body.

In this way, three steps can achieve better weight loss.

  Because everyone’s age, physical fitness and health status are different, everyone’s exercise intensity is different.

“Exercise intensity” is generally expressed as “maximum heart rate”. Your appropriate calculation of the most suitable heart rate for hip-hop: If you are 25 years old, do not participate in physical exercise often, and have a normal fitness, choose hip-hop as a weight-loss sport, thenThe maximum cardiac dialysis is 220-25 = 195, and your suitable exercise intensity (exercise heart rate) should be (60?
75%) × 195 = 117?
146 (times / minute).

  (Note: Pulse measurement method-multiply the number of pulses per 10 seconds during exercise by 6 to obtain the number of pulses per minute.


What are the symptoms of early liver cirrhosis?

What are the symptoms of early liver cirrhosis?

Cirrhosis is a condition in which the liver is chronically damaged.

For cirrhosis, it is important to know the symptoms of cirrhosis as early as possible. Finding and receiving treatment at the first time will help you better defeat it.


Fainting, fatigue, physical weakness, and other systemic symptoms, a small number of patients with early cirrhosis can appear facial pigmentation.


Dietary necrosis or abdominal constipation, diarrhea or liver pain and other symptoms of chronic dyspepsia, obvious after exertion.


Estrogen increases the reduction of androgen, and early men with cirrhosis have enlarged breasts, pain, and retinal pill atrophy.

For women, sexual cirrhosis is disordered in cirrhosis, and early cirrhosis can cause menstrual disorders, breast shrinkage, and pubic hair scarcity.


The face is thin, the face is dark due to liver dysfunction, resulting in increased melanin production, more than one-third of patients with chronic hepatitis or cirrhosis, the face appears, the skin around the eye is darker and darker than before the disease.


A small number of patients with cirrhosis can be seen from mild to moderate swelling of the spider liver. The general symptoms of alcoholic cirrhosis, early symptoms of hepatic ascites are not obvious, and patients with symptoms and self-diagnosis are mostly in the advanced stage, often with pain in the liver area and loss of appetite., fatigue, weight loss and hepatomegaly and other symptoms.

Japanese MM teaches you to drive off the cold, relax, and triple skincare_1

Japanese MM teaches you to drive off the cold, relax, and triple skin

Japan’s MM’s skin is recognized internationally for its fairness, firmness, tenderness, and breakable skin.

Is it a certain lifestyle that allows them to have perfect skin all over the body?

Three meals are inseparable from vegetables and fruits. Every day you care carefully, eat more fish . and the most important thing is to take a regular bath.

Basically, Japan is located on the volcanic earthquake belt and is rich in hot springs, so the Japanese MM simply brought home the heavenly enjoyment of hot springs, which can alleviate discomfort, but also achieve beauty and beauty, and promote blood circulation and other magical effects.

The season of nakedness is coming, and the body skin’s outbound rate is getting higher and higher. Except for peripheral work such as hair removal, the delicate skin of every detail is the basis for making you a truly charming woman. Start with a bath and exfoliation.Right.
  The three-in-one “head cold and hot feet” is an ideal physical state advocated by Chinese medicine, which is the most beneficial for health. However, the temperature of the upper body is generally higher, about 37 ° C, and the temperature of the lower body is relatively high.Low, only about 30 ° C, which is exactly the opposite of the head cold and foot fever claimed by Chinese medicine.

This can easily lead to the so-called “cold cold”. Many diseases such as dysmenorrhea and obesity in women must be blamed on the cold.

Especially air-conditioned rooms in summer, artificially created a “cold” environment, staying a day, hands and feet cold.

Therefore, bathing is more suitable in summer, which can accelerate the blood circulation of the whole body and use the gentle power of hot water to improve the stagnant physical condition.

  In aromatherapy, bath music is often essential.

In the bath, people can reach a state of extreme relaxation, but they are not easy to fall asleep, and are easy to accept outside information and energy.

Therefore, when you bathe, play soothing music, point your favorite aromatherapy, and slowly massage the skin with essential oils, so as to achieve the effect of unity of the human body.

  Taking a bath is of course a beauty plan. When you bathe, you will sweat a lot, and the wastes in the pores will be discharged, so that the skin will become shiny, improve the skin, and thoroughly clean your whole body skin.

In addition, a large amount of hot steam will push your pores to open. If you apply a mask and exfoliate in a bath, the effect can replace the beauty salon.

Therefore, a bath is the best time to do a full body cleansing and facial mask.

  Before taking a bath, choose a “mate” first. If you want to achieve the desired effect through the bath, a bathing agent is essential.

It is important to choose a bathing agent that suits you, it will affect your mood and effect of bathing.

First of all, bathing agents are divided into bubble baths and bathing materials.

Bubble bath is a popular bathing agent in Europe and America. The visual effect is that the entire bathtub is full of bubbles.

The bath material is mainly from Japan and other places. By adding different additives, the bath water is transformed into a “medicine soup” with special functions.

Therefore, in order not to waste the good time in the bath, choose one or more “good companions” to make this time the best physiological reorganization.

  Professional recommendation: Japanese medicinal bathing agent Basquelin: Basquelin is an old-fashioned brand of bathing agents, with more than a hundred types.

Bathing agents with various functions and ingredients.

The more famous is the natural aroma series: there are dozens of natural aromas such as ocean, earth, forest, and floral fragrance, so that you have a wonderful illusion of being in the suburbs when you take a bath.

  Morita bathing agent in Taiwan: Taiwan’s most well-known local lifestyle pharmaceutical brand, which specializes in various health products. Its bathing agents are all developed and manufactured in Japan with quality assurance.

The more famous is the acid whitening bath, which has three different fruit flavors, which can make the whole body skin appear pleasantly white and tender.

  Japan Daiso Medical Bathing Agent: Daiso is synonymous with good quality and low price. Its bathing agent series adheres to this principle. The low price makes you feel no pain when using it. Although there are not many types, the effective ones are popularHot.

The more famous is the hot spring bath agent, which seems to bring Japanese hot springs to enjoy.

  DIY bathing agent: Milk whitening bath: It is 1 liter-2 liters of milk. After pouring into a bathtub filled with hot water, soaking the whole body for about 30 minutes, it can achieve whitening and repairing effects on the skin.

It is said that many netizens have practice feedback, taking a milk whitening bath 1-2 times a week, the whitening effect is significant, and it will not rebound, it is not easy to tan, and the black MM can also transform into Snow White.

  Rose nourishing bath: 10-15ml of rose essential oil, appropriate amount of rose petals.

Creating a luxurious rose bath that can only be enjoyed by the heroine of a TV series can not only nourish the skin, but also nourish the soul, bring you a great sense of happiness, and it is very economical.

  Bath salt to expel cold baths: Bath salt is about 30g (brand is not limited), the amount of ginger is appropriate.

After the rain or cold, try this cold bath to quickly expel the cold in your body to prevent typhoid and colds.

Colds caused by colds and colds can also be treated by this cold expelling bath, which is very effective.