After all, Qin Feng treats Williams

,It’s definitely not trustworthy!This guy is a panacea,Get along with anyone,Even get along well with anyone。
But make sense,Such a guy is the central air conditioner in the mouth of a girl,Good for everyone,Be merciful everywhere,Even more like using people。
His information is naturally learned from every population。so,Just be sane,IQ is still online,It shouldn’t be possible to talk to such a person directly。
Qin Feng is the same,So know everything is not the best object to tell。
At this moment,Qin Feng thought of someone。If it wasn’t for a duel incident before,,I’m afraid Qin Feng should go to that person’s room to find him at this time。
Okay,Most of the players in their dark class are in the same dormitory。This dormitory building has more than 100 single rooms,It’s definitely not easy to find。
But Qin Feng has already inquired about it from the know-it-all。I thought I would go to Yinsang after class。Who would have thought it would suddenly turn into a duel??
What makes him most depressed is,Yinsang didn’t even go to the duel?This is not justified!What happened to that guy?Make sense,Didn’t the other party tell me to call his brother before??And said he was adopted by Qin Wangchu。
Are these all fake?
“Forget it,Don’t guess,Just ask someone directly!”Qin Feng just do it。After consuming the ice ling grass,Qin Feng felt his injury healed all at once。Don’t even need to rest。
But of course he will not let outsiders see his changes。After all, this is one of his own cards, isn’t it?If you use ice crescent grass as a potion during battle。
At that time, he will not be able to pit a bunch of people?
Qin Feng came to Yinsang’s room and knocked。

The reporters at the scene suddenly became excited。

Not only were the reporters on the scene suddenly excited,Even the management behind the scenes are confused:Fucking!What is the new boss??
“So,”Rosemary said with a smile:“Some positions,Need workers to compete for jobs,Those who do not participate in the competition shall be deemed to have given up their qualifications for this position automatically……”
I haven’t waited for Rosemary to finish,A reporter asked loudly:“But Miss Rosemary,still have30%The staff is redundant, isn’t it?This30%How does Mr. Fernandez plan to arrange?”
When asking this question,All the reporters are looking at Rosemary on the stage。
BackstageAMCThe car executives also pricked their ears,I want to hear what Rosemary would say——In the meeting that just ended,Whether it’s Fernandez or Rosemary,But never played this。
“everybody knows,My boss is a successful businessman,In acquisitionAMCprior to,He already owns used car sales from a national chain、Car repair and dismantling of scrapped cars,And these businesses are in rapid expansion,So this leftover30%Of employees?”Rosemary shrugs:“This is not a problem at all,My boss will arrange these workers in other industries through contract transfer。”
As for whether these workers are willing、Will the action location be too far from their home?……
No one cares!
It’s interesting enough for the boss to not lay off staff,What do you want?
You say you want to stayAMC,apart fromAMCYou don’t want to go anywhere?
Simple,Try to be that70%Not just fine?coming year70%Can’t get in the big list,It means you are bad,Now the boss gave you a chance,What do you want?If you don’t even want this opportunity,Then you deserve to be a tramp on the street!

China’s National Table Tennis’s Strongest 12-People Race Opens in Shenzhen

China’s National Table Tennis’s Strongest 12-People Race Opens in Shenzhen
The 12 strongest people on the surface, who has the courage to shout such rants?The answer is the invincible China National Table Tennis.  The Düsseldorf World Championships internal selection competition, that is, the strongest surface 12 players started in Shenzhen from March 3rd to 10th. Ma Long, Zhang Jike, Fan Zhendong, Ding Ning, Liu Shiwen and other national table tennis teams will beThe quota for the World Table Tennis Championship is the same.  The game has never started, the fans have rushed from all over the country, almost idol style, the elevator at Shenzhen Airport even paralyzed due to too many fans.  The battle within the team has gradually bid farewell to closure, and it has also become a fashion show in addition to competition. There is also a special welcome reception on the evening of March 2nd.  It can be said that the escalators were paralyzed and paralyzed by the fans, and the 12 strongest people on the surface this time were an attempt to market the national table tennis.  In preparation for this intra-team match, the national table tennis men and women players and coaching staff have arrived in Shenzhen on March 1.On the same day, fans from all over the country also arrived at the airport early, hoping to see the figure of the idol.  In the past Qatar Open, Malone defeated teenager Fan Zhendong to defend the men’s singles champion.On the day of departure from Beijing, the Dragons were surrounded by enthusiastic fans at the Capital Airport.  According to reports, this time in the direct match, Malone has a “Jordan Biography” in his suitcase. He also hopes that the spirit of the trapeze can encourage himself to struggle on the field.  Another national table tennis player Zhang Jike’s popularity is still hot. Liu Guoliang also recently found on Weibo that Zhang Jike’s injury is almost the same. Qatar returned, and Jike played three days. I told me that it was 80% better.  In the latest ranking of the International Table Tennis Federation in March, Zhang Jike was promoted to the fourth place because of his participation in Qatar, but no one can shake Malone’s number one position in the world.  When the national table tennis crowd will arrive at Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport, the fans are excitedly waiting on both sides of the airport passage.According to reports, after Zhang Jike took the escalator, the fan door followed closely, and the escalator was once paralyzed and shut down due to the pressure of the flow of people.  On social media, various media have also played popular voting and formulated detailed voting rules.An internet platform requires each account to have three free voting opportunities every ten minutes, and after three times of coining, it is necessary to consume 10K coins.  At present, Zhang Jike is the most popular on the platform, winning more than 130,000 votes, which is twice that of second place Malone.The same is true of the voting initiated by CCTV on Weibo. The Tibetan Mastiff still leads the other teammates with high votes. Previous page12Next page

How to listen to a competitive drama?| Beijing Daily x National Grand Theater Day Sign

How to “listen” to a competitive drama?| Beijing Daily x National Grand Theater Day Sign
Would you like to have a baseball game with ears on your ears?”Swan Lake”, “Spartacus” and “Evgeny Onegin” . On January 10th, China National Ballet Symphony Orchestra will open a “heard” ballet in the National Grand Theater.The Central Ballet Troupe Symphony Orchestra (hereinafter referred to as Bajiao) was established in 1959 and belongs to the Central Ballet Troupe.The orchestra not only undertakes its own work as a musical accompaniment in the band ‘s performances, but also undertakes accompaniment tasks for internationally renowned focus groups and opera performances in China. The international famous orchestras that it has cooperated with are: Paris Opera, France, Royal Opera,The Mariinsky Theatre, Bolshoi Theatre, and theater troupes from Germany, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Sweden and other countries and regions, Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Mendelssohn, Debussy and other artists are also famousThe orchestra is good at this kind of performance.Music is the “soul” of dance dramas. Music not only acts as instrumental accompaniment for dance, but music itself has the function of reflecting the plot and portraying the inner feelings of the characters. It plays an important role in expressing ideological content, developing the plot of the drama, and shaping the image and character of the characters.In Western Europe, the main dance music is ballet music, of course, including the music used in national dance and modern dance.For example, “Sleeping Beauty”, “Nutcracker”, “Giselle” and “Swan Lake” and other ballet dramas, not only classic dances, Tchaikovsky, Adam, Beethoven and other famous composers have also become golden songs passed down to later generations.In the 20th century, “Symphony Ballet” even appeared, referring to a lot of symphony music compiled into ballet, which expanded the field of ballet and gave a new artistic conception.Symphony ballet includes music of various era styles, for example, Bach ‘s d minor “Double Violin Concerto” (later renamed “Baroque Concerto”), Beethoven ‘s “Seventh Symphony”, Chopin ‘s “First Piano”Concerto, etc.In the Chinese theater script, works such as “Red Lady Army” and “White-haired Girl” have pushed the level of Chinese dance drama music creation to a new level.So how do we “listen” to a competitive theater?First of all, a good dance concert retains the elegant and beautiful style of traditional ballet, but at the same time it is very plot. The excellent dance concert describes the scene perfectly and portrays the conflict and the heart of the character in place.In fact, you can hear the rhythm of dance from music. Even if there is no dance performance in front of you, if you listen to music alone, you can see movements in your mind, just like dance shows such as “Swan Lake”, “Nutcracker” and “Spring Festival”.Music, often symphony concerts.Written by / Sauna, edited by Tian Ni, editor of Tian Ye, Li Lijun

Juewei Food (603517): 2Q19 performance exceeded expectations and achieved fast and good growth

Juewei Food (603517): 2Q19 performance exceeded expectations and achieved fast and good growth
1H19 results are higher than market expectations The company announced 1H19 results: revenue 24.9 trillion, ten years +19.4%; net profit attributable to mother 4 ppm, +25 for ten years.8%, corresponding to a relative profit of 0.69 yuan.2Q19 single quarter income / net profit attributable to mother +19.2% / + 30.8%, revenue and net profit performance even benefited from the accelerated pace of store opening and better than expected. Development Trends 1H19’s revenue performance was dazzling, with store openings and same-store growth rates exceeding expectations.The company’s 2Q19 revenue increased by 19.2%, maintaining a high growth under the trend of rising base in the same period of a single quarter, exceeding market expectations.The number of 1H19 stores nationwide reached 10,598, the number of stores was at least + 12%, and the same store growth rate was about 7%. We believe that the company has achieved rapid growth in revenue and benefited from the 1H19 expansion store competition, so it has opened stores faster, and store upgrades and promotional activities have effectively drivenThe same store growth.1H19 has a net increase of 683 stores, and 2H19 will continue to plan in accordance with the gradual net increase of 1200 stores. We believe that the company has a scale of store opening capacity and pace to control. We expect to increase revenue and benefit from the expansion of store scale.Benefits increased and category expansion achieved rapid growth of approximately 17%. In the second quarter of 19, the gross profit margin was under pressure seasonally, which improved month-on-month, and the cost pressure was expected to be under control.The 杭州夜网论坛 company’s gross profit margin was 35% in the second quarter of 19, ten years -1.4ppt, chain +1.At 7ppt, we believe that the reduction in gross profit margin is under pressure due to fluctuations in the cost of duck necks and duck by-products, but the company has made certain low-cost inventory reserves in response to the increase in costs.We believe that the company has the advantages of procurement scale and the cost pressure of terminal price increase. Therefore, we have decided that the pressure of vertical raw material costs can be controlled, and the level of change in gross profit margin is generally limited. During the second quarter of 19, the expense ratio steadily decreased, mainly benefiting from scale effects.In the second quarter of 19, the company’s sales expense budget was 9%, and the whole year was -0.2ppt, 北京桑拿洗浴保健 the total management + R & D expense ratio is 5.1%, year -1.4ppt, we believe that the company’s scale of sales, management, and R & D expense ratios will continue to benefit from scale effects, while achieving steady decline; 2Q19 financial expenses decreased by 0.8% +0 per year.9%, slightly affected by the issuance of convertible bonds and current loan interest rates. Earnings forecast and estimate Considering the accelerated pace of opening stores in 1H19 and the outstanding performance of same-store sales, we raise our 2019/2020 revenue forecast1.twenty one.4%, correspondingly raised earnings forecast1.twenty one.1% to 1.36/1.57 yuan.The current price corresponds to 29/25 times P / E in 2019/2020. According to the estimation method, 30 times P / E in 2020 will be given. The target price will be increased by 24% to 47 yuan, corresponding to 35/30 times P / E in 2019/2020.There is 19% room for current prices, and we maintain our Outperform rating. Increased competition in risk industries, cost pressure caused by fluctuations in raw material prices, and food safety incidents.

New rules for refinancing are good for all securities firms

New rules for refinancing are good for all securities firms

Source: The No. 1 Institute of Finance today, the total turnover of Shanghai and Shenzhen cities exceeded 1 trillion, reaching 10388 billion.

The industry sector rose more and less, among which the securities sector was 0.

36% increase, 448.

The turnover of 800 million yuan was outstanding.

  In fact, the performance of brokerage stocks has been good this week. All 36 brokerage stocks of A shares showed an increase, with an average increase of 4.


Among them, China National Securities performed the most eye-catching, with a rise of 21 this week.

53%, 12 securities firms rose more than 5%.

  New refinancing rules further boosted the growth of brokerage stocks.

On February 14, the CSRC approved some of the provisions of the “Administrative Measures for the Issuance of Securities by Listed Companies”, the “Interim Measures for the Administration of Securities Issuance by Listed Companies on the GEM Board”, and the “Detailed Implementation Rules for Non-public Issuance of Companies” (“Refinancing Rules”)Revised.

  Compared with the solicitation draft of November 8, 2019, the official draft of February 14 has two major changes: First, the issueable size of the non-public offering is adjusted to not exceed 30% of the total share capital before the issuance (was 20%), Which is consistent with the issuable upper limit of the rights issue; the second is to adjust the new and old cut-off time point to be the “point of completion of the issuance” (the consultation draft is the “approval approval issue date”), that is, after the implementation of the “refinancing rules”, refinancing applicationsIf it has already been issued, the pre-amendment rules shall apply; if it is under review or has obtained approval, the issuance has not been completed and the approval is still effective, the amended rules shall apply.

  New rules for refinancing have been implemented, and institutions have shouted that brokers will usher in new possibilities.

  CDB Securities: The comprehensive and deepening of reforms is progressing in an orderly manner, and the relevant policies within the new rules of refinancing are gradually being implemented. Brokers are embracing historic development possibilities.

The preliminary digestion of the recent outbreak, the estimated repression status of the securities industry will be significantly improved.

It is recommended to pay attention to securities companies with a better refinancing business foundation.

  Anxin Securities: The impact of the epidemic on the stock market has been basically digested. The introduction of refinancing policies and the easing of monetary policies are a major positive for securities firms.

The recommended average budget, investment bank resources are rich in resources, the trend of the registration system under the trend of long-term good performance of the right-hand brokers, and the 杭州桑拿网 current forecast of low, small and medium-sized investment banks with a better investment bank foundation and 2020 performance may grow rapidly.

  Shen Wanhongyuan: The reform of the refinancing system is an important part of the construction of a multi-level capital market. Ultimately, it points to an increase in the proportion of equity financing, and securities firms continue to benefit as core capital intermediaries.

Major unbundling refinancing system, revised new third board public issuance system, proposed establishment of science and technology board refinancing system, etc. The supervision continues to promote the construction of capital market infrastructure. The ultimate goal is to increase direct financing, especially the proportion of equity, and make the capital market more efficient.Serve the real economy well.

In the past, direct financing, especially equity financing, was relatively low in the social financing systems of developing countries (from 2018 to 2019, the amount of internal stock financing of non-financial companies in developing countries accounted for less than 2% of the social financing scale), and the new economy and new business formatsDevelopment needs equity financing support even more. In the medium and long term, increasing the proportion of long-term equity financing is an inevitable trend.

As a core capital intermediary for equity financing, securities firms will further open up their investment banking business space.

In 2018 and the first three quarters of 2019, the business income of the top ten securities firms in China accounted for less than 10% on average, and there was room for improvement in the proportion of 20% of the benchmark international top investment banks.

The net profit margin of the investment banking business of each brokerage firm is 10 times higher than that of the traditional brokerage business?
20pct, the transfer business space is opened, the investment ratio of high-margin investment banking business has increased, and the overall profit quality of securities firms has ushered in improvement.

  Guotai Junan: The ceiling for refinancing issuance of shares is raised to 30%.

The policy dividend is expected to bring about a 3% increase in the income of the brokerage industry, especially for leading brokerages with obvious advantages in refinancing. The new refinancing rules will help stimulate the vitality of the capital market and benefit brokerage brokers, asset management and proprietary businesses.

  China Galaxy: The policy reversal cycle has been intensified to cope with the impact of the new crown epidemic, new refinancing regulations have been loosened to exceed expectations, activated demand has been increased, and the refinancing scale has released investment banking incremental business space, and the development of equity financing has grown significantly.Investment banking business income.
In essence, the new regulations relax the issuance pricing and door cloud, reorganize the lock-up period and loosen the reduction of holdings, which is conducive to improving the premium space and liquidity of self-invested investment targets, bringing new asset allocation methods for wealth management, and helping brokersExpansion of business investment and wealth management business space.

The logic of increasing the industry concentration remains unchanged, and the brokers on the right have benefited significantly, and continue to be optimistic about the investment value of leading brokers.

Zhaoyi Innovation (603986) company comment: fixed increase and recovery highlights a lot of DRAM progress exceeds expectations

Zhaoyi Innovation (603986) company comment: fixed increase and recovery highlights a lot of DRAM progress exceeds expectations

On December 28, 2019, the company announced the “Reply to the Feedback on the Application Documents for the Non-public Issuance of A Shares of Beijing Zhaoyi Innovation Technology Co., Ltd.”.

  Following NOR Flash and SLC NAND Flash, the company cuts into the DRAM 100 billion-level market and has a complete memory layout.

Judging from this reply, the fundraising projects this time are mainly consumer DRAM and mobile DRAM. The downstream applications mainly include TV set-top boxes, routers, automotive electronics, industrial control, mobile phones, tablet computers, game consoles and wearable devices.

Compared with standard DRAMs, niche DRAMs are mainly customized, niche markets use relatively mature processes, mainly DDR3 / LPDDR3, and mainstream processes are mainly 40+ nm, 20+ nm.

  Zhaoyi’s growth plan is to cut into DRAM from NOR in 16 years to NAND in 17 years, and the market space will be opened ten times.

The company’s main business is gradually improving the 南京桑拿网 “storage-processing-sensing-transmission” layout around “storage + Internet of things”. In 2005, it gradually went from SRAM → NOR → MCU → NAND → DRAM, and new products continued to be launched.

And this is exactly the essence of our outstanding high-tech companies’ high-tech dividend conversion efficiency and outstanding growth.

The optimization of product structure under strong execution and the reduction of costs brought by process transformation are the core competitiveness of the company.

  We expect Zhaoyi Innovation to be the industrial operator of the Changxin project. Through the development of the fixed code increase technology, we will gradually deepen the business cooperation with the Changxin project, and more business cooperation will be gradually launched through a similar fabless + foundry model.The business is 南京夜网 expected to enjoy capacity guarantee + cost concessions + advanced triple blessing of advanced processes.

  As the company’s merger and acquisition of Siliwei has been completed, considering Siliwei’s pro forma revenue and net profit attributable to the mother, and based on the current monthly operating status of the company and industry price increases, we have raised the company’s estimated revenue and profit: we expectThe company’s 2019-2021 revenue growth rate of 46% / 74% / 37%, corresponding to 2019-2021 revenue of 32.




It is estimated that the growth rate of the company’s net profit attributable to mothers in 2019-2021 will be 66% / 121% / 37%, corresponding to the net profit attributable to mothers in 2019-2021.



300 million.

Exceeding expectations does not take into account the potential consolidation factors of Hefei Changxin DRAM project and the possible increase in profit margins due to possible continued price increases in the future.

  Give the company a target market value of 936 trillion, corresponding to 63x / 46x PE in 2020/2021, and maintain a “Buy” rating.

  Risk warning: 1) The downstream demand of the industry is not up to expectations; 2) The progress of the new process technology is not up to expectations; 3) The progress of Hefei DRAM is up to expectations.

Mind Control (603508): Lanxin Technology’s Performance Exceeds Expectation, Waiting for New Products in Control System

Mind Control (603508): Lanxin Technology’s Performance Exceeds Expectation, Waiting for New Products in Control System

The company announced its semi-annual report for 2019, and the company achieved operating income in 2019H15.

65 ppm, an increase of 98 in ten years.

64%; net profit attributable to mother 7.

23 ppm, an increase of 625 per year.

09%; net profit deducted from non-attributed mothers1.

68 ppm, an increase of 149 in ten years.

08%; the company’s performance maintained high growth in line with expectations, new product promotion is on the way, waiting for the new product replacement system to gradually increase the volume.

Consolidated Lanxin Technology, the volume of mechanical security systems, revenue and profits increased significantly.

2019H1 company achieved operating income5.

65 ppm, an increase of 98 in ten years.

64%; net profit attributable to non-attributed mothers1.

68 ppm, an increase of 149 in ten years.


The main reason for the company’s high-performance growth in 2019H1 is the significant increase in the performance of the consolidated blue letter technology and mechanical security business segments.

Lanxin Technology’s 2019H1 revenue and net profit have increased by 71 each year.

14% and 146.

05%, which is basically the current overall EMU DMS system. The EOAS system has gradually reached the renewal period, and the demand for renewal has steadily increased, which will have a continuous positive impact on the industry; the revenue from the locomotive security business will increase.

970,000 yuan, an increase of 136 in ten years.

The 50% increase in performance is mainly due to the railway system’s 6A representative products for locomotive security systems since the fourth quarter of 2018. CMD’s tenders have gradually resumed. In 2019, new orders for locomotive-related products have also achieved restorative growth.And revenue have increased significantly, while the company is fully exploring the maintenance market, and the penetration rate of new product revenue has increased.

Considering only the operating status of Mind Control Group, the non-returned profit in H1 2019 is basically the same as the same period of last year, but there is a fair incentive fee of 27.69 million yuan in 2019H1. Without considering the impact of the distribution of incentive costs, Mind Control Group’s 2019H1 realizedThe net profit after deducting non-attribution to mothers increased by 41 each year.

29%, the main contribution of the increase came from the locomotive security system.

The continuous improvement of operation, waiting for the replacement of new products in the control system gradually increased the volume, long-term optimistic about the company’s future development.

The gross profit margin of the company in 2019H1 is 62.

72%, an increase of 4 per year.

96 single, profitability increased again; period expenses 28.

40%, a decline of 0 every year.

56 levels, management and operation improved.

In November 2018, we first put forward the view that LKJ new products will gradually expand the market in 2019 in the entire market.

In April 2019, Zhengzhou 夜来香体验网 Road Bureau took the lead in launching the LKJ new product bidding, and changed it to 2019 as the first year of LKJ new product promotion.

We judge that the next three years will be a time window for LKJ’s new product promotion. The increase in volume and price will drive the company’s long-term performance; the acquisition of Lanxin Technology will gradually highlight the synergy effect; the company adheres to the “technology is the core competitiveness”Strategic positioning, smart station yards, intelligent driving, and BTM projects proceed in an orderly manner.

Profit forecast and investment grade: Since 2018, we have long been optimistic about three core logics of thinking and control: First, industry logic. Railway investment remains high in the medium and long term but the overall flexibility is limited. Industry 杭州桑拿 investment opportunities exist after maintenance and replacement.The market, the logic of thinking of controlling LKJ new products to replace old products is the aftermarket investment logic of the railway industry; the second is the logic of the new product cycle. In 2018, we proposed that 2019 is the first year of LKJ new product promotion. Zhengzhou Road Bureau in the first half of 2019Take the lead in bidding and follow up with Taiyuan Road Bureau in the second half of the year. The next three years will be a time window for LKJ’s new product promotion. The increase in volume and price will drive the company’s performance for a long time. Third, the merger and acquisition of Lanxin Technology will gradually show synergy.

In addition to the above-mentioned three points of logic, at this point in time, we believe that the company adheres to the strategic positioning of “technology is the core competitiveness”. In smart stations, intelligent driving, BTM projects are advanced in an orderly manner, and these strategies continue to be developed in the rail transportation industry. These strategiesSexual projects will continue to contribute to the company’s performance in the future, relaying the high cycle performance of new products in the control system in the future, helping the company grow steadily.

So far, it constitutes the core logic of “3 + 1” that we are currently optimistic about.

We expect the company’s net profit for 2019-2021 to be 9.



76 ppm, maintain “Buy” rating.

Risk reminders: LKJ’s new product promotion exceeds expectations; railway investment has decreased significantly; macro-systematic risks.

3 taboos for group mental activity design

3 taboos for group mental activity design

If you let you choose, is it alone to face the psychological counselor’s heart wound, or to fuse yourself into a crowd who are all sympathetic to their own illness, receive help in crowd counseling activities, help others, and the robe realizes the solution?Your own psychological problems.

I believe many people will choose another.

Indeed, group psychological counseling is more popular with counselors, but there are three points to note in the design of the activity plan.

  Avoid duplicating other activities. Group counseling activities are designed to treat certain types of people’s psychological problems.

Random imitation or copying of other solutions may not achieve the purpose of solving the problem.

Untargeted activity psychotherapy is of little significance, and members’ participation is not high.

  Avoid inappropriate activities to interfere with the effect of collective psychological counseling. Consultants with psychological problems are generally in a poor state of mind, easily sensitive, inferior, and introverted. When conducting group psychological counseling activities, a process of mental adaptation and adjustment is often required.

Therefore, when setting up a group psychological counseling activity, we must not take it too hurriedly, so that members may have negative emotions such as resentment and withdrawal.

    The purpose of avoiding the flood of activities and neglecting the psychological counseling of communication groups is for members to make progress in common communication.

Therefore, any kind of program or activity is only a tool or means of group psychological counseling, not an end.

Try to avoid too much activity and not pay attention to the issue of communication and sharing between members.

  Group psychological consultation can better reflect the humanistic spirit, so that people with psychological barriers can solve their inner problems without knowing it.

Therefore, it is welcomed by more and more counselors and counselors.

Type 6 cervical spine exercises to stay away from spondylosis

Type 6 cervical spine exercises to stay away from spondylosis

Cervical spondylosis is a common disease. Anyone who has been in the office for a long time, such as typing and writing, will cause cervical spine wounds due to improper posture. Its incidence is also related to cold and many other factors.

  Lean forward and back to do exercises, first in nature, eyes up, feet slightly apart, parallel to both shoulders, then hands on hips.

When moving, first raise your head and back, inhale at the same time, look into the sky with your eyes, and stay for a while; then slowly lower your head forward and upward, while exhaling, look at the ground with both eyes.

When doing this, close your mouth to prevent your lower jaw from clinging to your chest. After staying for a while, repeat it up and down four times.

The main points of the action are: stretch, relax, slow, it is better not to feel uncomfortable.

  Raise your arms and turn to do exercises, first in nature, eyes up, feet slightly apart, shoulder width, hands hang down naturally.

When moving, first raise your right arm, palm down, look up at the palm of your hand, slowly turn your body to the left, and stay for a while.

When turning, pay attention to the heel turning 45 degrees, the body’s center of gravity leans forward, and then the body turns to the right back side, slowly inhale when rotating, exhale slowly when rotating, the whole movement should be slow and coordinated.

When turning the neck and waist, try to turn as far as you can’t, stop for a while, return to the natural style, and then change the left arm.

When changing the left arm, the lowered hand should be slowly pressed along the base of the ear. Do the same after changing the arm, and do it back and forth twice.

  Before turning left and right to do exercises, first naturally and naturally, eyes are flat, feet are slightly separated, parallel to shoulders, hands on hips.

Turn the right side gradually while inhaling, at the same time inhale on the chest, make the right side straight forward, stay for a while, then turn slowly, while exhaling, let the left side straight forward, stay for a while.

Do this alternately four times.

It should be noted that the overall movement should be relaxed, stretched, and it is advisable not to feel dizzy.

  Before lifting shoulders and necking to do exercises, first of all, in the natural world, your eyes are flat, your feet are slightly apart, parallel to your shoulders, and your hands hang down naturally.

Slowly lift your shoulders when you move, and try to align them downwards. After a short pause, your shoulders are slowly relaxed and the head and neck are in a natural shape to return to nature. Then, you should sink your shoulders downwards, pull your head straight up and stay for a whileAfter that, relax your shoulders and exhale naturally.

Note that you should inhale slowly while contracting and stretching your neck, hold your breath when you stay, and try to relax your shoulders as you relax your shoulders.

After returning to the natural style, do it four more times.

  Before swinging from side to side, do a natural phenomenon with your eyes flat, your feet slightly apart, parallel to your shoulders, and your hands on your hips.

During the movement, the head slowly tilted to the left, so that the left ear was attached to the left shoulder, and after a short stay, it returned to the middle position; then the right shoulder and the left ear were attached to the left shoulder, and after a short stay, it returned to the middle position;Tilt to the right shoulder, and the right ear should also be close to the right shoulder. After a short pause, return to the middle position.

In this way, do the left and right swing four times repeatedly. Inhale when swinging at the top, exhale slowly when returning to the neutral position, shoulders while doing exercises, adjust to relax and try to move slowly and stably.

  Before the wave flexes and stretches, do the exercises first, in the natural world, with your eyes flat, your legs slightly apart, parallel to your shoulders, and your hands will naturally sag.

During the movement, the lower jaw moves forward and downward in a wave-like manner. During this movement, the lower jaw tries to be close to the front chest, shoulders are lifted, the lower jaw is slowly bent, the chest is forward, and the shoulders are moved slowly up and down.

Inhale slowly during mandibular flexion, exhale slowly when you lift your head, relax your shoulders, and do two pauses for a while; then turn upside down to do mandibular extension and flexion, inhale from top to bottom, exhale during recovery,Twice, practice each time twice.