What makes Qin Feng feel very strange is,Why does this Zuo Menghan know he is on the playground,And will come over at this time。

Qin Feng watched Zuo Menghan walk step by step,The body cannot move one point,Because this woman is so beautiful,It seems that if you take a less look, you will lose。
“Yoha,Qin Feng Elementary School,Why are you here,Teacher Zuo come to see if you are good。”Zuo Menghan also moves forward,Nina and Ting came over,Every step is like dancing in the clouds。
“Teacher Zuo,Damn,What a coincidence,I didn’t expect to see you here。”Although Qin Feng knew that Zuo Menghan was sent by Liu Tiancheng to protect him,But Qin Feng still feels embarrassed。
Because she is a female stream after all,Let a woman protect herself,Really embarrassed。
“Who says it’s not fate?Since I saw you for the first time,I feel that the two of us are very destined。”Zuo Menghan said that he can eat people without spitting out bones。
Qin Feng didn’t know what to say for a while,at this time,Zuo Menghan saw Qin Feng’s dilemma,So speak first to break the deadlock:“Have you encountered anything upsetting recently?。”
“Did the dean continue to embarrass you??I’ll go and say it so clearly,He shouldn’t trouble you anymore, right。”
“This is nothing,That fat guy doesn’t dare to trouble me anymore!Speaking of yesterday
,I still recognize thank you。”
Qin Feng is not polite,He is really grateful to Zuo Menghan,Because of her appearance,He can turn the danger into a breeze。
“Thank you or not thank you for saying this,Is there anyone who invited me to have a meal?。”Zuo Menghan said as if joking。
Qin Feng looked embarrassed,But I gladly agreed:“I happen to be hungry too,Let’s go and have a meal together,How about me please。”

Although the amount of funds accommodated by small-cap stocks in this era is far less than in the future,But not so small。

“You will wait,I’ll talk to the person in charge here。”Of course Chen Wenjin knew that someone in the securities department was staring at his account,Originally it was nothing,Because it is inevitable。but,Excessive trading volume,It means not only the people inside are staring,They are still calling friends,That won’t work!
Wang Shuai is definitely not willing to wait for this kind of thing,Want to follow,Xiao Xiao is also curious,Of course Abao chose to follow the majority。
“I go alone,Talkative,Hard to talk about things。”Chen Wenjin thought that it was not difficult to do,He also knows the character of the person in charge here,Also know some secret things,If you can’t negotiate directly,Losing some secrets and applying pressure will definitely be fine。After all, to prevent many follow suits,It’s not that some people inside are not allowed to eat meat。
Wang Shuai feels weird,But there is no way to stick to it。
After a meeting,They just saw Chen Wenjin coming out。
“That’s a deal,Meat only they eat,Must be to buy the specified stock。”
“That’s not cheap enough for them?”A Bao is very unconvinced,I feel that there is no reason to take advantage。“We can change the securities department!”
“Do not be silly。Which one is different?Ideally to reach an agreement,The choice of land exchange is like a deterrent weapon,Can’t really throw it out,Throw it out is to lift the table。They can’t eat meat after changing the land,But they will immediately publish my information,Everywhere is being stared at,The consequences are more troublesome。As long as they follow the meat and don’t prevent us from making money,Then they eat,Be happy to help,After all, they have the authority of this pass,I can’t stop them。but,Can’t eat for nothing。Later they will vacate an office for us,They refund the transaction taxes privately,Book directly what to eat and drink for lunch in the future,They are all in charge。Convenience is better than nothing,It’s also a manifestation of their gratitude for eating meat。Besides,I want to see their transaction records,Agreed on the amount of funds,Did not exceed,20% of the money they earn;Exceed the agreed total,Just score me 50%。The less the order, the happier he eats,This agreement is also to ensure that they have the motivation to streamline the total amount of copy,Of course there will be incentives to keep information。”Chen Wenjin doesn’t feel angry at all,There are such things in memory,He thinks it can be called social law。
“What if we own a securities company?”Wang Shuai really moved in this direction。
“This fat is not so easy to eat,Moreover,I’ll still be waiting for a ride,Or someone who makes you even less able to refuse,At that time,People only take a ride,I don’t even bother to express the small meaning of the thoughtful service provided by the office。”Chen Wenjin watched Wang Shuai frown,I know that Wang Shuai doesn’t mind someone following suit,But feel that the price paid by the other party is not big enough。“Forget it,The amount of funds will reach a certain level sooner or later,Then you have to change the gameplay。”
“I haven’t figured it out yet,otherwise,I’ll save some money and buy it myself in the future,Leave most of them to you?”Xiao Xiao thinks how to do it later,But I think Chen Wenjin has a long-term plan。
“That’s good,How to divide you up。”Wang Shuai also thinks this is a good idea。
“The latter is simpler,Just need you to have concentration,No escrow。”Chen Wenjin Talking Room,Saw a few people from the securities department start to pack things,Obviously I have to move a few computers in,Wang Shuai said when he saw it:“Move two more spares。”
Downstairs,Wang Shuai said to find a place to have afternoon tea before going back,Said hello to the person who protected him,Found a place nearby,The people who are protecting sit at a table alone。
Wang Shuai calculates the income of the account,Rather regretful to say:“I didn’t buy it well,Today this stock makes money,Tomorrow that loses money again,Tossing for a week,Earned a little,I don’t even have enough money to buy with you,I’ll save less of the part I’m buying next week。”

I saw that he brought a lot of things,Hu Yang thought,Is for him,Who knows that they bring sunny days to their anchors。

“Sunny days are also Guangdong people?”Hu Yang couldn’t help asking。
He and Sunny once connected to Mai,In my memory,It seems to be from Hunan, right??Also a standard Hunan beauty,A bit fleshy,In the mouth of a man“Fat”Woman。
“Is not,But she is in Guangdong now。Hu Ge,Do you want to connect with Sunny Day today??”Mu Yi Kai。
Get!It’s really a fan,Create opportunities for your own anchor when you catch the opportunity。In the audience in the Populus live broadcast room,There are also anchors,See this kind of fan,Really envious。
Populus euphratica smiled:“Forget the wheat,Since it’s in Guangdong Province,Then you can contact her,Just live it together,Have a meal or something by the way。”
Mu Yi’s eyes light up:“Is this okay?convenient?”
If possible,Of course it’s better!Who doesn’t know,Live with Brother Hu,Many times better than Lianmai。Even Mai only takes about ten minutes,Come out live together,Can stay for a long time。
Everyone will never forget,The former Tang girl,And Xiaoli,All because of Hu,Popularity increased,Soaring income。
“I have no inconvenience,Instead, you have to ask Sunny,Is it convenient to come out。”
“She must be convenient,Stay at home all day,Sleep or play games,I should be out in the sun,Otherwise she will be abandoned。”Mu Yi unceremoniously commented on his anchor。
Ok!Stone hammered,Is true love fan。
Two other men,A lot of low-key,Especially Mr. Song who asked for the money,After the polite greeting,Just by your side,Others speak,He just smiled around。
“Song Ge,Took the train for so long,Do you want to rest?I have found a hotel for everyone。”Populus did not ignore anyone。
This is the nickname“I’m a broker, my last name is Song”,He listened,Waved quickly:“On the train,Enough sleep。”
“Since everyone is here,Don’t worry about going back,Play for two days。right now,Let’s go to the hotel first,Put down the luggage。Brother Muyi,You can let the sunny day come by your own car to find us。
Wait,We go to the car dealer,Finalize the car first。at night,You can travel the Pearl River at night,You discuss,How do you want to play。”Hu Yang told everyone。

FPX is happy to mention 9 straight wins!Doinb teases his teammates badly

FPX is happy to mention 9 straight wins!Doinb teases his teammates badly
Doinb ridiculed his teammates “too badly.”Today, in the League of Legends Professional League (LPL) spring game, the FPX team defeated the LNG team 2-0 and won 9 consecutive victories.This season, FPX lost two games in a row in the first week of the year before, which caused the outside world to squeeze.After a long offseason, FPX replaced Jinhedong (ID: Khan) to regain the title of Jinhanquan (ID: GimGoon), defeating JDG, DMO, WE, SN, RNG, BLG, OMG 7Teams.Since then, in the battle with V5 and today with LNG, Jin Hedong returned to the starting line and won a wave of 9 consecutive victories, which is the longest streak since they established the team.As the 2019 FPX team won the world championship trophy, more and more external expectations of them.Currently, FPX ranks second in the spring competition, second only to the iG team.Today, no matter who is the top order, the FPX range maintains absolute dominance in the LPL field.Just like Kim Tae-sang (ID: Doinb) said after the game, now both top players can win. This gives the team one more tactic, and Kim Tae-sang does n’t forget to damage Kim Han-quan: “Jin Gong (Jin Hanquan) sometimesIt’s a pity to fight, often being pressed by sixty or seventy knives, but this kind of problem rarely occurs in Jinhedong.FPX ranked second.At present, Kim Tae-sang has won 11 MVPs and is the player with the most MVPs in the team.When asked whether the old MVP would have any opinions about his teammates, Kim Tae-sang immediately shook his head, “Surely not, they all played badly. They knew that FPX won, and MVP must be Doinb, everyone agree.”It just happened that the official FPX club official Bo just announced a set of comics, the content of which is what his teammates said when they heard Jin Taixiang’s interview (see below).Sauna, Ye Wang Liu Shujun editor Wang Chunqiu proofreading Yang Xuli

Beikong lost to Shanghai after being overturned, Marbury looks to correct violations and eat T

Beikong lost to Shanghai after being overturned, Marbury looks to correct violations and eat T
Marbury failed to lead the team to a two-game winning streak.Figure / OsportsCBA regular season continues tonight, the North Control men’s basketball team led by 12 points in the first half at home, the second half weak defense, 98 to 102 was reversed by the Shanghai team.In this campaign, the North Control coach Marbury released Sun Yue, Xu Mengjun, Fergie, Wang Shaojie and Sonny’s starting segment.The Beikong men’s basketball team started with a 9-2 lead, and has been overlapping the field since then, and ended the first quarter with 27-19.Fogg made two free throws in the second quarter, extending the lead to double digits.However, Sun Yue embedded foul trouble, he played less than 5 minutes, then gradually fouled 4 times.The Shanghai team made two consecutive three-pointers and was only four points behind.Fogg stood up and scored 8 points in 1 minute, stopping his opponent.Since then, the errors of the North Control have increased, reaching 7 times in a single quarter, and was chased 44 to 47 at the end of the half.Sonny hit a three-pointer from the far-off buzzer.As soon as the screen shot came up in the second half, Li Gen’s outside line highlighted the Shanghai team’s 1 point.The North Control team came back from a timeout and Sun Yue tied the game with a three-pointer from the corner.In the second half of the third quarter, when the head referee applied for immediate correction, Marbury stepped forward to watch the violation, and he was called for a technical foul.The Shanghai team once established a 9-point advantage. Sonny shot a superb three-pointer from the buzzer. After the first 3 quarters, Beijing Enterprises trailed 74-80.At the end of the day, Shanghai small foreign aid Nanali scored 19 points in a single period, of which three points made 4 shots.In the first half of the fourth quarter, the North Control team chased by only 1 point, but the length and thickness of the single foreign aid operation were insufficient, and they finally failed to make a comeback.

Qiaqia Foods (002557): Advertising effect highlights revenue growth, eye-catching gross margin improvement continues to materialize

Qiaqia Foods (002557): Advertising effect highlights revenue growth, eye-catching gross margin improvement continues to materialize

The company’s third quarter performance report announced that the company achieved revenue of 12 in 19Q3.

32 ppm / + 19.

01%, net profit attributable to mother 18.

01 ppm / + 37.

39%, net profit deducted from non-mother 14 was achieved.

4.6 billion / + 36.

37%, third quarter revenue and net profit growth exceeded market expectations.

The core point is that the effect of advertising is remarkable, and the revenue growth rate in the third quarter exceeded expectations.

The company achieved revenue growth rate of 19 in the third quarter.

01%, Q1 / Q2 revenue exceeded growth rate 1.

26% / 11.

78%, based on the increase in prices over the same period last year, the growth rate still achieved a quarter-on-quarter increase, exceeding market expectations.

We believe that the growth momentum of the revenue end-side has mainly broken through the advertising effect of the company ‘s 杭州桑拿网 media distribution in the third quarter.Last year’s increase of 300% +, the positive value of advertising is highlighted.

The mechanized production supplemented the expected growth rate reduction, which was good, and the logic of gross margin improvement in Q3 continued to materialize.

Q3 company achieved gross profit margin of 35.

84% / + 1.

19pct, Q1 / Q2 gross margin increased by 1.

45 points / 3.

19pct, gross margin improvement continued to materialize.

Q3 is based on the improvement of the gross margin end value on the basis of the high base price increase in the same period last year. It is expected that the mechanization rate of the company ‘s small yellow bag products will increase the labor cost and replace the downward adjustment.

The decrease in the financial expense ratio hedged the increase in the sales expense ratio, and the company’s Q3 net profit increased by 2pct.

The Q3 company’s sales expense ratio / administrative expense ratio (recovery research and development expenses) / financial expense ratio are 15 respectively.

94% / 4.

98% /-0.

44%, changing by 1 every year.

11pct / 0.

09pct / -0.

79 points. The sales expense ratio improved due to the impact of Focus Advertising. However, the replacement of financial expenses also hedged the negative impact of the growth of some sales expenses. The overall net profit in Q3 was 14.

62 / + 2pct, profitability still improved significantly.

Equity incentives have continued to advance, and employees’ interests have been aligned to provide significant motivation for subsequent performance improvement.

As of the end of September, the company had repurchased a total of 123 shares.

250,000 shares, accounting for 0 of the company’s total share capital.

twenty four%.

Not more than 50% of the repurchased shares will be used for employee stock ownership plans. Equity incentives will continue to promote the binding of employees and the company’s core interests, and the company’s growth momentum will follow.

Financial forecasts and investment recommendations are attributed to better-than-expected growth in the combined gross profit margin of Yellow Bag.



46 yuan (before adjustment 1).01/1.


36 yuan), giving the company 31 times P / E ratio in 2020, corresponding to a target price of 38.

75 yuan, maintain BUY rating.

Risks prompt higher import tariffs on nuts, food safety issues

Zhejiang Dingli (603338): The rapid growth of the domestic market share is worth looking forward to

Zhejiang Dingli (603338): The rapid growth of the domestic market share is worth looking forward to

Event: 北京夜网 The company released its semi-annual report for 2019, and the company achieved operating income in the first half of the year8.

4.9 billion, an annual increase of 8.

05%; net profit attributable to the parent company2.

60 ppm, an increase of 26 in ten years.

79%; basic return is 0.

75 yuan, an annual increase of 27.


The sales strategy was actively adjusted, and the domestic market share increased rapidly: affected by the trade frictions, the company’s performance in the first half of the year increased.

The company flexibly adjusts its market strategy and achieved results in domestic market development in the first half of 2019, achieving operating income4.

10,000 yuan, an increase of 35 in ten years.

22%, accounting for 51.

13%, an increase of 12.

05 averages.

At the same time, the proportion of markets in Europe and Asia in overseas markets has also increased, and the proportion of sales in North America has continued to decline.

In the first half of 2019, the main business income of the European market1.

49 ppm, a 47-year increase of 47.

16%, accounting for 38.

79%, an increase of 16.

93 singles; Asia and other markets achieved revenue1.

09 million yuan, an increase of 21 in ten years.

84%, accounting for 28.


The technical advantages of the arm-type products are significant, and future development is worth looking forward to: the arm-type aerial work platform products are the future trend of the domestic market, and the market demand has increased significantly in the first half of the year.

The company actively explored the arm-type product market, with revenue of 7,159 in the first half of the year.

200,000 yuan, an increase of 88 in ten years.

18%, accounting for 17 of domestic main business income.

84%, an increase of 5 over the same period last year.

02 units.

At the same time, the construction of the company’s “large-scale intelligent aerial work platform construction project” has been progressing steadily, and the project is currently in the final stage of construction and equipment procurement and installation.

After the project is put into production, it can supplement 3200 large-scale intelligent aerial work platforms, which can effectively increase the company’s production capacity of arm products and help market development of high-end products.

Profit forecast and investment grade: Zhejiang Dingli is a leading enterprise in domestic aerial work platforms, expanding outstanding core competitiveness.

Although the first half of the year was struggling with trade frictions, performance growth has improved, but we believe that the current demand for aerial work platforms is still strong.

We maintain the company’s net profit for 2019-2021.

69, 9.

38, 11.

500,000 yuan, the corresponding EPS is 2.

01, 2.
70, 3.
31 yuan, currently corresponding to 34X / 25X / 20X, maintaining the “overweight” level.

Risk warning: intensified competition in the industry, risk of exchange rate changes, weak development of new products or market expansion; risk of fluctuations in raw material prices.

Shanxi Fen Liquor (600809): The perfect ending looks even older

Shanxi Fen Liquor (600809): The perfect ending looks even older

Recently participated in the Fenjiu Distributors Conference & Investor Exchange Meeting. The company’s three-year responsibility has been successfully concluded. The reform will be further deepened in the future. The long-term goal is to achieve the rejuvenation of fenjiu.Fen, the strategy shifted from “grasping the middle of the two heads” to “pulling the middle and high control the bottom.”

Some investors are worried about the sustainability of the company’s future growth. We believe that Fenjiu has reached the national brand gene. This round of expansion outside the province will enjoy the bonus of distributors focusing on high-quality brands. There is still a lot of room for expansion outside the province.Focusing on high-end blue-and-white series, the market attracts tilt towards blue and white, and continuously improves the height and cultural influence of the Fenjiu brand. The proportion of blue and white will continue to increase and become the main driving force for the company’s revenue and performance. Revenue will continue to maintain a steady growth in the coming year.

Considering that competition will intensify in the coming year, it is expected that the company can maintain a reasonable inventory level, and at the same time work more closely with China Resources, further internal reforms, and steadily advance its strategic expansion in the depth of the market.

Slightly adjusted EPS 2 for 19-20 years.

25, 2.

81 yuan (2 last time).

25, 2.

64 yuan), currently corresponding to only 31x in 20 years, the reform bonus is worth assessing the premium, given 20x 35x, target price of 98 yuan, maintaining the “strongly recommended-A” rating.

Feedback from the Reform Wine Dealers Conference & Investor Exchange Meeting: The reform was unanimously confirmed and the revival was at the time.

1) Review of the past three years: three billion-level market segments have been formed, and the marketing team has grown from more than 400 to 4,000. In November 2019, the sales company exceeded 10 billion; all the main sales products achieved priced sales; the cabinet system was initially changedThe organizational structure is adjusted to a vertical mode; the internal and external income ratio of the province is 44:56, the middle and high-end ratio is 66%, and the high-end blue and white is growing rapidly.

2) Long-term future goals: to achieve the rejuvenation of Fenjiu through “three breakthroughs, three new”: first, rely on technological progress and new development in quality improvement; second, rely on cultural marketing, new breakthroughs in market expansion; third, overcomeManagement innovation and new corporate governance capacity building must be improved.

3) Target for 2020: Steady progress, focus on blue and white, strategy change from “grasping the middle of the two headbands” to “pulling the middle and high control bottom”.

Focusing on blue and white next year, Bofen controls the volume, and the strategy shifts to “pulling the middle and high control bottom”.

Since 2017, the company has always adhered to the “grasp the middle of the two heads” strategy, with high-end blue and white flowers holding high and playing high, and low-end Bofen cultivating fragrance-based consumption alternatives, and achieved significant results.

Looking forward to the future, the company will focus more on high-end blue and white series and continue to raise the brand height. In 2020, it will focus on blue and white and control the volume of Fenfen. Next year’s goal is to increase the blue and white 20 and 30 by 1 billion to 5 billion (sales caliber).Volume, maintaining a steady upward trend, there will be no substantial growth.

For the blue and white series, the company’s future operating mode and regional focus will change: 1) Blue 20 and 30 will transform independent contracts; 2) Regionally, blue and white 30 will focus on 50 cities across the country next year, and 20 will focus onTo 100 cities, the core target market is separated, the core terminals are separated, and the core actions are separated; 3) The channels are more detailed, and Qing 30 is more inclined to buy products.In addition to the core products, they may be built around banquet seats in the future.

The company’s strategy is clear and the channels are detailed. It is expected that the blue and white flowers will maintain a high growth rate next year.

Looking at the future development space of Fenjiu from three perspectives: 1) Heavy blue and white flowers will become the core driving force for future performance.

Under the background of the continuous concentration of the liquor industry to brand enterprises, the company’s strategy has shifted to “plugging in the middle and high control bottom”, and will focus on high-end blue and white in the future. We believe that the company’s move is the correct way to continuously improve the height of the Fen liquor brand and promote the return of the Fen bossThe growth of the blue and white series will become the core driving force for the company’s future revenue and performance.

2) The extra-provincial space is still large.

The scale of the company has grown rapidly outside the province, and some investors have expressed changes in the company’s future external expansion of the province. We believe that Fenjiu has a national brand gene. This round of expansion outside the province will enjoy the bonus of distributors focusing on high-quality brands.There is still plenty of room for expansion.

First of all, in the surrounding Shanxi market, except for Henan and Shandong, the growth rate has improved. Outer Mongolia, Inner Mongolia, Shaanxi, and Hebei still maintain high growth rates. Second, the company has also increased its market to the south of the Yangtze River, including Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, and Guangdong.In March, the East China strategy of “crossing the Yangtze River, breaking East China, and occupying Shanghai” was clearly put forward. In 19 years, the Shanghai market target was 100 million and the Zhejiang market target 1.

500 million, Jiangsu market target of more than 100 million, Guangdong market target 1.

8 billion.

The company will continue to consolidate its advantages and improve its share in the surrounding Shanxi market. It will increase the number of cities in the markets 夜来香体验网 outside Shanxi to cultivate the potential for consumption and future development.

3) The mechanism has been continuously improved, and the endogenous power has been enhanced to ensure long-term development.

The company’s reform continued to advance, internally strengthened contractual management, performance appraisal contractualization, and cadre employment contractualization. At the same time, it actively tried employee shareholding and equity incentives to fully stimulate the company’s internal autonomy and vitality.

At the beginning of the 18th, the company dated China Resources War Investment, and actively cooperated with China Resources in strategic coordination to further optimize the corporate governance structure and ensure long-term development.

Investment suggestion: Fenjiu revival is just at the time, optimistic about the amount of young flowers and reforms in the coming years, and maintain the “strongly recommended -A” level.

The reform of the company continued to advance, the mechanism became more market-oriented, and the surrounding Shanxi market continued to exert its strength.

Looking forward to the coming year, the company will focus on high-end blue and white, “grasp the middle of the two heads” to “plug the middle and high-control bottom”, the market shifted to blue and white, blue and white is expected to become the main driver of revenue and performance.

Slightly adjusted EPS 2 for 19-20 years.

25, 2.

81 yuan (2 last time).

25, 2.

(64 yuan), currently corresponding to 31x in 20 years, the reform bonus is worth assessing the premium, given 20x 35x, target price of 98 yuan, maintaining the “strong recommendation-A” rating.

Risk Warning: The reform is not up to expectations, and competition outside the province is fierce.

CICC Gold (600489): Weak profitability after debt-to-equity swap and Inner Mongolia mining industry injection is expected to improve substantially

CICC Gold (600489): Weak profitability after debt-to-equity swap and Inner Mongolia mining industry injection is expected to improve substantially

The company is the national team of the gold industry, with an annual output of about 25 tons of gold.

Net profit 上海夜网论坛 for the first half of 2019 was temporarily cancelled41.

08%, the impact of the decline in existing gold production, but only because of the increase in the proportion of minority shareholders’ profits and losses caused by the conversion of debt to equity of the Central Plains Smelter, resulted in a decrease of 71.23 million in net profit corresponding to the company.

Net profit caliber was 2 in the first half of 2019.

6.6 billion, an annual increase of 2.


Acquired 90% of Inner Mongolia Mining and 60 financial institutions in Zhongyuan Smelter60.

The progress of 98% minority equity is progressing smoothly and is expected to be completed within the year.

After the completion, the company’s profitability will be weak, and the situation of high proportion of minority shareholders’ profit and loss will be 佛山桑拿 significantly improved.

Inner Mongolia’s mining industry has the capacity to produce about 8 tons of copper metal, about 50 tons of silver metal, and about 6,000 tons of molybdenum metal. After the injection is completed, the company’s mineral copper scale will reach the level of 10 years.

In terms of profit, China Gold promises that the net profit of Inner Mongolia Mining will not be less than 7 from 2019 to 2021.

46 billion, 7.

3.4 billion and 6.

9.1 billion.

The company is expected to achieve revenue of 357 from 2019 to 2021.

6.8 billion, 384.

8.9 billion and 398.

8.9 billion yuan, achieving net profit attributable to mothers10.

4.7 billion, 14.

1.7 billion and 15.

1.2 billion, the corresponding EPS is 0.

23 yuan, 0.

31 yuan and 0.

33 yuan.

The first coverage is given an overweight rating, which is estimated at 50 times PE in 19 years and a 6-month target price of 11.

5 yuan / share.

Risk analysis The risk of falling gold and copper prices, the risk of safe production, and the risk of non-recurring gains and losses.

What are the signs of aging in middle-aged men?

What are the signs of aging in middle-aged men?

Male friends will be very tired after a busy day. Generally, they may not care too much, they will think that they are overworked, just rest well.

In fact, there may be times when middle-aged men are too tired and may be a sign of aging.

Under the pressure of family and career, it is normal for male friends to become very tired. However, they still need to pay attention to health care, especially middle-aged men should pay more attention, because sometimes the fatigue state may be male.Signs of aging.
  State one: vision loss eliminates the eye’s own problems, which indicates vascular complications.

It affects blood circulation, causes optic nerve metabolism disorders, and causes vision loss.

  State two: Hair loss enters the peak period of the career, and mental and psychological pressures follow, causing endocrine and blood circulation disorders, which cause hair loss, and gradually thinning hair.

  State three: Hearing loss The blood circulation of the inner ear auditory nerve is not good, and the hearing loss tendency will occur.

In addition, under the influence of noise, people may not feel the degree of hearing damage significantly when they are young, but after 30 years of age, they can clearly feel the harm of hearing loss.

  State 4: Weak exercise ability. The rapid heartbeat phenomenon lasts for a long time after exercise, and the heart’s ability to regulate is getting lower and lower. This shows that the heart’s own reserve capacity has decreased. This is caused by the aging of the heart muscles and elastic decay. It is related to the health of blood vessels.Bad related.

  State 5: Asthma upstairs, asthma after running, indicating that lung function began to decline.

Studies show that without scientific exercise, a person’s lung function begins to weaken after 20 years of age.

  State 6: Teeth become dirty After the age of 30, men’s teeth tend to become dirty, which is related to inattention to oral hygiene.

If you brush your teeth incorrectly and brush your teeth incompletely, your gums will gradually shrink, your teeth will widen, your calculus will increase and deposit around your teeth and gums, plaque will become active, and oral hygiene will be serious.

Therefore, brushing your teeth in the morning and evening should be replaced with a correct posture after each meal.

  State 7: Tired 30-year-old males who are always at a loss in their work or life may be a result of high psychological pressure or endocrine changes.

This indicates that androgen levels have decreased.