Until all the voices around me are quiet,Lu Menglin coughed slightly now,Said loudly:“Everybody!I am a child who grew up in Liufang,My dad is Lu Youshan, the director of the second factory。”

I heard him start so bluntly,Everyone’s heart is stunned,Listen more carefully。
“The current situation of Liufang,Everyone knows,No need for me to say more!Some of you are still in school,There are also those who have not studied。I want to ask everyone,Do you see the way out?”
When Lu Menglin said this,,Bright eyes,Sweep the audience。
Most people shook their heads blankly,And someone smiled casually:“Brother Menglin pointed out the way!”
Lu Menglin nodded,Keep saying:“Dare not tell me the way,But I, Lu Menglin, don’t want to be empty。Say so,Several of us started a project in the city,Be an electronic city,Franchise computer equipment、Consumables and mobile phone accessories,Today i am here to put a message,All the children of laid-off Liufang workers,Want to do this business in the past,Rent-free for six months!”
This remark,The audience is boiling!
Free half-year rent,This is not a joke!
If it’s for business,Rent is a big expense,Brother Menglin’s words,It gave many Liufang families a way to survive!
“Of course,What is the capital,How much space to rent,Sit down and talk about these specific things slowly。Today I just want to release this news,Who wants to do business in this area,Can go and see。”Lu Menglin said lightly。
Wang Shaoxiao said quickly:“If anyone dares to sublet and earn a hand,Our Menglin Legion won’t agree!”
“I don’t care about the specific details,Everyone keep drinking!”Lu Menglin said lightly。
“Menglin brother!We respect you!”
“I respect you,Menglin brother!”There was a toast around。
Whether or not you have an idea of doing business in this area,All have to admire this brother Menglin in front of me,People do things with great atmosphere,You can get half a year rent free,This is real money,Who is not convinced?
Chapter Three Hundred and Forty Toast

Lehman Brothers,profit8One hundred million U.S. dollars,Make up all previous losses in Jonathan Copper’s stock;

Mr. Angie,Hold the Merck Group7.8%Shares of,Although temporarily managed by Qiao Tianyu,But because the stock price rose,Double net worth。
Russian financial oligarchs,Although holding8%Unchanged,But because the stock price rose,The value of the shares soared20One hundred million U.S. dollars。
And Qiao Tianyu,Even more rewarding。
He not only obtained Merck Group at low cost6.3%Shares of,And successfully broke the siege of Merck Group,Annihilate the four major hedge funds in one fell swoop,Successfully forced out the black hand behind the scenes!
On the other hand, the opponent,Big four hedge funds suffered heavy losses。
Except for the timely withdrawal of AXA Capital,Sakura Fund、Maya Fund declares bankruptcy due to inability to repay debts,The remaining guide fund is also in debt,Facing bankruptcy。
And the Merck Group Board of Directors,Thanks to Qiao Tianyu’s special kindness,Although Abrahi and others survived,But also suffered heavy losses,All kicked out of the group board of directors。
After this battle,Everyone got a satisfactory result。
Everyone is overjoyed,I wanted to sing and dance with Qiao Tianyu,Have a good celebration,But who knows that Qiao Tianyu has long been gone in the hall。
Actually, just before everyone counted“Trophy”Time,Qiao Tianyu left the Zero Fund non-stop。
Although this short-selling battle was a complete victory,Qiao Tianyu who knows the truth behind the scenes,But can’t be happy,Today he must ask to understand。
Half an hour later,Qiao Tianyu appeared in a high-end apartment in Manhattan。
“Qiao Tianyu,You can!You still remember‘Plum piling’Solution!”
Apartment sofa,Looking at Qiao Tianyu who came to inquire about sin,Lilith doesn’t care,A cynical look。
“why?Why are you doing this?”At this moment, tears have already blurred Qiao Tianyu’s vision。
Qiao Tianyu has done everything but didn’t,All the time,Behind the scenes of directing the four major hedge funds to chase and block Qiao Tianyu in the dark,Turned out to be his favorite Lily!
Actually I just found out in Qiao Tianyu“Plum piling”The moment of play,He understood that Lily was doing the trick。
To know,“Plum piling”Play style,But in the previous life, Qiao Tianyu and Lili jointly created,Only two of them in the world know the mystery of this style of play。

The major shareholder reduced the holding of Youzu Network before the performance correction and received a letter of concern

The major shareholder reduced the holding of Youzu Network before the performance correction and received a letter of concern
On May 6, Youzu Network, an A-share game company, received a letter of concern from the management department of SME Board, saying that some investors questioned that Lynch, the controlling shareholder of Youzu Network, was informed of the performance correction information in advance for insider trading.The incident originated on February 28 of this year, Youzu.com issued a 2019 performance report, saying that the company’s net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies reached 5.5 trillion; but on the evening of April 28, Youzu Network announced its 2019 annual report but showed that the company’s net profit last year was actually 2.5.7 billion yuan, the figures announced by the earlier performance bulletin have dropped substantially.In addition, after the announcement of the performance report, Youzu Network issued an announcement on March 13 stating that the board of directors received a notice from the company’s controlling shareholder that the actual controller Lynch reduced the company’s shares by 1%.The announcement showed that Lynch reduced the company’s shares in 1473 through incremental block transactions.07.67 million shares, with a reduction ratio of 1.658%.In the letter of concern, the management department of the small and medium board company mentioned that Youzu Network needs to clarify Lynch ‘s motivation and purpose of reducing the company ‘s shares, and whether it is known that before the reduction of the company ‘s shares, it is known that the company ‘s net profit in 2019 will be significantly revised.In the performance correction of Youzu Network and the announcement that caused the announcement, the company said that the obvious performance correction was initially affected by the epidemic. Some of the company ‘s foreign employees returned to Shanghai for slow work, and some internal cooperative customers were affected by the epidemic.Affected by different degrees, it led to the collection of financial information when the performance report of the financial department was issued and the cost confirmation amount of the slender boots.In addition, during the post-audit process, the company found that individual receivables and long-term equity investments have impairment tags, and some game copyrights will not be renewed due to maturity. Therefore, the company made provision for impairment of operating profit.Judging from the previous trend, Youzu Network is expected to go lower after the announcement of the performance report until the rebound began in early April. However, after the annual report is released on April 28, the company may have a daily limit.The annual performance of Youzu Network is lower than market expectations, but benefited from the impact of the epidemic and the launch of new games, revenue reached 12 in the first quarter of this year.10,000 yuan, an annual increase of 45.45%; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies is 3.6.3 billion, an annual increase of 110.14%.Sauna, night net editor Lu Yifu Chen Li proofreading Li Xiangling

Liu Shangxi: 2 trillion direct access to cities and counties to maintain local financial capacity

Liu Shangxi: 2 trillion direct access to cities and counties to maintain local financial capacity
Sauna, Yewang (Gu Zhijuan and Cheng Weimiao) On May 22, Sauna Yewang held a series of national “Two Sessions Economic Policy” salons to challenge China’s economy, and invited CPPCC members to interpret the freshly released government work report today.According to the government work report, the scale of the fiscal deficit this year has increased by 1 trillion compared with last year, and at the same time, 1 trillion special anti-epidemic government bonds were issued.All the above 2 trillion will be transferred to the localities, and a special transfer payment mechanism will be established. The funds will go directly to the city and county grassroots, directly benefit the enterprises and the people, and are mainly used to ensure employment, basic people’s livelihood, and market players.  Liu Shangxi, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and dean of the Chinese Academy of Fiscal Sciences, said that the variable expects the size of the special national debt to be 5 trillion from a package perspective, but 5 trillion is to take into account various factors and will only fight the epidemic.And even consider adjusting local special debts in a package plan.This government work report has greatly expanded the scale of local special debts, and the special national debt for anti-epidemic need not be so large.Liu Shangxi said that overall, the scale of the accumulation of special national debt did not fall far from the original expectations.After all, the scale of government bond issuance reached 8 this year.5 trillion, this goal is not small.The impact of these government bond issuances on the capital market must be fully estimated, such as liquidity and interest rates.  Liu Shangxi said that the 2 trillion proposed in this government work report must go directly to the city and county, because the city and county finances are most affected by the epidemic. According to this, they understand that many cities and counties have experienced a 50% decline in fiscal revenue.The localities are facing very great difficulties, so it is necessary to focus on maintaining the local financial capacity. Only with basic financial capacity can the local central government make better decision-making and deployment. Focusing on the six guarantees, this is also 2 trillion through special transfer payments.The reason why the mechanism reaches the city directly.This is a very targeted policy arrangement in response to the current epidemic situation, where different places are affected differently.Reporter Gu Zhijuan Cheng Weimiao Editor Sun Yong proofread He Yan

Monternet Group (002123): Accelerating Revenue Growth, Fuxin 5G Era Enters Leapfrog Development

Monternet Group (002123): Accelerating Revenue Growth, Fuxin 5G Era Enters Leapfrog Development

The company released its 2018 annual report and achieved operating income of 27.

69 ppm, a ten-year increase of 8.

57%; net profit attributable to mother 0.

79 trillion, a decrease of 67 a year.


The company also released the first quarter report of 2019, and achieved operating income5.

92 ppm, 佛山桑拿网 an increase of 24 in ten years.

24%; net profit attributable to mother 0.

58 ppm, an increase of 41 in ten years.


The market share of mobile information business continues to increase, consolidating the leadership level of third-party enterprise mobile communications.

In 2018, the company’s enterprise mobile information volume increased by ten years.

2%, higher than the industry’s growth rate of 14%, the city’s share continues to increase; 17,156 new corporate users, a long-term growth of 204%; the amount of new customer information sent exceeds the growth of 45%.

Continue to consolidate the company’s leadership as a third-party enterprise mobile communication.

In the first quarter of 2019, the company’s revenue was 24%, which is faster than the 2018 revenue growth rate. In the future, efforts will continue to accelerate upward.

Promote expansion and asset impairment affect profit growth.

Net profit attributable to owners of Monternet Technology in 20181.

99 ‰, a decrease of 24 per year.


In 2018, the company focused on R & D and business trial operation of new products related to cloud communications such as Fuxin, Video Cloud, and IOT Cloud.

Fuxin alone has invested more than 50 million yuan in research and development expenditures. In addition, there are new profit growth points for the reserve company in the future, which will increase the cost of new business development.

The accrued impairment amount reached 1.

20,000 yuan, an increase of nearly 48 million yuan over the same period last year.

In the 5G era, Fuxin has entered a period of leaping development.

Based on Fuxin’s pricing based on traffic, the cost of leaps and bounds across 5G will gradually decrease in the future, and Fuxin’s space is expected to be opened. Fuxin will enter a leapfrog development period in the 5G era.

The company will initially merge scenes to enable the ecology of the cloud communication platform.

The company’s 2019 operating plan is to increase sales revenue by 30% -50% each year, and the net profit after replacement of non-recurring profits and losses attributable to shareholders of listed companies will increase by 500% -700%.

Investment suggestion: The advent of the 5G era will bring lower traffic costs, which will drive the rapid growth of Fuxin’s business with traffic as its carrier. The reduction of costs will also cause Fuxin’s gross margin to replace corporate SMS.

The company’s EPS is expected to be 0 in 2019-2020.

62 yuan, 0.

88 yuan, maintain Buy-A rating, 12-month target price of 17 yuan, corresponding to 27 times PE in 2019.

Risk warning: Fuxin’s promotion is less than expected; industry competition is intensifying.

Chunzhong Technology (603516) Coverage Report for the First Time: Display Control Unicorn Enters a Period of Rapid Growth in Performance

Chunzhong Technology (603516) Coverage Report for the First Time: Display Control Unicorn Enters a Period of Rapid Growth in Performance

Leading company in display control and continuous development of the industry. The company is a leading domestic supplier of professional video and audio display control products and solutions. The main products are divided into two categories: equipment and platform, including image processing equipment and matrix switching equipment.Signal transmission equipment, digital video integrated platform, display and control cooperation platform, etc.

Committed to providing customers with leading display and 西安耍耍网 control products and solutions and professional and quality services to customers in various industries around the world.

The company’s downstream industries are mainly related to the National Defense Force, public security police exhibitions, energy, transportation, finance, radio, television, and meteorology, among which are smart city-oriented government affairs platforms, traffic monitoring, and integrated command systems in the public security armed police field.

The construction of various emergency command centers and smart city operation centers has been initially established, and the demand for other large-screen displays for cities and large enterprises and institutions has grown rapidly.

5G promotes the acceleration of ultra-high-definition video, and the display control industry is expected to continue to grow rapidly. On March 1, 2019, the three departments jointly issued the “Ultra-high-definition video industry development action plan (2019-2022)” (hereinafter referred to as the “action plan”).The notice pointed out that following the overall technical route of “4K first, taking into account 8K”, vigorously promote the development of the ultra-high-definition video industry and the application in related fields.

The Action Plan proposes to reach the development goal of the ultra-high-definition video industry by 2022. With policy guidance and the active input of resources from all parties, the overall industry scale is expected to exceed 4 trillion, and the number of ultra-high-definition video users will reach 200 million.

5G boosts ultra-high-definition video, and large-screen display control is expected to usher in a new round of growth.

Ultra-high-definition application scenarios have increased, increasing coverage from traditional entertainment to dedicated industries and industrial fields, and both industry coverage and product penetration have increased.

The performance is realized quarter by quarter, and the leading company with obvious control takes advantage of the wind. The company takes technological innovation as its core competitiveness, high R & D strength and proportion, and the product’s gross profit margin is about 70% ahead of the industry.

After entering 2019, revenue growth has accelerated quarter by quarter.

The company recently announced its semi-annual report for 2019 and achieved operating income1.

78 ppm, an increase of 31 in ten years.

42%, achieving net profit attributable to mother 0.

USD 5.9 billion, an annual increase of 32.


Single-quarter and second-quarter operating income increased by 66 each year.

65%, the logic of the recovery of military police orders is gradually verified.

In the past two years, the company has paid equal attention to hiring key R & D and sales personnel. On the basis of continuously ensuring high investment in research and development, leading technology, and high gross profit margin, the company has strengthened its sales team, taking advantage of the industry boom brought by the 5G and HD video industry planning.Build a nationwide marketing network system, and then gradually improve the company’s performance with strong products and a sound marketing system.

Considering that investment performance has just begun to accelerate, the average growth rate in the next three years will exceed 42%. We use the PEG estimation method.

It is expected that the company’s net profit for 2019/2020/20211.



450,000 yuan, EPS0.



87 yuan, giving the company 42 times P / E in 2019, corresponding to a target price of 39.

06 yuan.

Covered for the first time and given a “Buy” rating.

Risk reminder: Army orders grow less than expected, 5G and UHD drive less than expected for the display and control industry, 成都桑拿网 new industries and new products expand less than expected, gross sales margin declines, account receivables increase, research and development and sales expenses increase significantly

Guotai Junan (601211): 3Q19 performance changes due to falling investment

Guotai Junan (601211): 3Q19 performance changes due to falling investment

The 3Q19 results were basically in line with our expectations of Guotai Junan 1-3Q19 revenue for ten years + 23% to $ 20.6 billion, net profit attributable to mothers + 19% to $ 6.5 billion, corresponding to a return on net assets of +0 during the reporting period.

72ppt to 5.

19%, basically in line with our expectations, of which Shanghai Securities 15 disclosed in the monthly report.

The 300 million dividends have been replaced in the consolidated statement.

In 3Q, the net profit attributable to the mother in the single quarter exceeded + 2% /-24% to 1.5 billion, corresponding to a single season ROAE -0.

1ppt / ring ratio-0.

4ppt to 1.

2%; end-of-period leverage was -0.

2x to 3.

4 times.

In terms of expenses: 1) Adjusted management fee rate (excluding other business income in total revenue) -1.

7ppt / ring ratio +8.

5ppt to 53.

3%; 2) Current credit deduction value: 3Q19 2.

9 ‰ right.

8 in the second quarter of 19.

700 million).

  Development Trends Investment income declines with the market is the main reason for the ranking.

3Q investment returns are higher than -33% / mo.

30,000 yuan, accounting for 21% of adjusted income, significantly lower than the industry, corresponding to the expansion of the size of transactional financial assets + 33% / chain + + 1% to 176 billion US dollars, the annualized return on investment fell by 2 / chain.

6ppt / 3.

2ppt to 2.


  Brokerage business and market performance are converging.

3Q brokerage income is up to + 40% / mom -17% to 13.

4 trillion (vs.

Market transaction quota + 50% / 13% MoM), accounting for 27% of adjusted revenue, a higher proportion of large brokers.

  The investment bank performed comprehensively and steadily.

3Q investment bank income is + 63% / mo from -9% to 6 per annum.

300 million, accounting for 13% of adjusted income.

At present, the company has completed 成都桑拿网 the listing of 3 science and technology boards, 8 of which are in line (4 of which have already passed the conference), accounting for 5 of the companies in the rankings disclosed.


  Revenue from probes increased.

3Q net interest income + 35% / qoq + 35% to 14.

8 ppm: 1) The scale of other debt investments is + 13% to 588 trillion, and the balance of the two financial institutions is + 6% to 53 billion (market share?

6%) drive income increase; 2) the balance of stock quality shrinks with the market (the company buys back resale assets-7% QoQ vs.

On-balance sheet equity balance of the industry (-8%).
  Asset management revenues fell month-on-month.
In the third quarter of 19 years, asset management income was +10 for ten years.

2% / ring ratio-35% to 3.

500 million yuan, accounting for only 7% of adjusted revenue (relative to industry asset management revenue exceeding flat / momentary substitution of 10%), the overall competitiveness still needs to be improved.

  Earnings forecasts and estimates are based on a downward revision of investment income assumptions and a 19/20 earnings 5 reduction.

9% / 6.

2% to 8.9 billion / 9.9 billion.

Monarch A / H was traded at 19e 1.

1x / 0.

7x P / B (19e 1 after excluding perpetual debt.

2x / 0.


Maintain the Monarch A Outperform rating and lower the target price by 8% to 21.

1 yuan, corresponding to 1.

5x 20e P / B (excluding perpetual debt) and 24% upside; Maintain Monarch H neutral rating and target price of 12.

8 Hong Kong dollars, corresponding to 0.

8x 20e P / B and 5% upside.

  The amount of risky transactions dropped significantly, the stock / bond market fluctuated significantly, and progress in capital market reform was gradually expected.

Adjustment signal does not appear rebound rebound continues

Adjustment signal does not appear rebound rebound continues
Source: Dynamic analysis of the stock market. Just as many people did not expect the epidemic to develop so severely before the Spring Festival, many people did not expect that the broad market fell sharply only one day after the holiday, and it rebounded all the way after the low opening the next day.As of Friday 14th, the market has not yet had any clear technical adjustment signals.Therefore, many people now have a question in their minds, is the market rebound in place, and how will the market outlook go?  It is true that from a psychological perspective and market sentiment, the market seems to be rebounding, and it is necessary to adjust and kill.However, the trend of the market is not shifted by people’s will, and it is often out of unexpected trends.So we have to abide by the technical trend of the market. If the technical signal of the end of the market trend does not appear, then the market rebound is only over.However, some of the stocks in the attractions sector that have exploded violently in the short term are definitely able to lighten up positions, and those stocks that have just started to grow are still low stocks. Most of the stocks can still be bought in the market.For individual stocks in different sectors and trends, different operating strategies must be adopted.  From a technical point of view, as long as the daily K-line closing point of the broader market has not clearly fallen below the 5-day moving average or the 10-day moving average, we cannot say that the market will be adjusted short-term.Therefore, from the current daily chart of Shanghai, Shenzhen and GEM index, the market has not reached the short-term adjustment technical standards.Therefore, we can now say that the market’s rebound is still advancing, but the lightening of some stocks and the increase of other stocks can be carried out at the same time, which is not contradictory.   In fact, since the National Day holiday last year, we have clearly optimistic about the trend of the GEM index and technology stocks in many articles. At the same time, 无锡夜网 we recommend that you reduce your holdings of core asset blue chip stocks that have been hyped up by the market in the past 2 years.Erie, Gree, Midea, etc.So far, the market has proved the accuracy of our opinion with facts.After the year, the market rebounded in a vacuum. Everyone saw the short-term surge in cloud computing, gaming, chips, semiconductors, integrated circuits and other industrial stocks. This is the attractions sector that we have been admiring since the fourth quarter of last year.Yes, and looking at the performance of previous core asset stocks, we can only say that we use disappointment to describe it.  Of course, these core asset stocks have been very “hot” in the past two years, just like the current technology stocks.However, the style of the market has shifted, and if everyone’s positions and trading strategies have not changed, you can only earn the money corresponding to your style.Only by doing the right style conversion at the right time can you get more excess returns.  We continue to be optimistic about the “5G industry chain and cloud industry chain + lithium battery and solar industry chain + semiconductors, chips and integrated circuits + Beidou industry chain, etc.”, as well as some high-quality growth-oriented pharmaceutical stocks;Will continue to focus on these sectors and the major leading stocks.However, these individual stocks are definitely based on bottom positions + rolling positions, rather than blindly holding them.After all, there is no room for a bull market in which the three major index resonances have not yet appeared in the market.  Therefore, we can only define the current market as a local bull market, especially the independent bull market in the GEM market.Because the epidemic situation affected the original trend of the market and was disrupted, we will now reduce the overall bull market view to a partial bull market view.In operation, we still recommend that you focus on the GEM market, the small and medium-sized board market, and the main small and medium-sized stocks of the science and technology board, supplemented by some high-quality motherboard stocks.

Reveal the health care misunderstandings of the nine pit fathers

Reveal the health care misunderstandings of the nine “pit fathers”

Reveal the health care misunderstanding of the nine “pit fathers” 1.
The brain size of a smart person’s big brain is not the key to determining whether he is smart or not. The brain structure is the most important.
The function of the human brain is determined by the neural network, while people with low IQs have died of some functions in this regard, regardless of brain size.
Toilets are very unsanitary places. Toilets that are often cleaned with water are much cleaner than people stereotype.
Experts in home bacterial research have found that most of the bacteria in the home are hidden in the drain pipe on the inner wall of the refrigerator, and the amount of bacteria on the rag is more than that in the toilet.
Blood-sweetened people are prone to being bitten by mosquitoes. The mosquitoes cannot smell the blood at all.
But mosquitoes are particularly sensitive to heat, even 0.
The difference of 05 degrees Celsius can be distinguished.
Therefore, when we exhale carbon dioxide and water vapor, we will attract mosquitoes.
Walking is more laborious than standing because when standing, both legs are always carrying the weight of the body, and both feet cannot relax.
When walking, one leg bears weight while the other relaxes.
Brush your teeth immediately after eating and brush your teeth immediately after you eat. It will make the acid in the food attack the enamel. This will only strengthen the acid’s damaging effect on the teeth.
The correct way is to gargle and brush your teeth after half an hour.
Drugs have the same effect on men and women. Recent research shows that drugs have absolutely different effects on men and women.
For example, aspirin can help prevent myocardial infarction in men, but it has little effect on women.
Fat-soluble drugs, such as narcotics, are used more by women than by men.
Raising your chin when you have a nosebleed The only benefit of this method is that it will not bleed the nose to the floor, but it will not stop the nosebleed. Instead, it will cause the nosebleed to flow into your throat and may even cause vomiting and suffocation.
The correct method is to put a small cotton ball in the nostril of the nosebleed, gently press the nose, and tilt the head forward, or put an ice towel or a wet towel around the neck to stop bleeding.
Combing your hair 100 times a day is good for your health. Excessive combing will stimulate the sebaceous glands on the scalp, especially for people with oily hair.
If it is long dry hair, it is more suitable for combing hair.
However, it is best to use a comb made of natural bristles, as this will make it easier to damage the scalp.

Test: how high is your barbarity index

Test: how high is your barbarity index

● The problem is that four mice will lie in a competition. One mouse says that it eats rat poison as a snack, the second says that it uses a mousetrap as a toy, and the third says that it enlarges the cat’s belly, so the fourthWhat does the mouse say?

Which of the following four answers do you think the fourth mouse would say?


Not to mention being a dad in a cat’s belly, you know that cat was born in October with a childbirth.


Yesterday I should have asked you to see how I had swallowed a big python.


The owner of the son in which I live wrote my name on the heirs column in the will.


do you know?

Jerry in Tom and Jerry is me.

  ● Analysis of answer A: The husband is used to distress, it is too late to treat him as a treasure, let alone to abuse it.

To your husband you are absolutely “three from four”: her husband is entertained and followed, her husband brags and obeys, her husband lies and obeys, her husband watches the ball to accompany her, her husband is unbearable, her husband is hearty and willing, and her husband is cowardly and weak.

This world, like you, has always admired her husband, forgiving her, and giving her free wife is on the verge of extinction. Your husband should burn incense every day to reward God.

  Option B: Don’t look at your usual image of a gentle and gentle wife. You care and take care of your husband in your life, but once you start your nerves, your temper will become frightening.

As long as it’s your concern, even if your husband adds a little bit of dissatisfaction to you, immediately double-eyed and stare at her husband.

Under your ruthless offensive, he suffered verbal violence, mental abuse, and fragile heart fragmentation!

  Choice C: Abusing your husband is a ridiculous dream for you. As long as you do n’t meet your abusive husband, you should snicker in your dreams.

Introverted and sentimental, the biggest feature of you is “forbearance”. Even if you are aggrieved a lot, you can swallow it in your stomach. It is really a traditional woman.

The era of “marrying chickens with chickens and marrying dogs with dogs” has passed, and women should live on their own and be self-reliant and believe in themselves: you can live well without a man’s uniform!

  Choice D: Your future husband must be wondering whether you are reincarnated for the devil, or is Sun Wukong reborn?

You seem to have endless magnetic fields and ghost ideas, pull him to accompany you to play exciting activities such as surfing.

Threatening tempted him to share ice cream with you in winter and eat hot pot in summer, otherwise he would get him behind him and pretend to tell him innocently that you are “big aunt” . you are simply his nightmare, he has toPray for God to take you every day!