Chen Wenjin couldn’t help laughing,Him at the moment,How similar to Xiaoji’s ex-boyfriend?

only,Xiaoji’s ex-boyfriend hugged Qiangwei。
He didn’t,But even in the car,The situation at the moment is still lonely and helpless。
Chen Wenjin didn’t want to open the handbag Yang Zimei left in the car,Do not want to move,Guess and know that the contents are enough for him to drink a pot。
A Nissan van drove out of the bridge hole,There is also one behind。
Two groups of people got off in both cars,Yelling:“Don’t move!Policemen——”
Chen Wenjin doesn’t believe it。
The car started suddenly,then,A group of people who swayed straight into the front。
Several people were knocked down by the sideways body,A few hurriedly retreated and fell down,Only two or three have time to escape safely。
Yang Zimei on the sidewalk was stunned,The fiercest person she has ever seen is Brother Chao,Go crazy and dare to kill people!But the gold in front of you,Is directly hitting a group of people!
From this moment on in the eyes of Yang Zimei,The most cruel, cruel and ferocious person I have ever seen,It turned into a blue-purpleG3000Gold in。
If Yang Zimei knew that Chen Wenjin had the power to reverse the movement of matter,Or know that behind him seemingly reckless,If the collision is estimated,Won’t suffer such a strong impact。
Chen Wenjin finished U-turn,A group of people coming down straight behind,Those people are already prepared,All evade,But there were still three people who couldn’t avoid being knocked down by him。
‘This car has poor passability,The sidewalk can’t go up!There is basically no room for performance on urban roads,It’s really useless for heroes,It’s nothing but attracting attention……’Chen Wenjin thought,Take the initiative to get off。