“Brother Xia,Can we do it lightly?”

“What do you say?”
Zhao Shaojiu is desperate!
Because in the previous three days,She has already felt what is called devil training,A battle without etiquette,As if she was his enemy。
The key is that Xia Chenglong at this moment is completely a demon that the six relatives do not recognize,I promised a round,do not be afraid,He has all kinds of top healing medicine。
This is what people can say?
Like now,Although Xia Chenglong has suppressed his strength to the state of transformation,But the woman is still being beaten,And there is no fight back。
Xia Chenglong’s voice has not fallen,Come directly to the woman,Reiki flows in the arm,Punch out。
Zhao Shaojiu quickly resisted,Cross your arms across your chest,Abruptly blocked the opponent’s punch,And just this punch has numb her two arms,Almost lost control!
Ready to fight back,Just about to kick it,Xia Chenglong takes the lead,Block back the upward foot,And the upward leg kicked directly to the shoulder。
“Damn,There is no way!”
Zhao Shaojiu’s body flew out instantly,Fell five meters away,She has been seriously injured。
“stand up!”
Body pain,Don’t say stand up,It’s impossible to even move at this moment。
Face like Shura Di Xia Chenglong walked over,Reiki floats between hands,Grab the woman directly,The hand like a huge dragon’s claw is strangling the opponent’s throat,Let the woman hang on the ground。
“how,You think we are joking,without me,Just by the time you are now,Will die miserably,So let others kill you,Might as well let me solve you。”