Want to break free of Bai Lu’s arms,But not too hard,In the end, Xiang Chen could only stand in front of his car with Bai Lu.。

Sigh slightly,Xiang Chen couldn’t help but smile,Said:“Actually I won’t force you to do anything,May be like you said,I had a lot of misunderstandings before,Finally, I couldn’t sort it out.。What i want to say is,Whether to save you,Or something else,Actually, I never thought of letting you repay,Really never thought about it。”
Xiang Chen pushed Bai Lu away,Smiling at her。
“If there is nothing you can’t let go of,Just do what you think,I don’t have any opinions,The same won’t affect each other’s lives now。”
Xiang Chen looked at Bai Lu with clear eyes,People have no doubt about the sincerity of his words。
“If you really can’t let go,You can go find him,Don’t care about me,Scene of big wind and big waves,I have seen a lot。”
Keep the smile on my face,Patted Bai Lu on the shoulder,Counted as encouragement to her。
“I won’t go to Guo Enting,Maybe I haven’t completely fallen in love with you yet,But to Guo Enting,I have put down!”
Xiang Chen’s voice just fell,Bai Lu immediately continued to say。
Raised eyebrows,Xiang Chen said nothing,I just sighed inwardly:I just mentioned him,Haven’t said who that person is。
“From small to large,There are not many people who can chat with me,Fewer opposite sex,Except dad,Guo Enting has always assumed the role of all my friends of the opposite sex。Whether you believe it or not,From the day he got engaged to Zhu Shiyao,That Guo Enting, who was always hidden in my heart, is drifting away from me。I don’t want to lie to you,But these recent things,There really is no way for me to love you wholeheartedly,Like I used to love Guo Enting,But i can tell you,Someday,I will fall in love with you,Not far away!Regardless of return date!”
Seeing Xiang Chen not speaking,Bai Lu was completely anxious,Eloquently said a lot of sentences,When finished,Bai Lu also gasped slightly。Looking at Xiang Chen’s eyes,Bai Lu’s eyes are getting firmer,Hugging Xiang Chen directly from the front。
Bai Lu didn’t cry,Just after hugging Xiang Chen,When talking,With a little twitch。
“The three best words I have learned,Reunion、False alarm、Lost and recovered,But no reconciliation。I wanted to put the lost and recovered on Guo Enting’s body before,But after all, I failed these four words,So I don’t want these four words either!”
Bai Lu buried her head in Xiang Chen’s arms hard,The voice of speaking is looming。
I spent a long time in Xiang Chen’s arms,When Bai Lu looked up again,Already red eyes。
“Xiang Chen,You don’t want me,I don’t have a father anymore!”
When Bai Lu was talking,Like a child threatened by mom and dad,I’m afraid my parents will lose themselves,Holding Xiang Chen tightly and refusing to let go。
“nobody else,I can be nice to you alone!Don’t think too much about your little head,I don’t want to。”
Xiang Chen petted Bai Lu’s head,Other sweet words to comfort people,For a while, Xiang Chen still couldn’t organize his vocabulary。

What makes Qin Feng feel very strange is,Why does this Zuo Menghan know he is on the playground,And will come over at this time。

Qin Feng watched Zuo Menghan walk step by step,The body cannot move one point,Because this woman is so beautiful,It seems that if you take a less look, you will lose。
“Yoha,Qin Feng Elementary School,Why are you here,Teacher Zuo come to see if you are good。”Zuo Menghan also moves forward,Nina and Ting came over,Every step is like dancing in the clouds。
“Teacher Zuo,Damn,What a coincidence,I didn’t expect to see you here。”Although Qin Feng knew that Zuo Menghan was sent by Liu Tiancheng to protect him,But Qin Feng still feels embarrassed。
Because she is a female stream after all,Let a woman protect herself,Really embarrassed。
“Who says it’s not fate?Since I saw you for the first time,I feel that the two of us are very destined。”Zuo Menghan said that he can eat people without spitting out bones。
Qin Feng didn’t know what to say for a while,at this time,Zuo Menghan saw Qin Feng’s dilemma,So speak first to break the deadlock:“Have you encountered anything upsetting recently?。”
“Did the dean continue to embarrass you??I’ll go and say it so clearly,He shouldn’t trouble you anymore, right。”
“This is nothing,That fat guy doesn’t dare to trouble me anymore!Speaking of yesterday
,I still recognize thank you。”
Qin Feng is not polite,He is really grateful to Zuo Menghan,Because of her appearance,He can turn the danger into a breeze。
“Thank you or not thank you for saying this,Is there anyone who invited me to have a meal?。”Zuo Menghan said as if joking。
Qin Feng looked embarrassed,But I gladly agreed:“I happen to be hungry too,Let’s go and have a meal together,How about me please。”

“Corals have to look at what corals,Not all corals are valuable。Last time i went to sea.south,I bought something made of coral,Only tens of dollars。”

“indeed,A lot of them are worthless。I heard,Red coral is very valuable,And mining is illegal。As for the black coral that the anchor said,This is the first time I have heard of black coral。”
“Fuss,Hailiu, we also have,It is indeed a good material for making pipes。but,Hailiu is also divided into many kinds。”
See everyone’s discussion in the live room,Hu Yang said:“The red coral you just said,Is our national first-class protected animal,So mining is illegal。”
“Isn’t it?”
“Speechless,Do a group of people sleep when they study??Corals are animals,What’s so strange,The anchor is right。”
Populus nodded:“Yes!Corals come from animals。Red coral is particularly rare,It is said that,Only one inch longer in twenty years,So very precious。
Let’s talk about Hailiu!
Just a brother said,There are also many kinds of sea willows,Seems to be knowledgeable。
True!Tamarisk、Chiyanagi、Knee willow、Golden Willow、Uliu et al。Of which Chiliu、Ullow common,Blood willow、Tamarisk is relatively rare,An extremely rare species。

He wakes up suddenly at night,Then look at the sweet wife in my arms,Not willing to sleep anymore。

“this is Love,Can’t tell,this is Love,Thin and confused……”
Suddenly Lin Yuna’s phone ringing,Xiao Fan was taken aback again,This ringtone is familiar。
Because this song is my favorite song,He knows that Lin Yoona’s original phone ringtone is not this。
He didn’t know when Lin Yoona changed her phone ringtone to his favorite song。
In his heart Is getting warmer。
I was in a bad mood just being fucked by that coquettish woman,Now I see my sweet wife stand up for me,And set my favorite song as ringtone。
In such a public place, he publicly admitted that he was reconciled with himself,His sweet wife staged a scene of her domineering husband protecting her husband today。
He is a complete mess of happiness,I’ve already thrown that awful thing out of the sky long ago。
now,He really wants to hug his sweet wife,but,After all, in my company,As a leader, he must set a good example for his subordinates。
On such occasion,He can only restrain his inner excitement,Then smiled to Lin Yoona:“Wife,Why don’t you tell me in advance??”
“If you tell me,I will definitely pick you up,look at you。”Xiao Fan didn’t forget to stretch out his hand and stroke Lin Yun’er’s forehead.。
Although Xiao Fan is already in control of his emotions,But he couldn’t help but tidy Lin Yoona’s hair。


First691chapter Unlimited potential
Ingmar Spotnor feels crazy,At the same time,He felt a deep helplessness。
Not that the Netherlands did something wrong,Ingmar Spotnor just thinks the life of the small country is really bitter,Although per capita income ranks among the top ten in the world,But this does not change the fate of the Netherlands that only deserves to be a strategic pawn of a great power。
“Ok,”Ingmar Spotnor took a deep breath:“I will truthfully convey your meaning to your majesty。”
“Speaking of which,”Chen Geng pursed his mouth,Then said:“Mr. Chief Executive,Please forgive me for not understanding,How did your government manage to endure more than 8 billion US dollars for 500 million US dollars and even exceed20Billion dollar long-term loss?
From an investment perspective,After realizing the huge losses caused by previous wrong practices,The most important measure your government should take is not immediate、Hurry up、Should stop loss measures be taken immediately??”
What can Ingmar Spotnor say?Yes,4vThe total amount of submarines ordered from the Netherlands is5One hundred million U.S. dollars,Which has been prepaid1.7One hundred million U.S. dollars,But now the submarine contractorrsvThe group is in deep economic crisis,The construction of the submarine has come to a standstill,Even within the Netherlands,There are considerable doubts about whether this contract can be successfully completed.。
And from1981Counting from the day when the diplomatic relations between China and the Netherlands came to a halt,Holland’s losses have exceeded8.6One hundred million U.S. dollars,With the continuous development of China’s economy,If this stalemate continues,Dutch loss……Thought of this,Ingmar Spotnor feels his liver hurts,But he was still speechless,On this matter,Holland is indeed short-sighted。
Wry smile,Ingmar Spotnor says:“What can i say?I’m just the royal chief,Is a loyal servant of your majesty。”
Chen Geng shook his head,Indicates that they do not agree with Ingmar Spotnor’s statement:“Mr. Chief Executive,Because you are the most faithful servant of Her Majesty,You should actively think of ways to help Her Majesty change the status quo……You know,already1979year,Her Majesty the Queen had already visited China when she was the crown prince,Her Majesty the Queen was even called‘Red princess’,It’s not that there is no chance,Just see what the Netherlands is going to do。”
An extremely absurd idea rose from the bottom of Ingmar Spotnor’s heart:Fernandez Chen……He will not be commissioned by the Chinese government,To persuade the Dutch government to give up4vOf this deal right?

After all, Qin Feng treats Williams

,It’s definitely not trustworthy!This guy is a panacea,Get along with anyone,Even get along well with anyone。
But make sense,Such a guy is the central air conditioner in the mouth of a girl,Good for everyone,Be merciful everywhere,Even more like using people。
His information is naturally learned from every population。so,Just be sane,IQ is still online,It shouldn’t be possible to talk to such a person directly。
Qin Feng is the same,So know everything is not the best object to tell。
At this moment,Qin Feng thought of someone。If it wasn’t for a duel incident before,,I’m afraid Qin Feng should go to that person’s room to find him at this time。
Okay,Most of the players in their dark class are in the same dormitory。This dormitory building has more than 100 single rooms,It’s definitely not easy to find。
But Qin Feng has already inquired about it from the know-it-all。I thought I would go to Yinsang after class。Who would have thought it would suddenly turn into a duel??
What makes him most depressed is,Yinsang didn’t even go to the duel?This is not justified!What happened to that guy?Make sense,Didn’t the other party tell me to call his brother before??And said he was adopted by Qin Wangchu。
Are these all fake?
“Forget it,Don’t guess,Just ask someone directly!”Qin Feng just do it。After consuming the ice ling grass,Qin Feng felt his injury healed all at once。Don’t even need to rest。
But of course he will not let outsiders see his changes。After all, this is one of his own cards, isn’t it?If you use ice crescent grass as a potion during battle。
At that time, he will not be able to pit a bunch of people?
Qin Feng came to Yinsang’s room and knocked。

Which Zhai does not want to be admired by the girls??

For a time,There are little stars in the eyes of the four little girls,Look at Lu Menglin differently。
Young and more gold,Talented,Respected young writer,And he is very handsome,Good figure,This kind of male protagonist who only appears in girl manga suddenly appears,How can the girls hold it?
“OK!I also like science fiction!Don’t you just eat and drink??I go!”A dancing girl smiled heartily at Lu Menglin。
“Ok,Just go!He looks younger than us!Not afraid of him!”Another girl yelled with a smile。
“that.Just go!Accepted the gift,It doesn’t seem to be a problem for a meal。”The third girl looks very well-behaved and quiet,Said timidly。
When Little Seven heard this,,Know there is a play,My face looks good。
He didn’t have much in his heart,Because these girls are all temporary,Not familiar with myself,It’s hard to agree,I didn’t expect this old fellow Hojo to be generous,Brought another handsome guy to the town,It is not easy to get these wild girls who have never seen the world?
There is only the last girl who hasn’t expressed her opinion,Although she is holding the gift box in her hand,The expression on his face is a bit strange,A pair of slender Danfeng eyes stared directly at Lu Menglin,As if there are flowers on his face。
At this moment,Lu Menglin finally couldn’t help but sighed in the bottom of his heart,But said calmly with a calm face:“Mr. Hojo,Don’t have to be so troublesome!If you want to invite girls,I prefer to invite alone!If you want someone to help you even kidnap a girl to drink,I’m too weak!”
Talk about it,Lu Menglin stepped forward,Extended a big hand to the fourth girl。
“Zhou Xiaoyu,I invite you to string,Appointment??”
The fourth girl finally couldn’t help but laugh,Give the little hand to Lu Menglin to hold。
then,Two people holding hands,Through the crowd,Fly away。
text Chapter Sixty One Encounter
? I didn’t expect to meet him so soon,And still on such an unexpected special occasion。

“All right,Don’t bother me!I have to concentrate on work。”After Xiaozhi left this sentence,No more news。

“I’m going to your uncle!”Lu Menglin could only curse,I plan to save myself。
It’s this stupefying effort,Brolong has also released hundreds of air threads,Faintly enveloped Lu Menglin’s surroundings,Invisible。
“Wait!”Lu Menglin is in a hurry,Suddenly shouted。
“Waiting what?Can you wait for me to complete the encirclement??”Brolong also said with a smile,A confident expression。
Lu Menglin suddenly lost most of the Dan Jin in his body,Raise your hands,With a simple smile on his face:“I think we can talk。”
“OK!What do you want to talk about?”Brolong also doesn’t look good to lie,Although talking,But the fingertips are still ejecting the gas wire,Strengthen his encirclement。
“If I go back with you as an apostle,What are the benefits??Actually, I have been a Secret Medicine Venerable for a while,Feels pretty good。”Lu Menglin casually talked。
“What are the benefits of being an apostle?”Brolong was also slightly taken aback,Seems to be seriously considering this issue。
“Yes indeed!When you don’t usually fight,What are you doing?”Lu Menglin had nothing to talk to。
Brolong also shook his head,A gentle smile appeared on his face,Speak loudly:“I sometimes go fishing。When the sun goes down,Sitting alone by the lake,The evening wind blows his face,The moment the fish got the bait,Is the happiest moment。”
Lu Menglin thought,Then you go fishing more!Running so far to fight for life,Why bother!
of course,He won’t say this seriously,But nodded pretending to understand,Smiled:“When i’m fine,Will play a few games。correct,Have you played the fish fishing machine in the arcade?Very exciting!”
“Fishing machine?what is that?”Brolong also showed a curious expression on his face。
“enough!Ryuya,Stop talking nonsense with him!”The black frame Ito in the distance?Workers’ Fury Road。
Lu Menglin took a look,Shrugged,Smiled:“how?You still have to be controlled by him?”
Brolong also shook his head,A faint glance at the black frame in the distance,Said:“They just cooperate with me in the fight。Except for the Great Lord,No one can control me。”

but,Thinking of Hu’s way of making money,Also relieved。

They just started broadcasting,I found that dozens of followed viewers came in soon,Very timely!Concerned,Will be announced,So it comes faster。
“Early everyone,Don’t you need to go to work??Watch live broadcast at this time。”Hu Yang couldn’t help asking。
There are various answers,For example, some student parties,Means class,Make Populus very ashamed,Still a reminder,If in class、Go to work,Still try to concentrate。
“In short,thanks for your support!Nowadays,In the morning we are going to have a look at the auto show,By the way a car。in the afternoon,Let’s go for a walk in the country。yesterday,Some buddies send me private messages,Invited me to his hometown。”
Because the given address is not very far,Just around Yangcheng,So Populus thinks it’s okay to go for fun。
“Hu Ge,Are you going to shovel the land??”Someone joked。
Hu Yang does not deny,Smile and nod:“Have this plan,but,Shoveling land is not so easy now,Rural people have also become more refined,Will not really treat old things as garbage。”
unless,Really a closed village,I haven’t realized the existence of antiques.。
Someone asked,What the hell is shoveling land?
“So-called shovel,Just go to the country to collect antiques,Professional terms belonging to the antique industry。”Hu Yang explained。
Favorite now,Everyone is watching Jianbao TV,Collectors permeate every corner,The chance of picking up a leak is getting smaller and smaller,Unforgettable。
now,Those who shovel the land,“jobs”It’s not easy for people at the bottom,Sometimes I can’t shovel a decent thing after running for a month,Sometimes“drill”。
Four Seas,Is a large car dealership,An auto show is held every year。
Meet the guy in the live room,Wailing one by one,Said to see car models or something,Populus hits:“Today,Auto show is more and more,There are fewer and fewer car models。Nowadays,Everyone’s thoughts on watching the car model may be lost。”
The four words Xiangche beauty are inseparable in the eyes of many people,Where there used to be auto shows, there were car models,And very beautiful,Also added a lot of popularity to the auto show。
in fact,The profession of car model,Existed in the 1990s。
Car models at the time,The clothes are still very dignified,The car model is just an embellishment。
later,In order to attract attention,The requirements for car models are getting higher and higher,Clothes are reduced a little,Request sexy etc.,The reputation of the current car model profession is not very good。

Xiao Fan originally thought that they would just do something like before,But I didn’t expect that they are doing more and more,Xiao Fan had to take care of this matter。

In fact, when Xiao Fan was with them,I found that each of them has his own strength in it,Whatever it is,They can do a good job。
But they don’t use these things in the right way,Actually they were very good at first,Sometimes they will rob the rich and help the poor or save some people,But then it got worse,They feel that their abilities are particularly strong。
And then want to be sought after by others,Then there are some material lusts,Then they started to change some of the ideas they had just started,Although some of the methods they used from the beginning were relatively powerful。
But at least it didn’t hurt some innocent people,But more and more they are starting to do things that involve people for no reason,So Xiao Fan can’t continue to ignore it anymore,In that case, many people will be implicated。
Xiao Fan couldn’t bear to watch them do such a damaging thing,After all, they had a relatively stable relationship from the beginning,Because Xiao Fan also admires some of their abilities,I think they are a very capable group of people。
So if they can use their abilities to do some good things,There will be many people who will benefit from it。But no matter how Xiao Fan operates,Or I told the leader a lot from the beginning。
That leader ignored some of Xiao Fan’s suggestions,Blindly feel that what you are doing is right,And nothing wrong,Moreover, they feel that what they are doing now can benefit them more。
They are very different from their previous lives,So they forgot their original intention,Start doing something evil,Then Xiao Fan doesn’t agree with them。
After Xiao Fan returned to his country, he started to do something that he thought was good,Then work hard step by step till now,In fact, in the eyes of others, Xiao Fan didn’t suffer any grievances along the way.,It seems to be smooth。
But only Xiao Fan himself knows what kind of storm he has experienced in this,Or how many difficulties have been experienced,Although Xiao Fan has a lot of his own special abilities,Or he is really a very strong person。
But from the beginning, I started my own company,And I have to endure when I first married Lin Yoona,Those rumors,Xiao Fan is still very stressed,Sometimes he also needs to solve some problems。
So it’s not as simple as it seems,Everyone’s life has a difficulty at his own stage of life,This leader is facing difficulties right now,Because if he could listen to some of Xiao Fan’s words at first。
If they can really do something they should do,How could there be such a result today,Or how did it get to where it is today,Xiao Fan won’t let them go easily。
After all, they know what the bottom line is,But the law enforcement broke the law,And constantly challenge Xiao Fan’s stamina alone,Then Xiao Fan will let them know what it means to challenge Xiao Fan。
Xiao Fan sees the love in the past,Haven’t touched them for so many years,It even helped them a lot, overtly and secretly, to let them do less bad things.,Hope they do something decent。
Then get some benefits,At least this way they can not hurt some people,Get some nothing,But did not expect,They want to do a big thing now,They can’t ignore Xiao Fan。
Xiao Fan couldn’t let them go on like this,Watching them hurt so many innocent and good people,Xiao Fan will let them understand,I made such a wrong decision,I told them from the beginning。
If you can correct the evil,Or if you can really do something for yourself to atone for your sins,Then they will get a good result,Because they are very capable,Not a foolish person。