Lin Yuna“Puff”Laughed out,Then joked:“What career?Mental hospital??”

After Lin Yoona finished speaking like this,,I immediately realized that I was wrong,Said quickly:“Sorry,I didn’t mean that!”
Xiao Fan didn’t care about Lin Yuner’s words,Just say:“Not all,Except for the mental hospital,I have other,Just usually,You don’t have a place where I spend money,and so,I never took it out。”
“but,Nowadays,You need it,and so,I took it out。Yoona,You believe me,I,I will only give you the best,Although this wedding dress is not cheap,but,as long as you like it,Everything is worth it,After all i make money,Also for you,Isn’t it?”
Xiao Fan’s words,Lin Yoona’s eyes were red immediately。
Xiao Fan really brings more surprises to himself every day。
I never thought about it,Xiao Fan actually has such a side,I always thought,Xiao Fan has never made a cent,but,right now,Xiao Fan easily took out 5.21 million to buy a wedding dress for himself。
The lady boss went downstairs with Tian Xingyao,and so,The lady boss asked Tian Xing Yaodao:
“Starshine,Tell me something,What’s the situation with these two people??”
Tian Xingyao did not expect that the lady boss would ask him about Xiao Fan and Lin Yoona,After all, in the impression of Tian Xingyao,This boss has never been a talkative person。
I don’t know what happened today,I even talked to myself about the identities of these two people。
The lady boss seems to have seen Tian Xingyao’s embarrassment,Just said quickly:
“Starshine,Don’t get me wrong,I don’t mean anything else,Me,I just think something is wrong with these two people,If you think it’s hard to say,You just assume that I haven’t asked!”
Tian Xingyao heard the boss say so,He waved his hand and said:“There is nothing to say,I just think you are so weird,Today, he took the initiative to ask me about the guest,This before,But never。”
The boss smiled awkwardly,Then said:“I don’t think the two of them are a bit strange,Is it different from others?but,Can’t you really say?”
Tian Xing Yao smiled at the curious look of the boss,And said directly to the boss:
“in fact,There is nothing to say,Is the identity of this woman?Is the president of Owen Cloud Lin Group,But the identity of her husband,I’m not too sure either,You also know,I came out of Yunshi early。”